An unlucky straight frat boy is abducted by a sadistic gay man and put through a weekend of bondage, orgasm denial, ass play and cock milking as a punishment for playing a mean-spirited practical joke on a sorority girl in an intense story of revenge from Rob.

The Abduction
by Rob
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I don't really remember how I got here. I know that I was at a party with a few friends. I know that I had probably too much to drink, but that's all I remember of the night before. I went to move, feeling as if I was floating on air, but something kept me from going anywhere. I tried to open my eyes, but everything was dark, black almost.

I went to say something, I don't know, anything, but I couldn't even do that. Something was keeping me from talking. Something was in my mouth and I couldn't spit it out. I started to force myself up from my position, but I got nothing. Frustration led to yelling, but it did me no good.

"Ah, you're awake," were the first words I heard.

"hleht he gho," I managed from my gag.

"Oh, no," he replied, "I can't do that until I'm done with you."

"hhat doh hu hant," I asked.

I felt him get closer to me, stroking my back with his hands and leaning closer to my ear.

"I want you to relax and enjoy every moment of this adventure we're going to share together," he replied. He ran his hands all over my body. It then dawned on me that the floating sensation was caused by being suspended in the air by a series of ropes and leather braces. His hands were touching my skin, I was bare-assed naked. With some conscious thought, I was able to "feel" my position. I was suspended in the air, leaning forward, and held spread-eagle. I could feel the leather on my skin and smell it in the air. I could feel the cold air against my cock and balls as much as the air on my back. I began to wonder my lot in this situation. Was my unseen tormentor going to maim me or kill me? Was I ever going to get free from this place--wherever I was? I think my nervousness showed on my face because he began to talk again.

"What's wrong, Robert," he asked. "Are you afraid of what I'm going to do? Or are you afraid of how much you want me to do it?"

His questions cut through me as did his voice. I wasn't your average 19 year old college freshman. I had an average build, nice features, but nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing, or so I thought.

"I thought it would be nice to see how you respond to some intimate touching," he said, waking me from my own thoughts. "But before we get started, I want you to know why you're here. I know about your little misunderstanding with one of the sororities. I know that you didn't do anything that any drunk and horny guy wouldn't do. BUT I do know that your practical joke has terribly upset one young lady that I admire."

What did he mean, I thought. The joke wasn't that bad. If he meant the date with Shannon, every guy in the fraternity had been given a girl that was not to be dated, but asked out and then stood-up. It was supposed to be a harmless prank that reinforced the frat's superiority over women. I didn't think that she had taken it to heart so much. Maybe she hadn't, but this guy did. "I know for a fact that Shannon was very embarrassed by your joke," he continued. "She was so crushed, she felt totally rejected." He put his hand on my chest and trailed circles around my tits. "And this will make you remember to NEVER do it again." I felt a hard slap on my balls. I yelped in pain, but I couldn't go anywhere or say much through the gag.

"First, we'll start with reminding you why you are supposed to be nice to women." His hand trailed down my stomach to my dick and balls. He massaged the balls with care, care like no woman knows. "And then we'll move to reminding you what women go through." And with that, he slapped my ass very hard.

"By the way," he started as he grabbed my cock and balls forcefully, "I hope you enjoy this as much as I do."

I yelled through my gag as loud as I could, but to no avail. I was powerless to do anything but hope it would soon be over--and this I hoped for in vain.

He started by placing a thin rope over the head of my cock--but it was still limp. He pulled the rope out and tied it to something in front of me. He then fastened something to the base of my cock that was not tight, but felt like it could be tightened. The thing spread my balls away from the base of my cock, painfully and was tightened around the balls. He then began playing with my cock. I tried to resist, but the stimulation had me rock hard in just a few minutes. The thin rope that had been placed around my head became painful as my cock sought to fully extend. The pain became worse when I felt him pull on the thin rope and re-tie it in front of me. I thought that this was the worst part of it all, but I was terribly wrong.

"I hope you're comfortable," he whispered in my ear. "I'm going to go take a nap and I'll be back in two hours...don't go anywhere." He laughed as he walked away. He stopped in front of me and began to stroke my head lightly. I tensed up at the first touch, but it began to feel good. Then he stopped. I didn't know what he had done, but by this time, I was so horny, the idea of stopping was unreal. I began screaming in my gag. He laughed more and left, closing a door behind him. I tried to move, but every move made the feelings in my cock so much more intense. Involuntarily, my body began to shake. But every shake led to more movement of my cock and more rubbing of the head by the thin rope. The two hours went by, but it seemed like eternity to me.

