The tortured twink from "Bondage, with a Haircut" endures his second gay bondage experience this time in a gym locker room.

Still Being Haunted, A Year After
by Le Barberez
Series: Bondage, with a Haircut

It was about a year since my day of Bondage with Darren. My hair had regrown but it stung me to remember such a day occurred but I simply carried on with life. I had never been to a Gym before but it was pretty much what I was expecting. There were several other guys apart from me, about 7, but only four of them were together, talking. The day was rather uneventful, but my next few trips to the Gym several weeks later was to be my second bondage incident in life. I just got off the treadmill and I was heading to the Locker Room when I passed by the four guys I saw on my previous trip to the Gym, they were just talking when one glanced at me and another suddenly called out to me.

"This is your second time right?" He inquired. I nodded my head as they started walking towards the locker room as well. "In case you didn't know, I'm part of the staff who works here." With that, he fished out a ring of silver and brass keys and dangled them, causing a clinking sound to ring. "What's your name?" Well, no harm telling him, I thought.

"Josh," I replied. We had just entered the Locker Room and I started changing upon taking out my bag from the locker.

"My first name is Nicholas," He opened his locker and pulled out a towel, wiping his forehead.

"So you're new here?" One of the other two asked, He had already taken off his clothes and and you could see his red boxers. I replied with a nod and heard the other three introduce themselves as Michael, Daniel and Derek. After we had all introduced ourselves we started conversing and talked about our jobs and backgrounds, I severely limited the information I told them, I wouldn't tell people openly that three months ago Guess there was no harm in conversing with them after all, or so I thought. The next time I went back was a month later and we conversed like the previous time, we joked a bit and talked throughout the time I was there, there was at least 11 other guys in the gym at the time, and most of the blinds were shut. I hadn't really been bothered by these facts at this point until it was too late. We were headed for the Locker Room when someone we were passing by suddenly jumped in front of me. It was a blur, and I was grabbed by several hands behind me before passing out.

I woke up a musty room, extremely confused, where it was too dark to see anything. All I knew was that I could feel something cold and metallic next to me. As my eyes adjusted, I surveyed the room, being able to barely make out several silhouettes of lockers. Was I hit by something heavy? A weight? I thought of the possibility, but weights do not fly to your head magically. My eyes adjusted to my surroundings, and I could hear something ticking in the corner of my eye. A clock? I attempted to turn my body around when I realised that I couldn't move. My four limbs were tied to something like bars of wood, when I realised it was the benches. A sudden jolt of panic surged my mind. I had never felt like this since a year ago, when Darren had bound me down to a chair and gave me bondage and fetish treatments. I never wanted to be in such a position again. I struggled frantically, but all I could do was squirm, but all I did was knock over that metallic thing beside me. Tied to a bench in a musty dark room, pretty sure it's the locker room, I thought to myself.That was when the door opened with a bang, revealing silhouettes stood in the doorway. They slowly walked in and surrounded me, and I heard a rather familiar voice.

"How are you down there," It was a deep voice, and his silhouette reminded me of someone I've seen before. "Josh?"

It was Nicholas. A wave of relief washed over me.

"Untie me please." I asked him, but I it came out muffled as I had something rubbery in my mouth.

"Don't worry, you're in good hands." Another familiar voice pierced the musty silence of the locker room, and it came from a silhouette who was standing by the door. He lifted his hand and flicked a switch. The sudden brightness stung my eyes, everything went blurry for an instant, then refocused, and I saw Darren, standing by the door, with a smirk on his face, with Daniel, Derek, Michael and Nicholas surrounding me.

I struggled against my bonds with all the strength I could muster, I never wanted to see Darren again, and how did he find me? Was he a stalker? Or is he pedophile? In any case, I didn't care. I struggled against the ropes with all the strength I could muster.

"You must be confused." Darren spoke and came by my side. He squat down and continued speaking," Don't worry, I wouldn't harm my most precious toy, you're one of the best twinks I've ever had the chance to meet, you're my precious, and my bitch" With that, the other four guys untied the ropes I was connected to from the benches, but gave me no chance to escape. They forced me through a door in the Locker Room and I was in a room of concrete with only a large window panel stretching from one end of the room to another, and behind I saw several dozens of men watching as I entered and clapped their hands, some of them were familiar as they were friends of Darren, whom aided him in his kidnapping of me on his birthday. The two rooms seem to be completely soundproof however as all I could see some of them shouting and cupping their hands around their mouth but I couldn't hear a thing. Michael and Derek forced me into a latex suit, which had holes where my abdomen, sides, armpits, penis and butt was, after which Daniel and Nicholas wrapped thick black straps around my body, of which the other ends were connected to a ring structure, and suspended me into the air horizontally. Nicholas then forced a collar on my neck, which had a chain connected to my hands by iron gauntlets, which in turn, were connected to my feet by iron bracelets on my ankles, all of which was closed by a lock. Then he connected several weights to each of the iron bracelets on my four limbs. My head felt like it was being jerked each time a weight was added and my body was struggling to try and keep them lifted up, or lest my head be bent backwards painfully. That was when Darren spoke again.

"Each and every one of us here, including those in the other room watching you, has a fetish of some sort, with most of them having a haircut fetish, including me, I like you, and you would be mine, but these people need to satisfy their lust and their fetish. Don't you worry, you will still be mine." With that, Michael unlocked the door and they all burst into the small room I was in. I could feel my body being grabbed and being caressed and I even felt feathers going along my sides and my armpits. I was crying and laughing from the tickling and the bondage at the same time when someone forced my head up a bit, tied a large towel around my neck and started toying with my hair. Darren ran towards my ass and started fucking me in the butt, I yelped through the laughs and moans that were being muffled by a rubber gag in my mouth but someone pulled it out, forced my mouth open and stuffed it with his penis. I could hear words like flat tops and Mohawks and Suck all around me."You remember that time I gave you that hybrid psychobilly-mohawk? Well I wanna try something on you." Darren had stopped fucking me and let another person have the chance to and whispered into my ear, that's when I could feel the central line of my hair being pulled backwards and the sides being shaved, along with gel being waxed into my central line of hair and different creams being kneaded into parts of my head. Whooping and erotic sounds were going around in the crowd around me and this continued for quite a while, after which they released me from the black straps that suspended me. A round of laughter went around as I heard Darren shout "All done!" in the crowd somewhere. A guy I recognised from Darren's group of friends last year held a mirror in front of me and said "Look at you!" and guffawed loudly. I was shocked speechless, it looked sexy, but it wasn't a style that I would have liked, I had a Mohawk style haircut where the front portion extended about nearly a foot from my forehead in a smooth quiff, it extended further down the back of my head, where it was gelled upwards, and had a tail that extended about 6 inches. My mouth was gaping for a few seconds, with not a sound escaping it. Before I knew it, I was being scooped up and being brought into the locker room, where they removed my suit and forced me into a latex strap jacket instead. I was pushed onto my knees, with too little strength from struggling against the black straps that bound me earlier to the suspension ring structure, and forced to suck dicks as the guys kept pushing each other impatiently, waiting for my "treatment".

After a long while, I awoke to find myself on the cold floor of the locker room, and it was only me and Darren, who was right in front of my face. I realised that I was no longer bound to anything, but that I was being hugged tightly by something, and that Darren was also kissing me, but I didn't let go.

To be continued...

Le Barberez

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