On tap today is another one of my favorite series from Amalaric which he has not only agreed to repost here but has even expanded the story further! Straight adonis Pete Devereaux is a PE coach with the ethics of a boy scout who crosses the wrong student and pays for it dearly with a humiliating, invasive experience.

Academy Thugs 1: An Incident After School
by Amalaric
Art by Amalaric
Series: Academy Thugs
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academy-thugs-1Attendance at Compton Oaks Academy cost a fortune but, generally speaking, that was a moot point; parents who sent their sons to the exclusive boys’ school rarely counted that sort of cash and, if they did, considered it well worth it as the academy was known to provide all that was necessary to train their precious children to assume the positions of social leadership that were their birthright. Most of the boys were well-behaved responsible young men, eager to please and willing to learn. Of course, they got up to some minor high jinks, but all in all, a Compton Oaks boy cut a fine figure of upstanding integrity; intelligent, clean cut, and an object of civic pride and eventual responsibility.

And then there were the other sort. Every school had them and Compton Oaks was no exception. These young men seemed to invert the virtues of their peers; swaggering through life with an air of entitlement, cruel and prone to any and all mischief as suited their privileged station in life. They rarely counted the consequences of their actions because rebukes were few and far between; these boys inculcated a different kind of training that made them believe that all things were possible to those with the financial clout, energy, and pure audacity to make whatever one desired happen.

So it was that one day Joey Rosinsky, all-around lout, spoiled punk, and pampered son of a distracted multi-millionaire Mafioso father and well-coiffed bimbo mother, was rudely surprised on the handball courts by his overgrown boy scout of a PE coach, Pete Devereaux. Joey looked up at the first remonstrance with an impertinent sneer, ‘Aw fuck it, coach, I was just trying to beautify the property.’ He snorted rough laughter at his own lame joke and dropped the can of spray paint clattering to the pavement. The fresh graffiti was obvious, still glistening wet for all to see and Coach Devereaux shook his head in silent disgusted wonder. Damn rich-boy punks think they own the world already. Well, Joey Fucksinsky, think again!!! Ordering the amazed delinquent to a semblance of attention, the coach then extracted the necessary confession (Joey was hardly shy about that- he reckoned he would get away with just about anything), and deliberated for a few minutes as to an appropriate punishment.

‘Up against the wall, hands high!’ Joey slowly complied as if having a really bad dream, and winced as the paddle seared his pert late-teen ass, and even more so as a gaggle of passing girls caught sight of the proceedings and burst into amused giggles. Glancing over his shoulder at a very self-satisfied Coach Devereaux, the young thug’s gathering rage seemed to know no bounds. You’ll pay for this, bastard…oh, how you will pay!!!!! 


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