Les Caldwell unveils his punishment contraption and secures his poor hunky stepson to the machine in the continuation of Kronmire4's "Stepson's Doom".


Stepson's Doom - Part 4
by Kronmire4
Art by Amalaric
Series: Stepson's Doom

The barn was strangely quiet in the immediate moments after Les Caldwell unveiled his new disciplinary apparatus. Caldwell beamed as he issued his invitation to his bemused neighbors: "Come forward, gentlemen. Stand close and examine my device; it has taken me over two weeks of work to put it together. Before I explain how it works I want you to have a good, close look at it for yourselves." The men quickly gathered around the wooden bench on which the weird concoction of wood and metal stood. The main framework was a heavy wooden sawhorse trestle, but instead of the usual carpenter's frame, this one had been sanded down and heavily varnished so that the wooden surfaces gleamed in the bright lights. Near the feet of the four supportive two-by-four lumber legs were attached heavy leather straps with buckles, no doubt for securing a victim's wrists and ankles. The large crosspiece where the legs joined on top had been padded and covered in black leather; a long leather strap with buckle was hanging loosely at one side of that top piece. But the truly strange aspect of this device was underneath that top surface: beneath the center was an adjustable rod about ten inches long hanging down at the end of which was a circular metal ring about three inches in diameter. Also hanging down near that rod were electrical wires which bore circular strips of the type used on a person's chest when running an EKG. Another series of electrical wires ran up the rod and from those side-hanging wires underneath the bottom of the padded leather top piece, then running down one of the trestle's legs and across the barn floor where it was plugged into one of the barn's electrical outlets.

Les spoke again: "I think you can see what uses there may be in this device, men. Obviously a difficult, unrepentant youth who needs to be taught a valuable lesson in obedience is bent over the padded leather trestle, his arms and legs secured to the contraption, and then the top strap is fastened across his lower back so that he cannot move; in this way he is positioned in such a fashion as to allow his penis to rest inside the metal ring you observe beneath him. The pads hanging down will be demonstrated more easily when Colt is bound to the device." At this moment all eyes turned to the sweating, tired lad still hanging from the shackles of the ceiling beam; his own eyes were filled with terror at the sight of the hideous machine his so-called "Dad" had constructed just to torture him! Still grinning, Caldwell said, "Coach, I may need your help in getting my stepson prepared for this new punishment -- actually a new thrill for the rest of us." Coach Blackert leaped eagerly toward Colt, and he and the boy's stepdad removed the shackles -- when free, however, Colt had made up his mind NEVER to give in to whatever new hell his stepfather had prepared; he fought back. The lad's strength and wiry physique served him well at first, and Caldwell and Blackert had quite a struggle to subdue him -- finally the coach aimed a hard punch at Murray's midsection and knocked the breath out of him. Speedily the coach slung the boy over his shoulder and bore him over to the trestle -- he and Caldwell slammed the boy's stomach down over the padded leather top, then one secured his wrists to the front wooden legs and the other took care of the boy's stubbornly kicking ankles. Reaching underneath the trestle Caldwell took the boy's soft cock and inserted it through the metal ring; finally the top strap was secured across the boy's back and buckled into place so that no amount of movement could dislodge any of his members from the devastating wood-and-metal appliance.

"Before I begin this phase of my stepson's discipline, please feel free to examine him and the device at your leisure. We have plenty of time, and I hate to rush these things." All of the men moved closer but seemed more interested in examining Colt than the device itself. Martin Byron ran his hand up and down one of Colt's sweating, hairy legs, poking and prodding the boy's muscular thigh and calf. Elliott Pratt ran both his hands through the boy's matted, wet blonde hair, down his neck and over the lad's broad shoulders and back, the latter still red from its recent encounter with Les' flogger. Brent Potter was more interested in checking out the substructure --- in particular, his hand made its way to Colt's damp genital area, feeling its way along the soft but still meaty prick and how it lay quietly in the metal ring; then he felt along the boy's low-hanging scrotum, groping the firm boy-seed encased within. All of the men were thoroughly enthralled by this new and vibrant feeling which was possessing them. They wanted to hurt Colt -- to use and abuse this helpless young man to the utmost. Nothing that Caldwell would suggest could now be off limits. At this point Caldwell interrupted with an added treat: "Men, let me advise you that proper punishment is best handled not only by corporal punishment of whip or cane, but also by the power of electricity." Colt jerked involuntarily at that statement but to no avail. Continuing, "Electricity can be used to cause pain -- or stimulation that can yield pleasure. Let me demonstrate."

Reaching under the trestle Caldwell placed the two self-stick pads hanging from wires against the sides of Colt's testicles; they adhered easily and would be impervious to any sweat dripping down from the tormented boy's most intimate parts. Caldwell then produced a wireless transformer with a gauge and two simple push-button switches. The gauge had a dial running from 1 through 10. One switch was crudely labeled "Cock" and the other "Balls". Les always felt that simple was best! He said: "One turns the dial to a gauge number, with stronger current -- and therefore more pain -- with each higher number. Pushing the "Cock" button sends a shot of electric current down the rod and through the metal ring, creating a most serious effect on the boy's pecker. Pushing the "Balls" button sends a similar signal through the lower wires and through the adhesive pads to jolt his balls. The pain produced by either is excruciating -- to use it at its higher-gauge levels will produce unconsciousness and even a burning of the tender flesh. I'm sure none of you would want to approach that level." He looked at the men who then looked at each other, none yet daring to think that any would ever want that! Now the victim came back to audible life. Colt screamed out, "NO, NO! DON'T DO THIS! I'M SORRY FOR EVERYTHING I'VE DONE. PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO ME!"

Les was having the time of his life. The boy was hysterical, and yet there was still one more tormenting implement which Colton Murray must soon learn to endure. Pratt asked, "Uh, Les, can we turn the thing on and see how it works?" Les replied, "Yes, Pratt -- but not just yet. I need to show you one more addition to my little apparatus. Then all will be ready." After one last heaving strain against his leather bonds Colt gave in to whimpering sobs.