A straight married man endures his first gay bondage experience when he confronts a male escort whom he suspects his wife has hired.

The Affair - Chapter 1
by Strong

The AffairKevin was tall, smooth lean and very athletic looking and in his late 20’s with blue, green eyes and tan skin, from years of swim team. He used to work in construction, but due to the economic times, work had dried up. This was a blessing since it gave Kevin time to look for a new career via the Internet. As Kevin sat cruising for jobs, he noticed his wife left her email open. Kevin went to close it but found a odd message entitled see you at 12. His gut said open it and Kevin always followed his gut. When he did his world changed.

“Bring the money you want to pay me and see you then chic. Room is 423.”

Kevin looked at the past history button and found his wife had been seeing a male escort for some time now. The escort went by Rick. Kevin who was infuriated, stood up and jumped into his truck and sped over to the hotel which was just minutes from his house.

Kevin parked across the street so he would not be seen. He then grabbed rope, duct tape and a heavy hammer from the back of his truck and walked over to the hotel. He was going to teach his wife and Rick a lesson. Kevin entered the hotel unnoticed, made his way to floor 4and then walked to room 423. He put his ear to the door. Silence he thought, they must have finished. Kevin knocked on the door gently so he would not alarm them. Kevin now heard moving around inside the room and then the door opened. Kevin then kicked the door open and slammed it shut behind him. Standing in the room was a man in a black pair of tight brief, about 32 years old, 6’1’ with dark brown eyes, smooth,very tan skin and a short crew cut.. He appeared to be very hung looking as well.

“You Rick?” Kevin asked. Rick in shock just nodded his head. “I’m your 12 o’clock client's husband.” Rick said, “I did not know she was married, man.” “I don’t ask questions, I just am doing this to get through grad school.”

Kevin threw the rope onto the bed along the duct tape, he let the hammer drop to the ground. He had to get control of his mind now as he was about to commit a crime. He looked at the floor, Rick walked beside him. Then Kevin, who was about to apologize felt a quick shock then nothing. Kevin then fell onto the floor knocked out.

When he came to he found that his vision was blocked by a blindfold. He tried to move it but found his hands were restrained at the wrists with rope and behind his back. When he tried to wiggle is fingers he found that they too were bound with duct tape. As Kevin started to get the feeling back in his hands, he realized he was naked and in a fetal position on what felt like a bath tub, he also felt his balls being pulled in a manner that was very painful.

Kevin then felt a strong pair of hands lift him to his knees. Then he saw light as the blindfold was ripped from his eyes. In direct site Kevin found Rick standing over him in the hotel bathroom. Kevin, gagged and naked, felt humiliated. Kevin looked down and found his body was wrapped in rope. Arms, legs ankles all bound tight. In addition to this, he found a piece of rope tied to his cock holding up his hammer. Rick then took off Kevin’s gag, the gag made of a pillowcase from the hotel and duct tape.

“Open now” Rick ordered. Kevin knew he mint his mouth, Kevin who only tried cock in college turned his head away. Rick expected this and pulled on the swinging hammer that was attached to the rope. Kevin let out a yelp. When this happened, Rick took his 10’ cock and shoved it into Kevin’s mouth. Kevin gagged as Rick’s large cock made its way in to Kevin’s tight mouth. Rick then started to fuck Kevin’s mouth slowly then fast. “Although I fuck bitches for pay I own men for free.” Kevin moaned and then freaked when he started to see his cock get hard. “Seems like you’re into this fag,” Rick said in a masculine way. With each thrust Kevin could taste drops of pre-cum from Rick’s cock fall into his mouth. Kevin looked up and saw the size of Rick’s pecks and shoulders.

