The Codes

A hunky cop is abducted and interrogated for "the codes" in this story inspired by photos from RusCapturedBoys.


The Codes
by Torture Him
Photos from RusCapturedBoys

leo2Leo thought he’d hit the jackpot in life. First, he was a rising Dallas cop with good looks and an incredible body. And second, he was engaged to Rita Sue Jackson who was not only a hot fuck but also the only child of oil tycoon Eli Jackson, one of the richest men in Texas. The entire Jackson family seemed to adore Leo, even Eli who was a notoriously tough nut to crack. In fact, “Daddy Jackson” (as he insisted to be called) had even given Leo “the codes” that allowed him to move about freely within their sprawling estate.

While on duty one hot afternoon, Leo received a call from the 911 dispatcher about a reported disturbance at an abandoned factory. Within seconds Leo had jumped to action and made his way to investigate. But as he entered the front room of the factory, he detected a strange odor and began to feel dizzy. He tried to retreat but it was too late. As he slumped to the floor, he noticed several pairs of boots heading his direction but within just a couple more breaths, Leo was out cold.

What a crazy dream! Leo thought he slowly began to regain consciousness. He felt like the room was spinning. And cold! He took a few more breaths of the clean cold air and his head finally began to clear and his vision slowly normalized. But Leo quickly realized that it hadn’t been a dream after all.

He quickly took stock of the situation. He was in a bare room. By the drab aged-greyness of the walls, it appeared to be the abandoned factory. And he was bare. Stripped down to just his shorts, he was forced to stand with his hands tied together over his head by a thick black rope. He tugged at the rope but it was strong and he determined that it had been anchored to one of the control boxes across the room next to an unusual looking metal table.

Leo felt his nipples harden as the cold air beat against his body. He suddenly felt the humiliation of being stripped without his knowledge and left almost completely exposed. That vulnerable feeling increased has Leo heard footsteps creeping out of the shadows behind him. He tried to turn his head but he was unable to make out their faces.

“Leo! So glad you could join us.” said a man with a thick Eastern European accent.

Once Leo heard the voice, he was shocked to know exactly with whom he was dealing. It was Victor, Rita Sue’s slimy recent ex-boyfriend! Leo never understood what Rita Sue had seen in the obvious loser. “What the fuck are you doing, Victor?”

Victor moved in front of him. He was dressed in what Leo considered a pathetic attempt to look the part of a classy Texas cowboy, from the Levi jeans tucked into his black boots to the vest covered white shirt, it couldn’t be anyone else but Victor.

“And I thought the mighty Leo was invincible. Tell me, Leo. How does it feel to be in your….predicament.”

“What do you want from me, Victor?” Leo shot back, trying to hide the creepy feeling he was experiencing as Victor’s eyes trailed over his naked body. “Why don’t you let me down and I’ll show you just how invincible I am.”

“Oh, I have no doubt that you would. Which is why you will stay tied up.”

leo3Leo heard the footsteps from behind as two other men appeared and moved to either side of Victor. One carried a sinister looking long black whip.

“This is no way to win back Rita Sue, Victor” said Leo. His nervousness was growing at an alarming rate. “You’d better just accept that she’s with me now!”

“Oh yes. Rita Sue. I must admit your arrival put a quick end to my plans. And in a way I do miss her eagerness in the bedroom. But I have no further use for her. Now that I have you!”

“I knew you were up to no good, you slime ball! What do you want from me?”

“Quite simple. The codes.”

Leo’s face went pale. He realized that Victor never wanted Rita Sue. He just wanted access to something on the Jackson estate.

“Now, here’s how this is going to work. I’m going to ask you one more time and you are going to answer me. And if you refuse, well,” Victor took the whip from one of his guard, unfurled it, and popped it against the wall, causing some of the old concrete to fall away. “You get the idea.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about, man. Now let me down!”

“Don’t be coy, Leo,” Victor responding condescendingly.

“I know ‘Daddy Jackson’ thinks you hung the moon. You’re going to tell me all of the codes or you’ll regret the day you met her.”

“Fuck you, Victor,” Leo harshly replied.” I’m not going to tell you a damn thing!”

“Ouch, such harsh words from such a weak man. Very well then, Leo,” Victor calmly replied.

Victor walked back behind Leo while the other two men stepped back behind the metal table, keeping a good vantage point of what was about to transpire.

“Now Leo, I’m feeling generous. I’m willing to forgive your moment of weakness in not telling me immediately?”

Leo refused to respond. Instead he instinctively tightened his muscles, hoping the pain wouldn’t be as severe as expected. I’m not going to give this shit-for-brains the satisfaction of hearing my voice even slightly tremble.

“What are the codes, Leo?”