Finally the door opened. I heard him walk closer to my body. He put his hand on my back and trailed it down to my ass. "You're sweating like a pig," he said with laughter in his voice. "I bet you enjoyed the last two hours alone with no relief in sight. I have half a mind to leave again, but then I wouldn't get anything out of this."

He put his hands on my tits and began to work them over, pinching and twisting in no certain pattern. He then took my right tit and put some-thing on it. He did the same with the left. Neither tit hurt until a few minutes later when the pain of the work-over wore off. I screamed into my gag, the pain being worse than the ache in my cock and balls. "Now for lesson two," he began. "I want you to know that I am well aware of the situation of your cock. You desire a good jerk off or blow job, but you won't get either until you are properly punished." With that, I felt him move behind me, rubbing my ass to the point that my muscles were loose. I felt a finger go up my ass. I protested into the gag, but it only seemed to drive him further. I felt him open my ass and place something inside, something that resembled a penis, but far too big to be anything human. Again I protested, but to no avail. "What I just put up you is something of my own design," he gloated. "First, the dildo will begin to vibrate. It will increase in intensity and volume. When it reaches a certain point, it will release a gel into your body that is meant to simulate cum. But the cum is far better. It will begin to warm up, stimulating your prostate and sending you into a horny frenzy. When it begins to cool down, it will begin to tingle, making you all the more aware that the vibrator has begun to start working again. You have three minutes in between the cum and the next beginning." I tried to protest again, but all that got my was the dildo being turned on. I tried to force the dildo out, but he had attached something to me, like a belt that kept it in place. I thought this might be the worst, but I was wrong again.

I felt his hands touch my cock. I was so preoccupied by the dildo that I forgot to pay attention to where he was going. With one hand, he stroked my cock and with the other he massaged my balls again. He kept a slow rhythm that was driving me mad. I bucked as much as I could, but nothing would increase his slow, very slow rhythm. Then I felt something, a warmness I had no frame of reference to. I was so involved in the cock stimulation that I had lost track of the dildo. It had cum in me once. He was right, it did feel warm, good even. Then, as it cooled, it felt as if every part of my ass-hole was set on edge. I could feel the dildo in greater detail. It wasn't smooth as I originally thought. It had some nasty bumps here and there. Just as I was completing my rectal analysis of the dildo, it began to vibrate again. I threw my head back in reflex to the sensation the dildo now brought. I again lost touch with what was going on with my cock.

"Enjoying this?" he asked. I moaned in response.

"Good," he cooed with joy. "As soon as the dildo goes through five more cycles, I'll begin to release you from this pain in your cock. I then felt him rub some gel on my cock head. This took my immediate attention. I tried to ask him what he was doing, but didn't get more than two grunts and a moan out from behind the gag.

"What am I doing?" he stated in a fiendish way. "Why, I'm just trying to make this situation of yours more interesting. The gel on your head is nothing like the gel up your ass. This gel on your head is made with certain unknown compounds. It will make you more aware of the attention I'm giving to your cock since I feel like you're ignoring me."

He laughed a little more. Within seconds, my head began to itch and be more aware of the air around it. I began to sweat even more as I tried to reach my cock with my hands, but couldn't move them. Then the dildo came again. The itching became more intense. I could feel my balls trying to draw up and my body wanted to cum.

"Only three more cycles left," my tormentor informed me. "I think you deserve some reward for making it this far without begging for your life." He bent down and began lightly blowing on my head. The feeling sent lightning through my body.

It felt so good, I was getting closer to climax!!! Then he stopped. I began to grunt and moan even more, but all he did was laugh.

The dildo began to vibrate again, and I became aware of the bumps even more. I couldn't help it, but I started to cry. I didn't know why, but I NEEDED to cum so bad and I couldn't do anything to bring the relief I

"Don't cry," he encouraged. "You're almost done." I didn't like the way he said that, but I knew that I had no choice in the matter.

The dildo came for the third time, paused, and began again. By the fourth time it came, I was so stimulated, but so denied that all I could do was scream into my gag.

