A male nurse recalls several kinky encounters with patients while working at a sperm bank from new author Kris. Art by Franco.

Adventures at the Sperm Bank - Part 1
by Kris
Art by Franco
Series: Adventures at the Sperm Bank

spermbankOh my God! It was crazy at the sperm bank today. I swear you'd think we were having a two for one sale as packed as the place was in the morning. It started to thin out around noon though. I still can't believe how many men we get in here just because their wives want to get pregnant. These poor guys come in with their eyes wide and their mouths hanging open like they've just walked into a pile of dog shit. Some of them actually look scared. As if they've never jacked off alone at night before when their wives are out at some PTA meeting.

This one guy who came in today was something I'll never forget. I've been doing this for five years now and thought I'd seen everything, but I've never seen anything like this. He must've been forty, but man he looked good. His chest was ripped. You could see the muscles even under his shirt. His skin was so tan I would have thought he spent days working outside in the sun, but when I asked he said he worked in an office somewhere. Just goes to show what tanning salons can do for a person.

Anyways, he walked through the doors and right away I knew he was gonna be trouble. Some guys come in and they can pick up a magazine or two, flip through it, and cum explodes of them. Other guys, like this one, have trouble getting it up when they think they're being studied. Funny thing is, they are being studied. Well, kind of. I mean, that's what the sperm sample is for.

So this guy walks in and comes right up to my desk. He looks at my name tag and smiles, real nervous like, "Nurse Greg," he said. "I'm Michael Peters. Mike I mean. I have an appointment here today, at uh, one. I'm in a hurry too, so I was hoping that, you know, I could get this over with fast." His eyes darted all around the room, like he was afraid someone might jump out and mug him. The first thing I needed to do is set him straight about a few things.

"The name's Gregory," I said. He looked at me, confused. I pointed to my name tag. "See here, it says Nurse Gregory. Now, how fast you get out of here depends entirely on you. Know what I mean?"

He sort of smiled and nodded his head, his eyes still real nervous. He licked his lips and this thick pink tongue slid out. I bet his wife was a real happy camper back at home. He filled out some forms and I handed him a cup.

"Right this way," I said.

He followed me to a room off the hall. All our rooms are small and kind of dark. It makes it easier for the guys to think they're at home in their own bedroom if the lights are dimmed. A pile of magazines sat spread out on a coffee table. More magazines were piled into a basket on the floor. There was a reclining chair and another straight back chair. And a sink, for after.

"Now," I told him. "You just go ahead and pick out whatever magazine will help you. Take your time."

"I'm in a hurry though," he said. A thin film of sweat ran across his forehead.

"I understand that, but it's not up to me how long you take. You get me?"

He nodded and I felt myself soften slightly towards the guy. He just looked so damned nervous.

"My wife is making me do this," he said. "I wish she was here."

"Well," I said, trying to make him feel better, "if she was she probably wouldn't let you look through all those magazines we've got piled over there, right?" And I winked at him.

His face flushed and I wondered how someone in his forties, so good looking he must've laid a hundred girls, could be so intimidated by a sperm bank.

"Anyways," I said to him, stepping back into the hall, "just leave the sample on the tray when you're done and let me know." He nodded and I closed the door. I didn't even give him a second thought.

I went back to my desk and starting sorting through some old files that we were updating in the computer. There were only two other people in the waiting room, one guy and a woman. They weren't together, they were both waiting for someone. I was only five minutes into my work when Mike came out and stood next to my desk.

"All done?" I asked. He glanced at the woman and man sitting in the chairs.

"No," he said shaking his head. He leaned in real close to me and I could smell his breath. It smelled like chocolate. "I'm having a problem," he said, and glanced down towards his cock. I sighed.

"There are some more magazines and a few books inside the drawers under the sink. They have some special stuff in there." I glanced back at the waiting room myself. "Fetish stuff," I whispered. "Might be more to your liking."

He smiled and got a gleam in his eyes.

"Thank you," he said, and left me back to my work. A woman came in and dropped off a bag with her husband's sperm swimming around inside, and the two people in the waiting room left. Two more came in.

I was just finished with the first stack of files when Mike came back out. "All done?" I asked, getting up to go collect his sample from the room. He shook his head, looking nervous. "What is it then?" I asked.

"Er, um... the magazines," he whispered. "They don't... come with anything?"

"You mean like lube?" I asked. "There's some on the table next to the chair in your room."

He shook his head. "No, I mean like... toys? Or something more active?"

That's when I knew this guy was a freak. Toys? At a sperm bank? We didn't even have a teddy bear. "Sorry man," I told him. "Nothing like that. Just do the best you can, okay?"

He nodded, obviously disappointed, at went back to his room. Almost thirty minutes had gone by and I was just starting to wonder whether I should check on him when I heard a soft tap from behind me. I turned and saw Mike's head peeking around the corner of the wall in the hallway.

"Finished?" I asked, happy to get rid of this guy, but he didn't move. His face was red and sweaty. He shook his head at me.

Now, what was weird about this was that the whole time I was looking at him, I was only seeing his head. Eventually I realized that he was trying to hide his body behind the wall, and I thought that maybe his cock was stuck at attention. It had happened before. There was a pill we could give a guy if they needed it, so I stepped out from behind my desk and headed towards him. Only then did I realize that he wasn't wearing any pants. He scrambled back down the hall, his ass firm and golden as he raced back to his room before anyone could see him. I thought he was walking kind of funny but didn't think much of it.

