Captured soldier Fry is once again displayed naked in front of the torture class while Grey discusses his profuse body hair in humiliating detail.

Afghan Hell: Part 11 – Torture Class: Fry on Display
by DonaldSteve
Art by Amalaric
Series: Afghan Hell

In the lecture room the next day Fry stood completely naked on the platform, his arms raised loosely just above head level with the chains rising to a pulley high in the ceiling. Grey was droning on again about mesomorphs and some of the students were looking a bit glazed around the eyes. Grey talked on about keeping the victim conscious while applying extreme pain, pointing out various techniques that could be used on mesomorphs like Fry or alternative things that could be administered to a man of slighter build. His example was that Fry’s torture of hanging by his thumbs would have been far more agonising due to his weight of 187 pounds, than if it had been suffered by a man weighing 140 pounds. Grey then went on to describe muscle tone and again techniques to use on a muscular man. He told Fry to flex his arms and when Fry refused he punched him unexpectedly in the stomach, winding him for several minutes. After he had recovered sufficiently Grey told him to flex again. This time Fry complied, bunching up his biceps. Some of the students were brought on to the platform to witness this display, some poking the rock-hard bulges of his upper arms. The morning dragged on and Fry’s wrists ached against the weight of his suspended arms.

Grey was mentioning nudity. “When you have a subject naked in front of you. Do not be afraid or even shy of handling his genitals.” He turned and reaching down he pulled hard on Fry’s penis, pulling him forward to the limit of his bound wrists. Fry shouted curses at Grey which he chose to ignore. “This will initially be the utmost humiliation for him.” He added, releasing his hold on him. “Although as the torture begins and he starts to feel degraded this will be the least of his troubles. But in the early stages of his torture you should get him used to being touched intimately. If you are of a certain persuasion you could rape him. That could be enough to completely break him. For my own personal reason I will not do any of this in front of you, but rest assured if I think it necessary then this young man will have my full attention."

Grey turned to the table and picked up a thin stiff cane. ”Let us continue with this part of the lecture.”  He pointed at Fry’s chest with the cane. “Incidentally, this wee laddie has the most amazing nipples. Those of you who are sitting close to him will see that they are quite pale. Even paler than his tanned skin and they are a very delicate pink. Although soft they are pointed. And the aureole around them has a bluish tinge. What is surprising is their size. For a laddie like this with such a big muscular chest, he has surprisingly small nipples, which if I am honest, is a disappointment to me. Because if you are torturing a man’s nipples then ideally they should be large enough to grip with clips and take the end of a hot iron.”


He called to one of the more strapping muscular guards and told him to strip.  The guard, who was a bit younger than Fry removed all his clothing apart from a very brief pair of shorts. Grey ordered that he stand beside the chained-up Fry, and the students studied this typical hairy Arab, some with more than just passing interest. He was the same height as Fry. His long muscular torso was very similar with the same type of musculature.

“We have talked about this laddie’s mesomorph build, which is considered the ideal build for man. In this he is not unique. He is very blonde giving strength to the belief that he has Viking ancestry, which is very possible for he comes from the northwest coast of England where the Vikings raided many centuries ago. Again, not unique. But in one sense he is very unique.” And with his cane he pointed to Fry’s naked torso. “His hair pattern sets him apart from most of us.  If he were black haired like my companion here, who has a very similar hair pattern to Fry, we would describe him, as having Simian traits. These traits, as found in the monkey or ape can be found on man in a lesser way. There are stripes, or ridges or crests created by two patterns of hair growing towards each other and merging together. Most dark haired men in this region of the world have hirsute bodies but not all have these ridges and crests. I am a hairy guy but I don’t possess these patterns that create the simian look. But on some dark men, like my companion here this is very noticeable and comparing it with an ape one could describe that man as having simian hair tendencies.” He pointed to Fry “And, yet, this man has more of this trait than any dark haired man I have ever seen. Let me point out those similar patterns that he shares with the ape family, some of which you will not find on most black haired men, even from the Indian sub-continent.”

He moved closer to Fry and tapped him on the chest. After more than a week in captivity, Fry’s beard had grown, and he was now in possession of one that framed his jaw thickly with a short but dense covering of dark yellow hair. Grey pointed to this first saying.  “Most blonde men have little hair on their bodies and even those who are hairy cannot boast the amount that grows so profusely over this man. Even the roots of his beard extend down his neck, and it takes a close look to see where his chest hair starts because there is no gap between them at all.” He then pointed to the Arab. “This man also has quite a hairy neck reaching up above his adams apple. The similarity ends there though, as his beard line is clearly defined, and there is a small gap of bare skin under it. But what they do have in common, and I find this is similar with all men who have this trait, is that they both have quite long thick necks, showing a prominent Adams apple. In my experience most men with this shaped neck have a very high hair pattern line. Spreading up from the chest, just like these two wee laddies. As you can see on my colleague here it reaches almost tot his adams apple.”