The fifth cum of the dildo signaled the end of the dildo part of my session.

"That wasn't so bad, was it," he asked. "Now for the last part." He took my cock in his hands and washed the gel off the head. He loosened the thin rope on my head and he took the spreader off of my balls. As if in response, my cock began to release a fountain of pent-up pre-cum that ran down my cock, down to my balls, and dripped to the floor.

"You must be VERY eager to cum," he stated with sarcasm. "I don't know about you, but I'm enjoying this too much to let it end." I protested louder than ever as I felt him place something over my head that protected it from stimulation. He then began to jerk my cock off in the same slow rhythm as before, but this time without any stimulation to the head. I went crazy for the next minute as he played with my body. He removed the dildo and lubed my ass with his fingers. I then felt him put his own cock up my ass and begin to fuck me silly. He held on to my cock and continued to jerk at it, slowing down even more as he got off inside me. I felt him cum up my ass with more force than the dildo could ever have generated. I thought that was the end, but he kept going. He came two more times before he pulled out.

"Lesson one is that you can be a fucking post too, don't forget it," he said. "You've got one good ass there. But I'm so exhausted now, I think I'll go take another quick nap. Lesson two is about needs." I almost leapt out of my bonds when I heard that. I yelled and screamed for all I had, but still didn't win. I heard him go out the door. My cock was still hard as a rock, I still needed to cum, and this could mean I'd have to wait two more hours to even get that. I was relieved when I heard the door open just minutes later.

"Now you understand," he asked. "I know how long you've waited. I know how long I've waited." With that, he took my cock into his hand again and began to jerk it, removing the covering he had placed on my head. I felt his mouth take my cock in deep and he began to mouth fuck me. In two minutes I reached the climax that I desperately needed. I came for all I was worth. I felt like it would never end. I was still rock hard when he stopped pumping my cock.

"Now for the final lesson," he stated loudly. I yelled into my gag, pleading for him not to cut my cock or balls off. He laughed and then took my hard cock with one hand and slipped something over the entire length of it. I heard a hiss and then felt my cock being stimulated again.

"I just hooked you up to a milking machine," he stated plainly. "This way I can have more of that cum you just gave me. Don't worry, the machine will give that cock of yours the best work-out you could ever get. This last lesson is to teach you to appreciate what a woman can do for you."

I felt the machine begin to suck my cock without emotion. I heard him open the door again. I yelled after him as loud as I could. I heard him stop.

"By the way," he began, "it's about midnight. I'll let you go in the morning. How does six o'clock sound to you?" I screamed into the gag as the door closed. My cock was so sore and my balls so filled I didn't know which would give out first. Then the first of many orgasms began to take form. I was getting ready to cum.

It was going to be a LONG six hours.

* * * * *

I came to my senses quite suddenly as I felt something cold brush against my neck. I blinked my eyes, trying to see. It dawned on me again that I was still blindfolded, but something felt different, something about my body. My throat was dry, my body ached, and I still couldn't move freely. My arms and lags were securely fastened, but not in the same position as before. Before! `Before' came to my mind as I realized that it must be the next day.

I concentrated on feeling anything on me, but all I could feel were the ropes on my arms, the unmoving bonds on my feet, and something under me that I was now laying on. I tried to call out, seeing if anyone was within earshot. I managed a hoarse yell that hurt as it came out. "Ah, you're awake," came the same voice as the night before. "I hope that wasn't too much of a shock to waken you, but I didn't want to scare you."

I was already scared, I thought. Here I am, still in the captivity of this madman. What was next?

"I want you to know that you were very satisfying last night," he began to gloat. "I was able to get four more cums out of you before you passed out. I thought you might be excited to hear that." I wasn't. I wanted to get out of here, wherever here was.

"Hlet mgh gho," I managed from behind the gag STILL in my mouth. "Let you go," he mocked back at me. "Well, I thought about it last night after I got you in here, but I've decided that you did well Friday night, why not see how much fun we could have the ENTIRE weekend?" "Gno, gno," I pleaded.

"I must, you see," he sank down to the bed and began to speak into my ear. "I was doing a favor for a friend, someone who wanted you to suffer for what you've done, but that person was unable to fully pay me for my services. The only way I can collect on the missing funds is by keeping you until Sunday."

SUNDAY!! Dear God, what else could he do to me until Sunday? As if to answer, he continued.

