Kent meets with the Warden alone and soon finds himself handcuffed to a bed and stripped.

Hard Time – Part 7
by Kronmire4
Art by Amalaric
Series: Hard Time

Kent Overton tossed and turned on his mattress most of the afternoon, getting precious little rest; at about five in the afternoon he was taken by the guards to the nearby showers to get cleaned up, then issued a fresh set of briefs, sneakers, denim shirt and shorts, all to be worn to his rendezvous with the hated Warden McDougal this evening. Kent thought about recanting his promise, but every time he did so the vision of Marty being tortured by electrocution swam in his brain; no matter how detestable the acts would be for him to perform with the warden, he had no choice. He would be the warden’s sex slave, if only to gain precious time to watch and wait for a chance to escape – a chance that would be doubly difficult since he could not leave his buddy behind. At six o’clock, the cell door opened, and Officer Ted Barnes, smirking with amusement, ordered him to accompany him to the warden’s quarters. Getting up with a deep sigh, Overton dutifully trailed along behind the officer, feeling almost as if he were going the last mile before his own execution. Arriving at the warden’s apartment, the door was opened by the warden himself, dressed in slacks and a smoking jacket, obviously very expensive. “That will be all, Barnes; wait outside,” he said as he dismissed the guard. Overton was welcomed into a large, brightly-lit and comfortably furnished living room and immediately noticed two young waiters standing beside a dining table that was already set with dinner plates; the only oddity, to Overton’s mind, was that the two waiters were clad only in loin cloths. The warden introduced Manolo and Jerry to the new guest, then invited Overton to be seated. Dinner went smoothly, and it was the best food Kent had eaten in a very long time. The warden made small talk during the meal, to which Kent responded only when necessary, although he did try to maintain a pleasant demeanor despite his neverending disgust for his host. When the dinner was over, the waiters cleared away the dishes and then asked for the warden’s further instructions. “Turn around, boys, “ he said, and as they did so, Warden McDougal lifted each man’s loincloth and gave his ass several smart slaps, leaving the reddened glow of a handprint where the blows had been delivered. He then dismissed the lads, and the room was shared only by the warden and his new recruit. Invited to sit down on the overstuffed sofa, Kent did as he was told, whereupon McDougal sat beside him, their knees touching each other. The host reached over to pour his guest a glass of whiskey, which McDougal gratefully accepted, gulping it down quickly, hoping to dull the memory of what was to come. That action amused McDougal, who reached over and retrieved the empty glass from Kent’s hand and set it down on the coffee table. Without saying another word, the man leaned in and planted a warm, wet kiss on Overton’s surprised full lips; the younger man wanted to spit but controlled himself and pretended to accept the kiss at face value. Next the warden began to unbutton Kent’s denim shirt, slowly revealing that extraordinary chest of his with its breathtaking pecs, each punctuated by a hard, brown nipple. The strong, musky scent of the young man’s body was almost overpowering for his master; McDougal had never experienced quite such intense desire for a man before. Part of the attraction had always been Kent’s resistance to the older man’s advances, and even though the lad was fully his to command now, the warden knew that Overton still hated him and was revolted by his touch, a situation which only inflamed his own passion for the muscular youth to an extraordinary degree. The sadistic joy he took in playing with the boy only served to heighten his lust.