Turning back to Fry he said.” But it is the crests of hair that I find interesting, and those you see mainly on lesser mammals.” And he started the lecture by pointing out the slight crest or ridge of blonde hair growing on each side of his neck under his ears. This hair, though fine still connected with that at the back of his neck. “Even his eyebrows are created by a ridge that starts as very fine blonde hair on the forehead growing down towards the brows and meeting the longer blonde hair that sweeps up from that area.” Grey pointed lower on the chest at the base of the pectorals where a slightly heavier growth of blonde hair formed a ridge under each nipple growing towards the centre of his body before curving down in a point to form a darker blonde line that formed a spiky crest that extended to his navel. “As you can see this line even extends below the navel showing through the longer hair on the lower abdomen and it is visible all the way to the triangle of pubic hair. Inside each thigh right next to his genitals, he has the same crest forming a line where the patterns merge and this travels to the inside of his knees, it also extends down the inside of his calves.” And with the cane he pointed out these areas to the students. “On his arms it is very obvious. A ridge of blonde hair looking darker because at these points it is of course denser, actually starts on the back of his hands, twists itself around his wrists and travels on the underside of his forearms all the way to his elbows. Here it thins out and softens to form a small trail of very short hairs growing on the undersides of his biceps towards his armpits. And here it is overshadowed by even more hair there that extends in a thick dense growth of quite short hair to meet it halfway down the upper arm. The armpit hair also spreads out in a fine sheen of blonde hair that follows the crease formed at his shoulders where his pectorals and biceps meet. Fry’s case this goes further and joins up with the fine growth of hair on the outer side of his upper arms He grabbed Fry’s arm and spun him round to face away from his audience. Telling the guard to turn also. “Now looking at my dark laddie here. His back looks identical to Fry’s. The same height and build with their long backs, wide at the top tapering down to slim waists and hips. They also have almost the same type of musculature. In fact apart from hair and skin tone they are almost identical, both having strong hard soldiers bodies. But this dark man has a completely smooth back and shoulders. Even close up there is not a hint of hair.” Pointing to Fry’s back. “And again on the back, the same. To all intents and purposes this man is smooth too, but if you flick a switch.” and the room was suddenly flooded with harsh white light as somebody manned a switch. “You see the reality. This man, though blonde, has an abundance of hair. You can see the light’s reflection all over the surface of his back. There is a crest of various thicknesses and densities that starts on the back of his skull and quite thickly grows in a wide line of hair down the centre of the back of his neck. It then thins out as it reaches the nape to create a fine sheen of hair over the upper area of his back. There it picks up again over his spine and follows in a small crest of very blonde hairs that are hardly visible right down to the small of his back. Again this line is obliterated by the cushion of dense blonde hair there, but it picks up again as it goes lower, through the crease of his buttocks around the anal opening and underneath his crotch to his scrotum.”

Grey pointed the cane to his buttocks and with a smile to his rapt audience inserted the end of the cane in between the tight hair covered cheeks. Fry moaned as the cane found his rectum and gasped as Grey quite brutally pushed it forward into the tight opening. “You would think that it should end there” he added “but with this young laddie he offers a bonus. As with most men the hair from his anus reaches the scrotum and merges with the hair on the sac. This young man however has a secret. The hair on his scrotum still moves forward in a crest which now becomes very noticeable.” He spun Fry round again to face the students and ordered the guards to spread Fry’s legs and hold them tight. Fry was feeling very exposed at this point. His whole body spread to the student’s gaze and some of them were looking decidedly self-conscious. Some were licking their lips and breathing quite hard and Fry realised that Grey too was now finding it hard to get the words out. Some of the men were covering their crotches hiding their growing erections but Grey seemed quite unabashed by the huge swelling that pushed his trousers forward. With the cane, Grey lifted Fry’s heavy penis and trapped it up against his lower abdomen. Some of the students gasped in awe as they realised what they were seeing.

“This man” said Grey “Has a hair pattern that extends from his scrotum all along the underside of his cock.” The camcorder picked out the thin line of coarse spiky yellow hair that ran to the tip of Fry’s penis where it nestled in a tiny round cushion of curls on the underside of his penis near the edge of his foreskin. It also picked out other glittering wire like hairs that grew spasmodically all over the shaft especially on the top surface of the shaft growing away from the yellowish pubic mass. ”This man is more simian than can be described of any dark haired man I have ever met. I find him a unique subject and it has been rewarding sharing this with you. Now it is almost time for lunch. This wee laddie here has been enjoying a comparatively comfortable morning. I think not a day should go by without him suffering some pain.”



  1. Hairybro - September 13, 2018, 11:23 pm

    Wow. What a story. Especially for me growing up I was the first kid to shave and had a full chest of fur by 13. I’m transracial. Born Jim. Will go out as Abdullah. Do you write any transformation stories?

  2. donaldsteve - November 15, 2018, 4:43 am

    HI. Pardon my ignorance. What is trans racial? Be interested to know

  3. Amalaric - November 16, 2018, 9:19 am

    Started out white, going out some shade of morning coffee? Started out Christian (Jim = James) going out Muslim (Abdullah…but there are also white Abdullahs and brown and black James…). I am also curiouser and curiouser!

  4. GutPunch27 - August 15, 2021, 7:42 am

    A great story thanks. I love the detail.

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