"What you're on is a makeshift rack." He walked around the rack to the top and continued.

"The purpose of this device is to stretch your limbs to a point of unbearable pain. As you are pulled, you will experience moderate pain."

I heard something like a crank being turned. Suddenly my arms began to feel pressure that went down to my legs--pain! The cranking stopped, but the pain did not.

"Now here is what we are going to do," he began. I could feel my body begin to break out into a nervous sweat as he explained the rest of the torture to come.

"I have stretched your body to an unbearable point. Your feet will remain planted in the stocks they are in, but your arms will be pulled higher. I am going to turn the crank one more time and then begin having fun."

I heard the crank begin again, bracing myself for the pain. It didn't come suddenly like before. I guess it was because I had so much pain running through me that I didn't feel much of a difference. However, I did try to pull against the bonds with all my might. The only satisfaction I got from my attempt was knowing how powerless I was. "Where to begin," my captor said mockingly. "Yes, I think that will do nicely." I heard some movement off to my right, but I couldn't really tell what I was hearing. I heard metal scrape metal--`He's going to maim me,' I thought. I tried to brace myself for anything. I heard movement again--then I felt it. I thought lightning was being sent through me, but instead I felt the cool, but painful sensations of tit clamps being placed on my nipples.

"ghagha," I screamed into the gag. It felt horrible, but delightful in some cruel way.

"Glad you like it," he said. I heard more movement despite my pain. He moved to the end of the rack, I could tell that much by the way he ran his fingers down the inside of my legs. I tensed a little at the strange sensation.

"Now for the main course," he stated, drool almost hanging on every word.

I felt something touch my foot, something soft, something wet, and something that was making each nerve in my feet come to life. But it didn't stay in one place. As if to wait for my acknowledgment of its presence, the thing paused until sure I knew it was there. It moved up and down, all around, tickling every point on my feet. I tried to laugh, but the pain of the rack prevented more than a grunt to escape my mouth.

The tickling increased in motion and speed. Not fast, just moving to a steady beat. The wet thing was soon joined by another as a "twin" began on my other foot. I began to understand what was going on. I was being sadistically tickled for the enjoyment of my captor. "I see you like this," he spoke from above me. How did he get up there? What was on my feet? He continued to move about above me, moving something off to my right and then my left. I heard machinery begin to hum--that's what the noise was I heard at my feet! He's using machines to do the tickling.

Soon the two machines working on my feet were joined by two new machines working on my armpits. They were getting the same response. Grunted laughter was all I could manage from the gag, especially with the hoarse throat. I heard more movement, and then felt him touch my cock.

"Now we can't have you wasting any of this good stuff," he said in a tone that mocked a mother gently scolding a child. I felt him wrap something around my balls, something that was tight. "Now this loop will prevent your balls from rising up to your dick. It will prevent you from release during the session." He paused for a second. I felt him pull the loop, probably attached to some rope away from my body and securely tie it to something. He returned to my side. "And to add some extra security, this will ensure that you DON'T release anything." He chuckled as he took my limp cock in his hand and secured something around it. It was a metal restrainer he put me in. The metal cylinder was tubular and covered my entire dick, except for the head. As it covered my limp dick, I didn't understand what it was for until I began to get turned on. The metal cuff was made to prevent a limp dick from getting hard. The metal cuff restricted my natural ability to get an erection. It was a weird feeling and hurt just a bit. The worst part was that my head was still exposed and it could be attacked without letting me get off. I knew that no matter how much my body tried, it would never be able to push the thing off. Now I was without any way to release the huge amount of cum that was being built up in my balls as a result of the tickling. "Are you ready for some more," he began. I shook my head no but I knew it would do no good. I heard more machines hum to life. New wet things were now tickling the areas of the hips, my ticklish spot. I almost leapt out of my skin as they began on a faster speed than the others. I couldn't take this, how long was it going to last? I felt as if my entire body was going to spasm and jerk until I died from the intense feeling.

"I hope you like this," he said again, words I was beginning to hate. I heard him move to the area of my head and shoulders. He leaned down to my ear and whispered softly.

"Robert, the time is now eight o'clock in the morning. I have to run some errands, but I'll be back in about two hours," he paused to see how I would react. It took a few seconds for all of his words to settle in, but then it dawned on me he meant to leave me like this for TWO HOURS! "Good, you understand," he responded. "When I return, I'll stop this torment."