“Sit up for me, son,” the warden said softly. Kent complied, sitting upright at the edge of the sofa; there his master finished unbuttoning his shirt and slowly slid it back over his shoulders and then off completely, exposing that manly torso which was so arousing. “Now put out your hands,” he continued, and Kent did so in silence. McDougal next opened a drawer in a nearby end table and removed a pair of chrome handcuffs which he gently fastened on the boy’s wrists, again with no resistance from his victim. “Now get up and follow me.” McDougal led the half-naked fellow into his bedroom and ordered him to lie down on his back on the crisp white sheets of the bed. Once positioned there, the warden slipped off Overton’s sneakers, then grasped his cuffed wrists and stretched them up above his head where he fastened them securely to the bed’s metal headboard. He stood up to admire his handiwork – the luscious and now helpless body of his newest and finest slave, the boy’s chest beginning to rise and fall more quickly every second as he nervously awaited his master’s next actions. Kent’s gorgeous blue eyes were fixed on the warden, hoping to find some glimmer of sympathy or mercy in his master’s face, but there was none to be found. After a few minutes, the warden sat down on the bed beside his captive and began to stroke Overton’s bare torso, exploring every muscle with his probing fingers, dipping them into the aromatic, sweat-dampened armpits of the golden lad, running them over and around those voluptuous tits, pinching and squeezing those nipples as if he owned them – which, in a sense, he did. McDougal could have easily shot his own load at that moment, but he wanted to savor this first of many nights with Kent Overton. Pleasure delayed was always pleasure intensified!

Reluctantly getting up, McDougal stripped off his own silken jacket and slacks, then moved to the foot of the bed and reached down to the floor to retrieve two sets of leather ankle restraints which he fastened onto the uncomplaining boy; that accomplished, the warden raised the lad’s right leg and fastened it to the corresponding metal footpost, effectively causing the foot to remain tethered about three feet higher than the rest of his body. He did the same with the left leg, and when the process was completed, Kent’s denim-clad bottom was also raised high off the mattress. Using a pair of heavy-duty shears, he then cut away those denim shorts, leaving only the tight white briefs barely masking the lad’s most private areas. His large cock was clearly noticeable within the thin fabric, as were his well-hung balls. The wisps of blonde hair which surrounded Kent’s navel disappeared in a meandering line down into those briefs – this was a treasure trail which must be followed! The warden sat down again beside the boy to admire this subdued golden warrior, and he bent his head forward to lick the boy’s belly, enjoying the taste and feel of those hard muscles and those curly golden hairs that lined the pathway to this man’s heaven. The warden next allowed his hand to trace the kid’s fine organs still concealed in those briefs, his wanton fingers going over every curve, tracing that most excellent cock and those full balls, no doubt brimming with cream that must be harvested. Milking this boy was to be a major thrill for his master this night. Sighing with satisfaction, McDougal went to a bureau and returned with a sharp knife with a blade about six inches long. Noting his captive’s nervous look, the man laughed and said: “Don’t fret, Mr. Overton. The knife won’t be used on you – it is only to divest you of these clinging briefs.” He deftly slit the underwear down both sides and ripped them off with a flourish, enjoying once again the sight of Overton’s priceless nude body. Kent flushed with shame but still said nothing – he knew there was nothing to gain by acting up; he only hoped he could endure the rest of the evening. He shut his eyes tightly as his master began to fondle his genitals, rubbing those coarse fingers up and down his limp but still impressive dick. Finally McDougal said, “Well, I’m sure that cock will be seeing some action later – it just needs more attention.” He moved down between the lad’s widespread, elevated legs and knelt in front of the boy’s naked crotch. His own cock was more than ready for action as it was at full mast and pointed directly at the boy’s ass crack. Reaching his index finger into a large jar of lube, the warden began to probe the lad’s ass; instinctively, Overton tried to keep his shithole closed to all invasions, so the warden had to give him some firm instructions. “Son, I’m going to enter your hole with my finger, then with my hard dick, and it will hurt less if you try to relax. But either way, I’m coming in, full speed ahead!” Kent began to struggle with his restrained arms and legs, but that activity was futile and after a few moments he truly tried to relax and just let the warden have his way with him. He bit his lip and grunted: “I’ll try sir. Just get it over with!” McDougal laughed again and said: “Oh, I don’t like to hurry these things, boy. Just fantasize about something delicious – like your best girl!” That thick, greasy finger of his master began to slide into uncharted territory, and Kent Overton was about to experience something he had never had the guts to imagine.


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