Rick then grabbed something behind his back, which turned out to be a cell phone. Rick then took a few pic’s with Kevin’s mouth full of his cock. “Now I own your ass boy.” Rick said. Kevin moaned as light tears filled his eyelids. Because he knew it was true. Knock, knock. From the hotel room door was then herd. “Looks like my clients here, bitch.” Rick said. Rick then pulled his hard cock out of Kevin’s mouth and put it back in his black briefs, he then re-gagged Kevin, and put more duct tape over his mouth. Kevin then moaned boyishly. After came the blindfold. Kevin was then laid down into a fettle position with Rick’s help into the bathtub. “No stay here and do not make a sound.’ Rick then tapped Kevin’s firm tanned ass a bit then tapped the hanging hammer. Kevin’s balls ached a bit as the rope pulled on them, as the hammer swung in the air.

Kevin then heard the light switch go off and the door to the bath room shut. He then head the hotel room door open. “Hey there”, a woman’s voice said. “Sorry I’m late traffic was a bitch.” This voice was not of Kevin’s wife but of another woman. Kevin now confused because he had read in his wife’s email she was having a affair with this man. He was even more confused because he was hard after the what had happened to him.

As time past Kevin heard the woman get fucked every which way by Rick. The woman orgasm multiple times. Kevin could see why since Rick was very attractive and had a huge dick. When they were done the woman dressed. “Are you going to dress to?”, she asked? Rick replied “No going to hit the shower". Rick said, "hey I know we have seen each other awhile, can you tell me something? Are you Married? There was a silence then – “No engaged to a employee of mine. I use my assistant’s email to contact you though. My names Linda not Sandy.” “Okay, cool.”

Shortly after a awkward conversation about the weather Linda left. Kevin now felt guilt and humiliation for his wife was not a adulterer but in a way he was. The door to the bathroom slammed open. Kevin Shuttered in fear for he knew he had made a giant mistake. “Looks like I own your ass for real now slut. For your wife is not even having a affair, but you are. And I have her email and in one click your life is over.” Kevin moaned for now he was going to be owned by this young man that his boss’s wife was sleeping with. Kevin then felt a stream of warm piss fall from Rick’s cock onto his naked, smooth, muscled body. Now he was truly owned!

Kevin started to become even more hard knowing that Rick was covering him in his own piss. Rick seeing the submissive state of Kevin maid him very turned on. After he emptied his bladder Chris pulled his briefs up. Shortly after the room phone rang. Chris left the bath room turning the lights out as he did this and shut the door. He herd Chris talking, the smell though of his piss swelled the bath run and restroom. This smell made Kevin turned on for he was not sure why but he felt marked by Rick and he loved it. Rick returned to the bath room he flipped the light on. He then entered the shower Kevin felt his strong legs and feat stand over his body. He then felt the warm water of the shower fall onto his body.

Rick was now washing himself off. The water that ran down Rick’s ass and pecks fell onto Kevin’s bound body. This water washed the smell and stains of Rick’s piss off of Kevin. When done Rick exited the shower and dried off he then left the bathroom for a few.

Kevin herd Rick re-enter he then felt his body be guided up from the bathtub floor and to his feet. His legs were untied he then was lead by Rick out of the bathroom. Kevin then was pushed roughly onto the hotel bed. The bed smelled of sex. Kevin’s legs were then tied spread eagle he was face up. Kevin then felt the rope on his body slide off him then be re tied to his wrists. Each wrist then was pulled above him and tied to the bed. “We’re in luck this bed has legs and not a box.” Rick said. Kevin now gagged and blind folded and spread eagle onto the bed bucked upwards as the ropes tighten he stretched upwards. Kevin’s cock hard as hell stuck strait up.

Rick was use to the large cocks he would beat and work over for fun at the clubs, but Kevin’s cock and body for that matter were different Rick could not figure it out. Rick then climbed on top of Kevin’s bound body. Rick then bent down and put his mouth next to Kevin’s ear. As Rick did this Kevin could feel Rick’s tight butt and large balls slide down his smooth defined abs.

“I have a few before my next client, oh what to do?” Rick then licked Kevin’s ear and then started to lightly kiss it and make his way down Kevin’s neck. Kevin moaned softly as Rick did this for he had never felt such pleasure before.

