Studly straight Rob McGuire is the perfect specimen for a sinister organization's scheme to collect and sell premium sperm in the latest SCORCHING HOT delivery from Amalaric.


Abduction - Page 1
by Amalaric
Art by Amalaric

Rob McGuire came from solid Black Irish stock on his dad’s side and a potent cocktail of French, Italian and (rumor had it) a dollop of Russian from some wayward ancestor who picked up a dazed refugee after the First World War on his mom’s half of the family tree. Blessed with rugged good looks, Rob, at twenty-four, reckoned he still had a right to a little vanity and augmented his handsome face with full head of dark hair, cut in a no-nonsense crew, with regular workouts at the local gym that sculpted an already vigorous, masculine physique to something near muscular perfection. Broad shoulders, rippling back, pumped biceps, and a fully defined chest comprised his upper torso with tight, flatiron abs and a narrow (flab free) waist completing the picture; all liberally peppered with wiry dark hair. Yeah, Rob was a hairy dude and offered no apologies. Chest and abs segued to an inky bush of musky pubes, legs and forearms whispering the promise, and the deep recesses of his pits matted with a silky-soft carpet begging for a nuzzle. All of him drove his wife Sherry wild with joyous, abandoned lust.

Their marriage had been a happy one; six years (already!) in duration; the high school sweethearts had tied the knot early and never looked back. Two years later the twins arrived, Eamon and Yvette, now toddling four year olds, who adored their daddy as if he were a god.

Sherry let out a short sigh of purest contentment. She also adored Rob and considered him a god…in the bedroom. Running a hand delicately from the soft hollow of her husband’s throat- where she could clearly feel the pulse throbbing with vitality- over the rise of his naked chest, she paused, stroking the tight curls of dark fur and playfully tweaking his hard nipples. ‘I love you baby,’ he responded with a shiver of fresh arousal, ‘…so damn much,’ then groaned with animal pleasure as her hand darted lower, tiptoeing through a forest of pubes before grasping his thick cock and nimbly teasing her man’s tool to a fresh erection. ‘Prove it,’ she quipped, even as she straddled him between slippery thighs, riding Rob (for a change of pace) as he roughly thrust inside her; for all the world like a big bucking bull at the fairgrounds. Twenty minutes of sweat-slick thrashing and groping followed punctuated by the rhythmic thrust of his steely penis as it hungrily plumbed the warm mystery of Sherry’s depths until, finally, his big balls surrendered yet another stream of hot seed even as both lovers cried out their pleasure in perfectly syncretized unison. ‘That was good,’ Rob whispered, fighting for breath, ‘soooooooooooooo good’. His soulmate curled beside him savouring the musky and alkaloid smells, basking in her man’s warmth. ‘Three times tonight, Robby;’ she smiled in the semi-darkness, ‘my big, virile stallion.’ Rob would have returned the smile, justifiably proud of his stamina…but he had already fallen asleep.


The three-day weekend had raced by in a frenetic welter of football marathons on the TV, fun with the kids, shopping sprees for Sherry and some welcome outdoor chores for Rob. An avid gardener, Rob actually owned a fledgling plant nursery and often experimented with new varieties of bulb, sapling, or decorative shrub in the gardens surrounding his suburban home. He loved the fresh air and, if the weather permitted, almost always worked stripped to the waist, inadvertently giving the neighbors a fine show of tanned, hairy brawn in motion. It was while laying some mulch in the front of the house that Rob noticed an unfamiliar car pull into his driveway. Shrugging at the nerve of some folks, he nevertheless put on a good natured grin and approached the middle-aged woman behind the wheel. ‘Help you with anything, ma’am?’ Not expecting an affirmative, Rob was mildly surprised when the woman nodded, removed the keys from the ignition, and emerged from the car. ‘I’m looking for Robert McGuire,’ she replied in a neutral, business-like tone. ‘Yeah, sure, that’s me…’ Rob’s expression was now openly quizzical but soon turned to a mixture of shock and anger even as he blushed deep red with unaccustomed shame. ‘Your name was researched and submitted to a survey,’ she began innocuously if somewhat mysteriously, before continuing, ‘and the second phase of interview (did she look knowingly toward the kitchen window where Sherry could be seen washing dishes at the sink??) and observation has now also reached conclusion.’ Pausing for effect the matron then dropped a bomb, ‘Our company is, therefore, pleased to offer you a substantial sum over the next several weeks in exchange for one litre of your semen; the sperm to be extracted and frozen and made available for sale to several of our clientele who, having reviewed the photos (photos??!) and perused our report, desire insemination by one, like yourself, who has attained the highest physical standards with the added benefit of many desirable character traits.’ Rob’s otherwise agile mind was reeling at the sheer affront of the request…as well as several highly disturbing implications. ‘This must be a joke,’ he muttered, desperate to find a way to avoid what appeared to be an abyss opening before him. ‘I assure you, Mr. McGuire it is not,’ was the cold reply even as she gazed at his naked torso with an obviously appraising eye.  ‘If that’s the case, well, here’s your answer…’ Rob was nearly choking on suddenly cold fury, ‘get back in your damn trespassing car and off of my property and if that doesn’t happen within thirty seconds I will have you forcibly removed by the police and charged with egregious harassment.’ ‘Of course,’ came the clipped reply and, true to her word, the mysterious woman had disappeared around the corner of the block long before expiration of Rob McGuire’s hasty deadline.

