New author steve mchalperin presents a dark and brutal tale of crucifixion.

No Obit for Brad Cooper: A Modern Crucifixion Tale - Chapters 1 & 2
by steve mchalperin
Series: No Obit for Brad Cooper
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Chapter 1 - Secret Clubs

We all know there are a variety of clubs in this world. I don’t mean obvious ones, like a bridge club. I even belong to a French club. No, I am referring to secret clubs, groups which clearly want their identities and activities kept hidden. Some of these secret clubs are quasi-religious like the Masons. Most are truly religious, even stemming from medieval times like the Knights Templar. Nowadays there are some political ones. The Antifa spring to mind on one end of the political spectrum and rural vigilantes, gun groups if you will, on the other end.

The general type of secret club which interests me are S&M based, where young men voluntarily submit themselves to a variety of (clearly!) non-lethal tortures and abuses. The particular focus of my investigation, however, are those clubs in which young men are tortured to their death. Yes, these do exist and they are of the most secret caliber.

The voluntary S&M clubs operate on the need for a Top or Master to inflict pain on a young man who is the sub or slave. The young men in this instance need to have pain inflicted on them for sexual arousal and the Masters lust to inflict it. It’s mutual self-interest and when done under “safe and sane” conditions, quite a lot of fun. Not all of these clubs are secret, of course. The New York Bondage Club even has a web site!

The “death clubs” do not need to advertise. Members simply seek each other out in the rarified circles these men inhabit. All of them are enormously wealthy and have money to spare to support their unusual perversions. They come in two flavors: those who get their rocks off watching a young man being tortured and those who need to actually participate in the torture. A given club will have a mixture of both. Most of the members are older, having taken decades to accumulate their wealth. As older men, they have an obsession with young men, especially muscular, well-endowed ones. Being handsome is nice, but secondary. The victims are prized.

Here’s the rub: it is incredibly expensive to stage a real torture-to-death session. The members I just mentioned can afford it, but it requires additional resources in terms of staff, equipment, locale, and, of course, getting the vic in the first place.


Chapter 2 - The Houston Club

I live in Houston and am a reporter for the Houston Chronicle. My normal beat is political – Jesus, what a year this has been! Let’s hope we never see another 2020. And it’s not even fucking over yet. Some of my political contacts are regular pols, I mean typically high IQ lawyers with broken moral compasses. As part of covering this beat I occasionally met some very wealthy people, big contributors to each party, but who endeavor to keep a low public profile. These men are interesting to talk to. They are truly “men of the world,” having travelled and studied in a variety of places. Two of them, for example, are Rhodes Scholars.

One guy, in addition to his penthouse suite downtown, has a house in Zurich and in the Caymans, nice locales for squirreling away millions. He has a token wife for photo ops, but is personally quite gay. He’s the one who, for some insane reason, befriended me on condition of total anonymity. I think he just needed to talk about what he had done over the years, sort of an unofficial confession in his dotage.

We occasionally met for drinks at the St. Lawrence Hotel, a small, classic hotel on Cleveland Avenue near the IH-610 loop. In was in these confessional conversations that I learned about The Houston Club. I can tell y’all this now since he passed away a month ago, so I feel free to share with you the hair-raising stuff he shared with me. I won’t name him, of course, but if I did I’m sure you’d recognize him, even with his low profile.

His information about The Houston Club reminded me of Fight Club. Same rule: you never talk about Fight Club, etc. Well, Mr. X did talk, often at great length and with excruciating detail. He even remembered conversations at their “events.” I was not allowed to take notes at the hotel meetings, but I do have a good memory and typed it all into my laptop when I got home. And now I am pleased to be able to share it with you. So, put your seat belts on, because what the gentlemen in The Houston Club did is quite a ride.



  1. Amalaric - December 8, 2020, 6:36 am

    Excellent start…not normally a story-place I would go, but the narrative is compelling and steaming hot, almost like a 40’s film noir scenario (beyond anyone’s- especially the censor’s- wildest imagination)!

  2. slavemchalperin70 - December 8, 2020, 9:00 am

    Sir Amalaric, Sir!
    Glad you like the start. I have to say, this is not a story place for me either. I prefer POW torture with ultimate rescue. I was looking at a crux site and thought it might be interesting to see what could happen. I just had to do it, flesh it out, make it real. I’m sure you’ve also felt that kind of urge. I did feel a bit like Lovecraft: “I cam across this manuscript . . . ”
    Again, thanks. Your postings on this site are nothing short of fantastic — as always.

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