“Good boy” Rick said softly. Rick’s hands massaged the bound mans neck and scalp as he took his time on Kevin’s Nipple. Kevin still gagged and bound started to sweat. Confusion raced through his mind for he felt like he was loosing his virginity all over again but this time he liked it. Rick took one of his hands and pulled it away from Kevin’s scalp and slid it down his body and stopped at Kevin’s ball sac. Rick then massaged them softly. Rick then started to run Kevin’s hole. It was tight smooth and sweaty.

“That’s a nice pussy” Rick said to Kevin. Rick then took his hand and spit on it he then rubbed the spit over Kevin’s whole. This caused Kevin to moan more and leak pre-cum from the slit of his cock. Rick then gently kissed Kevin’s abdomen as he made his way down to Kevin’s cock. Rick then saw the pre cum and licked it off Kevin’s slit. Kevin moaned and gently struggled for this feeling was one he was not use to yet he did enjoy. Kevin then took his middle finger and slid it into Kevin’s hole. Kevin clenched at first then relaxed.

“Good boy” Rick said in a deep, controlling tone. Kevin moaned “Mmmm” through his gag, he then started to slide up and down onto Rick’s finger. As this motion continued Kevin started to feel his prostate being touched and massaged by Rick’s finger. More pre cum started to creep out of his slit. “Fuck boy” Rick said. Rick’s cock now fully erect was huge. Kevin could feel it as it was now pressed between Rick and his body. From Rick’s cock Kevin could feel pre-cum being pushed out, it fell light yet good.

Suddenly a knock was herd at the door. “MMMM” Kevin moaned in fear. Rick looked at the door then at electronic clock next to the bed. It read 2:20 PM. “Fuck.” Rick moaned. Rick crawled up Kevin’s body and placed his head next to his ear still keeping his hands in Kevin’s hole. “Fuck the bitch at the door, I want to keep working you over.”

Kevin mind went into sub space. Kevin now being picked over a finical gain became very turned on. The knocks at the door continued for a few minutes then subsided. As time passed Rick was able to loosen Kevin’s hole from one to 4 fingers. He was impressed for Kevin had not cum yet. But he knew that when a man is tied spread eagle it is close to impossible for him to.

Kevin then felt Rick remove the gag. Kevin breathed in fresh air for a secant but then felt his mouth be invaded by Rick’s tongue. Rick’s lips were smooth and he knew how to work his tongue right. Rick then moaned himself in a masculine way as he started to now dry hump Kevin’s hole. The feel of Rick’s shaft running against his whole drove Kevin insane. Rick’s slow thrusts turned more aggressive and quick. Kevin could feel Rick’s cock start to harden even more and more as this happened. Then without warning Rick’s pulled away from Kevin’s whole and pushed his cock into his mouth. Shortly after Rick came into Kevin’s mouth. Kevin knew he best swallow it or he be punished. As Kevin sucked and swallowed Rick’s thick creamy cum, Rick moaned and growled. When Rick was done he pulled out of Kevin’s moth kissed it quickly and then re-gagged it.

“Good boy.” Rick said with passion, “Time for a reward” he then said. Kevin then grabbed a bottle of lube from his gym bag and applied it to Kevin’s hard dripping cock. He then started to stoke it. First slow and then fast. Shortly after this happened Kevin had the best organism of his life. As Kevin came Rick kept stroking, Kevin squirmed and moaned and moaned through his gag. Rick smiled for he liked the site of his sub being in discomfort and pleaser at the same time. Kevin eventually past out.

Rick then tied Kevin’s hands into a looser position in front of him he then untied his ankles and retied them. Rick then pulled on his underwear and cuddled up against his past out sub. Rick also confused was feeling a attraction to him he had not felt before, as he fought his desires of leaving, Rick decided to say with him in bed with his arm wrapped around a man that had great potential to be his own boy. As Rick fell asleep a tear rolled down his eye for the feeling he felt with this man was one he had been searching for years and he knew he did not want it to end.



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