A mature hairy dude who gets arrested for speeding in a small town in Nebraska endures some rough treatment at a local jail including getting fucked by the prison guards and gang-banged by fellow inmates.

Abuse In a Small Town In Nebraska
by WoofDaddy2

I got caught speeding in a small town in western Nebraska. It was about 10 PM and my license was okay but the registration for the car I borrowed from my cousin was not in the car. The local sheriff said we could straighten it out in the morning as no one answered the phone when I called to get the registration to the sheriff’s office. I could spend the night in the holding cell. The rules still applied to me and I had to strip, shower and change into the orange jump suit the county provided.

I’m nearly 40, but in good shape except for a slight paunch from too many beers. My waist is still only 36 on my 5’10” frame and I’m seven inches soft, 8.5 hard. I’m hairy all over but I keep the area around my hard nipples and my balls shaved. This did not go unnoticed by the hunky guard that watched me strip and escorted me to the showers. He had muscular hairy arms and dark tuffs of coarse hair poked out of his open shirt. His chest looked massive and when he raised his arms, his pits were covered in thick dark hair, just how I like them. He stood with his leg apart and watched me shower, smiling his white teeth under his dark goatee. I gave him a good show, soaping my cock, balls and ass more than once and cleaning them good, even stuffing fingers up my hole to clean it out. I swear I saw him rub his crotch a few times.

When I dried off, we walked me still naked to the changing room where I was to be issued my jump suit. The cabinet was locked and the sheriff was nowhere to be found to unlock it so I was shackled, wrist and ankles and led back to the cell, naked. I received a lot of cat calls as we walked back. For my safety until I could be issued a jumpsuit, I was placed in a single cell at the back of the county facility; the shackles removed and told to stay there while someone tracked down the keys to the clothing cabinet.

Thirty minutes later, the guard who watched me shower returned, without a jumpsuit in his hands. His shirt was unbuttoned down to his navel, his fly was open and he was stroking his cock to firmness. He had a fine piece of man meat. It was seven inches; with a torpedo head no it, not the usual mushroom head that overlapped the shaft. This cock head fit perfectly on his long hard sausage. I sat up, started to stroke my cock and play with my always hard nipples. The guard unlocked the cell, walked in, closed the cell door and walked over to me as he lowered his pants to his knees. I lunged for his stiff meat and swallowed it to the base in one gulp. He placed one hand on the back of my head and the other on the back of my neck and held me in place while he reveled in the pleasure of this deep throat. I needed to breathe so I reached between his legs and poked at his ass hole and that broke the spell. He eased up on his grip and I could breathe and bob up and down on his turgid pole.

When it was good and wet, I stood up, faced the wall, braced my arms on the wall and pushed my ass against his cock. He took the hint and slowly eased his cock into my raw ass hole. I felt my ass lips stretch, and the ring inside open up. When his cock head had finally passed inside, it was clear and smooth sailing all the way to the hilt. The scene was so hot, it only took a few minutes for him to blast off and fill my insides with load after load of his hot cream. He came five times and as he did, I shot off and the spasms around his cock as I came caused him to shoot a few more loads. When he was done, he leaned on my back and rubbed and squeezed my nipples. This set me off again and I shot one more load onto the cot and the spasm caused him to shoot one more time as well.

When he was done, I eased off his cock, turned around and nuzzled in his chest, sucked his nipples a few times and then licked his sweaty pits so I could remember his scent. I sat down, he buttoned his shirt and I licked his cock clean before tucking it back into his pants. He zipped up and left, leaving me a bottle of water to drink. I finished off the bottle which I now know contained the date rape drug and I lay face down on the cot, with my crotch in the warm, wet, sticky spot where I had shot my loads. My arms up and grabbing the head frame and my legs draped over each side of the cot to exposed my used and cum leaking ass. I must have dozed off. The next thing I remember was a guard waking me up and shouting the team was here to blow off a little steam and relieve their tensions.

I realized I was now cuffed to the bed, my hands where I had left them, to the top of the bed and my ankles to either side of the foot post. The guard had a can of Crisco and he smeared a hand full on my ass and fingered my hole saying I need some lube tonight. He left the Crisco beside my ass. I saw more than a dozen young men; aged 18 to 19 enter my cell with their flies open and stroking their manhood to firmness. One by one they would straddle my cot, shove their hard cocks up my ass and fuck me silly.

The first two were horny and quick. They broke open my whole, shoved all the way in and pounded my ass for less than five minutes. They shot copious loads into my guts and got up and left. The third teen was huge for his age. I don’t mean his manhood; I mean his physical size, close to 300 pounds. He had an average dick but his weight made it hard for him to position himself. He slapped my ass a few times, reached in with two thumbs and tried to spread me open in a different angle for him to fuck but it was no go, so he walked around to the head of the bed and shoved his cock into my mouth while number four mounted my backside. The pressure on my prostate, the friction of the cot against my hard cock and the heat of two dicks being fed to me from both ends caused me to shoot another load onto the bed. My ass spasms sent number four over the edge in less than two minutes. I went in and out of consciousness due to the date rape drug. Some of the boys shot loads before they even got to me and it took a little longer for them to cum a second time. I woke up when one of the boys was slamming hard into my rump and slapping my ass. It took him forever to finally shoot off his load. They left one by one as they finished depositing a hot load of boy spunk up my tender ass. When all fourteen were done, they left.

Next the two coaches entered and shucked their coach’s shorts and jocks. They tag teamed me, pounding away at my hole for several minutes then leaving for the next one. This went on for almost an hour and my ass burned from all the friction. Finally, each man added a new coating of lube and humped me until they filled my ass cavity with their hot man seed. One coach shoved his jock up my ass to keep the seed cream from leaking out. The other stuffed his jock in my mouth.

I was then released by the sheriff’s deputy having properly served my time and made restitution by doing community service. I was allowed to dress, driven back to my car and released.


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