Rob never mentioned the bizarre incident to his wife and couldn’t have articulated the reason. He briefly considered notifying the police or seeking legal advice but the thought of moving the woman’s lewd request into the public forum didn’t seem like a desirable option either. In the end he executed an emotional shrug and did his best to forget the whole incident.

It was thus, two weeks later, that the handsome young husband and father of twins was caught completely by surprise as he responded to a reputed consultancy call in a rundown part of the inner-city.


‘Back in an hour, Steve.’ Nodding toward one of his three employees Rob was confident that the plant nursery would carry on in his assistant’s capable hands while he answered the consultancy call from a developer interested in bringing some greenery back to the wasteland that had become the inner-city. ‘Yes sir, no problems,’ Steve grinned his assent, looking up from a row of seedlings he was carefully potting. His proud young boss climbed behind the wheel of the new pickup emblazoned with the nursery logo…and wasn’t seen again by anyone that knew him for several long months. They found the truck, free of any fingerprints (except Rob’s), a day later parked in front of the address where the supposed consultancy was supposed to occur and the ensuing manhunt was intense, but Rob seemed to have simply disappeared into mid-air. Sherry and the twins were, of course, distraught and waited with both trepidation and eagerness for some demand; hopefully a traceable phone call, perhaps a ransom note, that would let them know, at least, that Rob was alive and serve to galvanize the situation and even move things forward…but as the days segued into weeks and no communication of any sort was received the investigating police began to suspect that Rob McGuire- though seeming a near perfect family man- had simply absconded. Eventually, though the case technically remained open, in reality it had gone dormant.


On the day of his disappearance Rob had located the address in a derelict, nearly deserted part of the city and, though his intuition was slightly uneasy, he was, nevertheless, impressed that someone would have the ambition to re-develop such a forbidding landscape. Reading from a hastily scrawled note, he rang the buzzer for the second floor apartment in the crumbling brownstone and was gratified by the response as the lock on the front door audibly disengaged. Rob entered the shadowy space of the foyer and, heading toward the stair, caught a moving shadow from the corner of his eye. His instincts suddenly hyper-alert, he both turned and began a crouch only to feel a paralyzing rush of adrenaline-tagged fear suffuse his whole being at the sight of the man standing in a corner of the room…holding an automatic rifle aimed straight at Rob’s chest. ‘Hands up,’ the slightly pudgy assailant muttered and, for the briefest instant, Rob wondered if he were the victim of an elaborate joke. Hands up…like in a cowboy film or cops and robbers?? But there wasn’t the slightest trace of humor in the other man’s cold eyes and Rob warily obeyed. ‘Turn around, face the wall…good…now, hands behind your back.’ Though bigger and fitter by far than his captor, Rob McGuire knew the sickening feeling of abject helplessness as the snick of steel cuffs locking around his hairy wrists signalled the deadly seriousness of the situation. Blindfolded and then hastily frogmarched through a rear entrance, Rob briefly felt the sun on his face before being manhandled by several pairs of hands into the claustrophobic space of the trunk of the abductors’ car, with engine already purring for a fast, clean getaway.

He guessed they had been driving for twenty minutes to a half hour, but it was really impossible to tell. With heart pounding and drenched with anxiety-generated sweat, Rob was eventually hustled from the car’s trunk and into a different building where, at last, the blindfold was removed allowing the prisoner to once again take stock of his surroundings. Looking around and blinking as his eyes adjusted to the light Rob guessed he was in another large, disused building and his perception was confirmed as he was lead through multiple corridors and down several flights of stairs to a filthy but cavernous basement space. To his relieved surprise the cuffs were then removed but the single assailant with the loaded automatic still clutched the lethal weapon and seemed more than ready to use it.


‘Strip off your shirt.’ ‘What the fuck for?’ Rob snarled, suspicious, now, that the pudgy punk had plans for something kinky. The bullet whizzed by so close to Rob’s left shoulder that he could feel the breeze. Swallowing hard- as much to clear his ears from the deafening sound as from renewed terror- the tall captive reluctantly did as he was told; first unbuttoning and shrugging off his khaki over-shirt and then pulling off his white cotton tee. Rob McGuire faced the grinning gunman, trying to control the slight tremor in his broad shoulders but his deep, hairy chest heaved with anxiety. ‘Good boy,’ the young punk seemed barely able to contain his mirth, ‘Now, drop your trousers…and turn around.’ Here it comes...Rob thought with mingled disgust and naked fear but, mindful of the bullet that had come so close to shattering his shoulder, the handsome father of two slowly complied; belt first unbuckled with a jingle that seemed to fill the room followed by a fumbled open fly spread wide and, thinking incongruously of Sherry, the tall stud hiked his trousers down the long expanse of muscular thigh to below his knees; clad, now, for all practical purposes, in nothing but his briefs. Commanded, once again, to hold his hands behind his back they were quickly roped together but, expecting the worst, Rob was surprised when he was manually jacked back around, facing his captor, before being roughly shoved against a brick wall where his already tethered wrists were re-bound to an iron ring. Next Rob’s ankles were shackled just above his work boots and each was attached to a foot-long chain that was looped through another iron ring set lower in the wall.  Effectively helpless and now immobilized, he waited for whatever fate had in store.



  1. scotts60143 - January 13, 2017, 7:18 pm

    As always, any story by Amalaric is well written, filled with all kinds of details that make it easy to “visualize” the story as it takes place!! Of course, his artwork is always the best too! Looking forward to reading the next chapter!

  2. adrk - January 17, 2017, 12:49 pm

    awesome story, love all the details wowow… thank you

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