I was a little confused at this point. Why would he be naked in the hall? Maybe he got off that way? Either way, I couldn't have him running around with his cock out like that, so I followed him to his room and opened the door.

What I saw inside... I swear I've never seen anything like that before. The guy had some sort of bondage magazine open and was trying to replicate something he'd seen in a picture. There was a thick cord wrapped around his cock. He must've brought it in with him because I'd never noticed it in the rooms before. It was like thick black shoe lace. I looked down at his shoes and realized it was his shoe laces. The fool had pulled them out. He'd tied them together to make one lone rope, then tied one end to his cock and the other end to his neck. I don't what the hell that freak was trying to do, but he'd gotten himself stuck.

"Please help me," he said. The tip of his cock was a shade of pink I'd never seen before. The cord was wrapped so tightly around him it was cutting off his circulation. "I can't get it untied." His lips curled down and he looked scared.

"Oh my jeez," I said, walking up to him. I looked at the mass of knots he had lining his thick shaft, and was amazed that he'd taken the time for something so elaborate. Most guys who came in here just jerked off and left. His cock was swollen but I'm not sure it was the good kind of swollen. I reached down and began trying to undo his stupid knots.

His face was kind of pale, and his cock wouldn't stay still for me. It kept jumping around in my hand each time I tried to get one of the knots undone. "Stop moving," I told him.

"Sorry," he said, taking a deep breath.

His balls were huge, like two fists, and I had to keep pushing them aside as I worked at the knots. Every time I touched his sacs his prick grew some more and made the knots harder to undo. I finally reached down with my hand and started massaging him, thinking it might help if he could relax. His balls were rough in my hand, but also tender. I could feel his pulse through his soft, creamy skin.

"Take a deep breath," I told him. He followed my instructions and I just let my fingers tease his prick a little as my other hand continued massaging his balls. "Is that better?" I asked, when he seemed to get some more color in his face.

"Mmmhhhmmm," he said. I started playing with the knots again and suddenly he jumped back. "Ouch!" he said. "That hurt!"

"Well this isn't my fault. Just stand still and quit moving."

Part of the rope was still tied behind his neck, and I thought maybe that was the problem. I pushed aside some of his sandy hair and the knot behind his neck came undone easily. He breathed a sigh of relief and I returned to the real problem, these crazy knots this guy had tied up along his cock.

"Man," I said, "I don't judge, but whatever you were trying to do, I don't think this is how they do it."

He blushed and looked away from me. Finally, I was fed up with trying to undo the knots and went searching for some scissors before his dick fell off. I found some in a drawer and pulled them out. Mike's eyes went wide.

"What are you gonna do with those?" he asked.

"Cut this cord off," I told him, as if that should have been obvious.

"Uh uh, you're not getting those things anywhere near my cock." He backed away from me until his back was against the wall.

"Come on," I said. "I won't cut you, just the shoe lace," but he shook his head and his eyes bugged out till I was afraid they might fall out of his head.

"Fine," I said, setting the scissors down and walking up to him. "Just stay put." I had to get back to my desk and really didn't have time for this. I reached down and began massaging his balls again. They were supple under my fingers. I liked the way their heat warmed my hands and I felt my cock bulge a little in my pants. I knelt down in front of him and slid my tongue over his balls. They swelled some more as my rosy tongue traced his cock from balls to tip. My tongue rolled over the thick cord wrapped around him and it felt strange in my mouth.

He closed his eyes and tilted his head back. I grabbed the scissors and with one swift move cut the cord. "Hey!" he shouted. "You could have hurt me!"

"Oh shut up," I told him and grabbed the cup he still had to fill. "You said you were in a hurry. Now let's finish this thing up."

"I can do it myself if you're in such a hurry," he said, reaching down to grab his cock. I swatted his hand away. "Like I'm gonna trust you in here alone again." Then I pulled his cock into my mouth before he could say another word. He tasted sweet and his shaft was the color of honey with a pinkish hue brimming just behind it. I slid my tongue up and down him. Now that he was free of his constraints my tongue slid easily over his thick, throbbing shaft.

I moved my head up and down, turning my eyes up to him just once when he put his hand on my neck. I felt the brush of a cord rub against my skin and yanked it out of his hand, throwing it across the room before grabbing his rock hard balls. This guy was a real freak!

My lips were getting numb and this guy still hadn't cum, so I started humming. Sometimes that helped when my girlfriend did that to me. I hummed the only thing I could think of—Jingle Bells. Over and over again I ran it through my mind. My lips buzzed against his cock and I reached out to grab his balls with my hand as I finally tasted the first inklings of precum from his sweet perfect hole.

My hands rubbed his balls faster and I licked him up and down, circling the tip of his massive throbbing cock with my pink tongue until his body shook. Then I pulled him deep into my mouth and grabbed his ass with my hands. It was firm and tight and I used it to push him deeper into me. Finally, I felt the first wave of convulsions flow over his body and pulled my mouth away, getting the cup under him just as he exploded.

I jiggled his cock a little to make sure that I'd gotten everything, then went to wash my hands. "Next time," I told him. "Just bring your wife. It'll be a lot easier for me."

He blushed and nodded. "Thanks," he said. "I, uh, guess I'll get cleaned up and go."

I went back to my desk and looked at the clock. Five minutes was all he was getting, then I was going back there and dragging him out of that room by his cock if I had to. I couldn't handle any more freaky shit today.


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