There must be something in the water in Washington DC because we've got another closet-case politician seeking gay sex on the down-low. You might think that you've heard his story before but in this series Rodd Sterling treats us to the REAL story of Congressman Aaron Schock.


The Many Cummings of Aaron Schock - Intro
by Rodd Sterling
Series: The Many Cummings of Aaron Schock

aaron-officeAaron Schock sure knows how to live the high life.

I’m sure you recognize his name. He’s the globe-trotting Republican Congressman, well, the EX-globe-trotting Republican Congressman who was forced to resign in shame. I’m sure you’ve heard of his many exploits. While most politicians have the wisdom to keep their offices decorated in a simple understated manner, he spent his constituent’s money to lavishly decorate his office in the theme of Downton Abbey—complete with bold red walls, pheasant sprays and antique picture frames. Have you ever wanted to charter a plane? He’s done it—many times over—to the tune of $100,000 in a single year. All on the taxpayer’s dime, of course. Superbowl tickets? Check! Country Music Awards? Check! Katy Perry concert? Check! He’s done it all in his two terms in office. Easy to do when everyone else is footing the bill.

aaron-coverAnd I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors about his sexual interests. Perhaps the story about a certain blond male “photographer” by the name of Jonathan whom he always required during his travels? Yet he was always first in line to join his peers in a little political gay bashing. Like voting against amending the federal hate crimes laws to include sexual orientation. Or fighting against the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.

And I’m sure you’d recognize his face. His boyish good looks in perfectly tailored suits. Pretty boy Schock’s even been featured on the cover of Men’s Health magazine posing with his shirt off, showing off his six pack abs and beautifully sculpted arms.

Yes I'm sure you think you've heard his story. But I don’t think you’d recognize him right now. Tied up to my bed spread-eagled and naked. Sweaty. Worn out cock. Completely drained balls. Wet stretched out ass.

How exactly did he find himself in this predicament, you ask? Well that’s where the real story begins…

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  1. GayBondageFiction - June 5, 2015, 1:43 am

    Love this story! Thank you Rodd!!

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