I sighed into my gag, hope running through every part of my body at the idea of being let go.

"And when I return," he added, "we'll see what other things your body likes."

I heard him laugh all the way to the door, outside the door, and in my mind. This was true torture. I felt something, pain in some way. God, no! The tickling was finally stimulating me sexually. I was getting a deep burn in my balls to shoot and an even greater desire in my cock to be released and allowed to grow.

Two hours was going to go by VERY slowly.

I must have passed out again from the torture I was experiencing. When I opened my eyes, I was still trapped in the blindfold. I couldn't move, so I guessed that I was still on the damn rack I was mercilessly tickled on earlier.

"You're awake again," came my captor's voice. "I really wish you would stop passing out. You could really be enjoying this." `Yeah, right,' I thought. This was the worst experience I had ever known. I heard more movement around me. I went to move my head, but I couldn't. My head was strapped down! In fact, my entire body was in no position to move. I moved my tongue to see if I was still gagged. I was, but the feeling was different.

"hhuts n mah outh," I asked loudly.

"Oh, this gag is a new toy we're going to try out," he gloated. "While I was gone, I found some new toys that I thought you would enjoy playing with."

I felt him move around me, his hands touching every part of my body with his rough, warm hands. As he moved, I got a better idea of how I was placed. My arms were pulled straight out and downward. This caused my torso and head to be pushed up slightly. Under my head was some cushion, and I was strapped to it. My legs were spread wide, wider than I ever thought imaginable and raised in the air. I was very vulnerable in this position for him to do almost anything. "I want to explain to you what we're going to do," he began. You are not able to move, so every wish is mine. The gag in your mouth is a textured hose. Through it, I am going to mouth fuck you until I'm done. Then I'm going to fuck you up the ass one last time. After that, I'm going to play with your cock and balls until you dry shoot. No more machines, just you and me."

With that, I let out a whimper, begging to be set free. I felt him go down to my open legs and fondle me a little. I began to get hard again, against my will like every time before. When I got completely hard, he began putting something on me. He attached something at the base of my cock, something tight. I thought it was a cock ring, but he didn't stop. After he got the thing tight, he began attaching something like the first just further toward the head. He repeated this action three times before he stopped. (I later found out that he had placed me in a `Gates of Hell' device.

He then tied my ball sack with a piece of cord. I expected him to pull it off and tie it somewhere, but I was wrong. He made some movement nearby. Before I could imagine what he was doing, I heard something slide off of a table or chair. Immediately, my balls were pulled painfully away from my body. And whatever he had attached it to began to swing back and forth, running the cord up my ass crack as it swung under me. My reaction did not go unnoticed. "I hope you like the weight," he laughed. "I thought that two pounds would be enough for you."

As the pain subsided, he climbed on top of me. I felt him begin to ram his rod into the tube in my mouth. I felt his head go past the tube and touch my mouth and the back of my tongue. I immediately began to unconsciously gag in reaction. He began to laugh and talk to me like I was his fuck slave or something. I think he was beginning to think about keeping me forever.

It seemed like an eternity as he kept pumping my head. I soon realized that the cushion was a "gift" from him to make everything more bearable. I heard him moan and carry on for what seemed like forever. Finally, his hot cum rushed in my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could to keep breathing and prevent choking, but he was cumming faster than I was swallowing.

My chest was heaving in and out from the experience. While it felt rather unusual, I couldn't help but notice that the feeling was wonderful. My cock felt like it was on fire and my balls were churning to release the pent-up cum that I had generated. "Now didn't that feel good," my captor asked. I began to sob under my blindfold and into my gag.

"Don't cry, my little prisoner," he said and began caressing my cock.

"Everything will feel better soon."

I felt him move into a different position next to my ass. He began to finger me with care. My body tensed from his touch. He put his still hard cock in my ass and began to pump me again as he had the day before. The unusual feelings were beginning to get me turned on beyond comparison. Every time his cock touched my prostate, I began to shake and go into an orgasmic tingle. This lasted longer than the mouth fuck and felt much better. He came over and over again deep within me. I thought he would stop once he came, but he kept pumping, slowly--delaying his own orgasm.