“I don’t have a fucking idea of what you are talking about!”

“You’re a fucking liar!” yelled Victor as he pulled back his arm and struck. Whippssshhh! There was a small, nearly unfathomable gap between the slap of the whip and the sting on his back as the first lash came.

Leo did his best not to show his grimace from the strike. Don’t let him see your pain, Leo. Don’t let him see your pain he thought to himself..

“You know the codes for his mansion, Leo. Give them to me and this will all be over!”

No answer from Leo. Whippssshhh! Another snap broke the air as Victor popped his back again. This time Leo couldn’t control his body’s reaction. As the thin end of the whip slashed into the skin of his back, Leo threw his head back and cried out in pain.

“Ahhh! Damn you!” Leo screamed out in pain. Shit, Leo. Control yourself!

“I asked you a question and you didn’t answer me, Leo. I told you the consequences before we started. Now I will ask you again. The codes. Please.”

Leo didn’t want a third lash so close to the second, but he found himself in an odd situation. If I lie and say yes, I get a lash for lying. If I’m honest and say no, he’ll still hit me. But I’ve got to answer.  “I don’t know them, Victor.” Leo clinched his whole body tight. Even his thigh muscles cinched tight in anticipation of the next lash. The response he got was not what he had expected.

“Ha. Ha. Ha. Look at yourself, Leo. We aren’t but two lashes in and your already scared.” Damn you, Leo, he thought to himself. You’re playing right into this man’s hands. “Don’t worry, Leo. I’m not going to hit you again right away. What do you think I am, an animal?”

Leo knew that his assaulter was only trying to get in his head. You’ve got to be stronger than this.

“Just let me down and I’ll forget this ever happened. Come on, Victor. I’m a cop. You don’t want to do this?” I don’t think I can take much more. Just let me down

“I can’t do that, Leo. I need those codes. I was just about to get them when I was fucking his daughter but then you came in the picture. Now you have to pay!”

“Why? What good would it do to have those codes?” Leo knew what Victor was wanting. Eli Jackson didn’t keep his millions locked away in a bank. He chose to keep his money considerably closer.

“Don’t toy with me, Leo. Tell me what the codes are!”

“I don’t have the codes, Victor. You must be going mad.” This time, it wasn’t just one lash that struck Leo’s already sore back. Instead, Victor struck the whip three times, each time landing on a different point of Leo’s back. “SHIT. DAMN!  FFFUUUUUCCCCKKKK!” Leo screamed out. He pain was nearly unbearable.

After the third lashing brought an end to the triple hits, Leo slumped his body down while trying to catch his breath. Just take a moment, Leo. Then you’ve got to get your shit together. His personal pep talks were still working as he forced his body to stand upright once again.

“I must say, Leo. I am surprised. You must have one big pair of balls to continue this lashing like this. Perhaps soon I’ll be able to see them for myself.”

“You’re a sick fuck, Victor,” Leo lashed out as his body’s pain level started to lower.

“Perhaps. Maybe you’ll see why after this next technique of mine.” Next Technique. What does he mean? “Alright, boys, let’s move him to the rack.”


At the call of their boss, the other two men quickly stepped to where Leo was hanging, doing their best to avoid stepping in the blood that was forming around Leo’s feet. While the two men grabbed his body, he felt the pull on his arms give way as Victor loosened his rope from the section of wall it was tied to.

Feeling this release, Leo tried to fight he way free from his restrainers. His efforts were anything but successful as his body was forced towards the metal table. The strength he did have left in his body was quickly evaporated as he felt like a twig being moved by these to strong men.

“What’s wrong, Victor? Afraid to take me on yourself so you have to have these two goons do that hard work for you?” The two men must not have liked being called goons because instead of lying him on the table, the threw him down on it.

Victor, in an effort to keep Leo from trying to escape anymore, quickly brought the rope to the other wall and tied it off, securing Leo’s arms above his head once again. The coolness of the metal against Leo’s back was a welcome relieve as the cold helped ease the pain in the cuts. Leo had no way of knowing just how deep his wounds were but he could feel the blood slowly coming out on the table, taking away the soothing feeling and replacing it with stickiness.

leo5“Oh, I’m not afraid, dear Leo. In fact, quite the contrary. Unlike you, though, I am enjoying myself.” Victor walked to where Leo lay sprawled on the metal slab. As Leo looked up at his aggressor, he took notice that the whips had been discard. Instead, Victor bent down and rubbed his fingers across the bare skin of Leo’s chest.

“Rita Sue must love that fact that your chest is so tight. Tell me, Leo, does she like it?”