I felt him begin to play with the head of my cock. The sheer joy and agony of these sensations began to drive me into a sexual frenzy. I knew I couldn't move my body in any way, but I began to feel my hips move in and out involuntarily. Just short of my own orgasm, he stopped and finished himself within me. I felt like I was suspended in time. I yelled into the gag for him to finish me, but he wouldn't. "You have to wait, my little prisoner," he said in a soothing tone. "I have better things in mind for you. I will let you go tomorrow as promised, but I want to savor what may be the last time I have you in my clutches."

I heard him move around to my side. He was working with something on another table. I wanted him to touch me, bring me off, but I couldn't understand these feelings. I felt him begin to rub my nipples, but I could tell he was up to something. My nipples became hard from his touch.

"This will feel good, Rob," he said. "Just lie still and enjoy." I didn't have time to react to his statement. I felt him bring a brush to my right nipple, covered in some type of gel. The gel was cool and didn't begin to burn or hurt. He took his time and made sure every part of my nipple was covered. He repeated the same movements on my left nipple. Then he moved to my cock head. The gel was cool and the brush was enough to send me into orgasm. Every time I got close, he would back off. He would wait until the feelings had passed and continue, covering my entire cock except for where the gates of hell device was attached.

"This gel is a wonderful creation," he began in a quiet voice. "It will feel a little bit strange at first, then nothing." "nuhhing!" I shouted.

"Don't worry," he said in a calming voice as he rubbed my arms. "The gel will temporarily deaden your nerve endings to my touch. I will be able to do anything I want to your cock, and you will be unable to feel a thing." He was moving, but I couldn't tell what he was doing. "Right now, I'm rubbing your cock head," he began, "but you can't feel anything, I bet. In fact, the idea that I'm playing with you will drive you crazy because you can't feel it. If I do touch where the `gates of hell' device is, you'll know it, but other than that, you can't feel a thing."

I began screaming into my gag, hoping that my captor would end this madness. My cock was still hard, kept that way by the gates, but I needed to feel it being played with. The numbness lasted for about an hour, so I'm told, but it went on forever in my mind. Near the end of the hour, feeling returned to my cock and nipples. I wanted to scream. When the feeling came back, so did all the blocked sensations. When full feeling returned, I was far beyond my own point of sexual frenzy. I was so turned on that I felt like I would cum if there was a faint breeze in the air.

"I see you've realized the side effects of the gel," he said plainly. "I hope you like the feeling because you will have to endure it for the next two hours while I take a rest."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" I screamed. "Now, now," he comforted, "I will be back to let you enjoy, but I want you to suffer a little longer. Bye."

I went mad, I think. I was trying to move, trying to do anything. For two hours, my body wished for release. I began to sweat profusely to the point where sweat began running down my legs, off my arms, and rested on my stomach. The next two hours were too much to bear. I wanted sweet release and nothing more. I would give anything just to release.

Two hours later, I think, my captor returned. He removed the gag from my mouth.

"Anything you want to say," he asked.

"Bring me off," I pleaded with a hoarse throat. "Gladly," he said. I felt his hands take my cock and began to stroke it with care. He didn't remove the gates, I thought. How was I supposed to cum with the gates still on?

"Aren't you going to take the thing off my cock?" I asked.

"OH, no," he said with a sign of glee in his voice. "It stays on. This last torture is for your pleasure and mine. I get to see you get off, and you get to enjoy it step by step." He did release my balls from the weight, though. My balls bunched up toward my body. I could feel how swollen they were against my body. He hadn't been stroking me more than five minutes when I began to cum.

The orgasm was intense. I came until I felt I couldn't cum any more.

After the intense orgasm, I felt the bonds on my arms and legs loosen. The bonds on the rest of my body came loose also. My captor picked me up and put a robe on my body. He didn't remove the blindfold. I tried, but my arms were too sore to move. I remember being put into a car and him driving, with me still blindfolded. When the car stopped, I felt my captor lift me up again, carry me into my apartment, and lay me down on my bed.

Monday morning, I awoke with the blindfold still on. On one of my shelves, next to my personal stuff and wallet was a note and a stack of Polaroid pictures of me.

The note read: "WANT TO DO IT AGAIN?"

I haven't made up my mind on whether or not I want to do it again, but I do know that no matter what, I am NOT going to do any more fraternity jokes or pranks.




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