Instead of giving his attacker the benefit of a response, Leo only glared up from his place of captivity. Victor didn’t like Leo playing the game back at him. This time, instead of whipping him, Victor placed one of Leo’s bare nipples between his thumb and forefinger and started unexpectedly twisting the hell out of the protruding flesh.

Instead of twisting and letting go, Victor locked his wrist and refused to let go. “I asked you a question, Leo,” Victor had to yell over Leo’s grunts and screams. “Does Rita Sue like your tight chest?”

“Yes!” Leo screamed. You’re getting weaker, Leo. You’ve got to toughen it up. Leo instantly felt relief as Victor released his grip on his nipple.

“See, was that so hard?” Victor, instead of pinching it again, started to rub the nipple he had just finished twisting as if trying to rub the pain away. What Victor didn’t know was that Leo enjoyed having his nipples rubber. Don’t show him that, Leo. He will use it against you.”

“Get off me, you sick freak,” Leo screamed out as he shrugged Victor away. “Why don’t you untie me and make this fair?”

leo6“Where would the fun in that be?” Victor stood up and walked back across the room out of Leo’s sight. When he came back, he was holding a long metal rod.

Where have I seen that before? Leo thought to himself as he sized up the next object of torment.

“Now for some real fun, Leo,” Victor smiled as he walked back to his victim. “Know what this is?”

“No,” Leo answered, afraid of what not doing so would have caused.

“This here is normally used to move stubborn cattle along. Today, it’s going to make you tell me what I want to know.”

Leo recalled now where he had seen this type of rod used. It was a electrically charged shocking rod. Leo had never been hit with one but had seen a two-thousand-pound cow jump after being hit with it. For effect, Victor stuck the end of the rod near Leo’s ear and pushed the trigger.

Leo could hear the electric charge sizzle outside his ear. Instinctively, Leo moved his head away.

“Now, what are the codes to Eli Jackson’s mansion?”

“I don’t have a fucking clue what the codes are!  And If I did, why would I give them to a sick bastard like you?”

“Don’t lie to me, Leo. Cop or not, you do not want me to use this! I want the codes and I want them now!”

“I don’t know what the hell you are talking about!”

“Wrong!” Victor screamed as he moved the rod back towards Leo’s body.

leo7Leo expected him to press the rod against his arm or maybe his leg. Instead, just milliseconds before Victor pushed the trigger, Leo felt the cold metal of the rod’s end press against the same nipple Victor had just twisted.

The pain that soared through Leo’s body was unlike anything he had ever experienced. Luckily, as quickly as the pain had come, the zapping ceased and Victor moved the rod away once more.

“Damn you, man!” Leo screamed as he fought furiously to bring his hands to his nipples in hopes of rubbing the pain away. He restraints denied his efforts.

“I warned you, Leo. Before I am done with you, you will tell me what I want to know.” As he spoke, Victor walked around the “rack”, as he had called it, and stopped on the opposite side of Leo. “You’re making this hard on yourself, Leo. Why do you want to endure all of this pain? All for a low-life scum like Jackson.”

“I wouldn’t expect you to understand, Victor. After all, what does it say about a man who kidnaps people he doesn’t like and tortures them relentlessly.”

“You and I aren’t all that different, Leo.”

“Oh yeah? How’s that?”

“Neither of us knows how to stop ourselves.” Victor jammed the metal rod into the yet untouched nipple of Leo. “Now tell me who Eli Jackson’s codes or I’ll zap it until it falls off!”

“Go to hell, you fucking fr……” Leo’s remarks were cut off prematurely as Victor pressed the zapping trigger. Instantly, Leo’s body was thrown into convulsions as he tried to fight against the rod. Unable to speak, Leo could only grunt and moan.

It seemed like forever that Victor pressed the shocking rod into his nipple, the whole time laughing as though he were at a party. Before long, Leo’s nipple went completely numb and blood started oozing out. Perhaps because he saw his enemy in such distress, Victor eventually released the trigger and repositioned the rod near his side.

“Now, I’m having mercy on you right now by not continuing on. But I must warn you, my mercy level is extremely low.”

Victor walked from his spot at the side of Leo and slowly moved his was towards Leo’s feet. “Now, I am only going to ask you this question one more time. If you refuse to give me the answer I am looking for,” Victor stuck the metal rod up the opening of Leo’s boxers and snaked it up until he seen the metal tip touch the fleshly tip of Leo’s dick. With the snug fabric, it wasn’t hard to tell when the two rods met. “I will make it to where Rita Sue will have to come running back to me for a good fuck. Now tell me, what are the codes to the Jackson mansion?”

“Screw You, Victor,” Leo screamed loudly. “Do to me what you want but I refuse to help you with whatever plan you’ve concocted.”

“As you wish!”

Photos courtesy of RusCapturedBoys. Visit them for the full set.

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