Revenge by Poison – Part 1

The Boy Wonder Robin is captured stripped and tormented by Sgt Harvey Bullock but soon has his revenge with the help of Poison Ivy.
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robin bondage

Revenge by Poison – Part 1
by Mark Wisdesad
Series: Revenge by Poison

Sgt Harvey Bullock wiped sweat from his fleshy florid face as his small beady eyes took in Robin’s naked body. The young man lay on the bed. His wrists were tied behind him and his massive legs were spread wide with his ankles tied to the posts of the big bed. His mask had been left intact. The huge beefy bear finished the glass of whisky and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand approached the bed. Robin grunted in agony as Harvey’s huge meaty hand slapped his erect rock hard cock. The bed creaked as Harvey parked his heavy body on it and squeezed his captive’s immense muscle pec slabs. Robin grit his teeth as his massive chest endured pure agony. “Nice…ummmm…so huge and firm..” his captor muttered as his hands kept kneading and mashing the firm muscle flesh. Robin groaned and arched his back. “Like it, don’t you?” Harvey chuckled and rolled Robin’s large swollen nipples between his sausage thick fingers.

Robin twisted his wrists behind him in an effort to free them. Harvey watched his young captive’s shoulder muscles bunch up with the effort. “Don’t waste your energy, Robin.” the sergeant said, “I’ve tied them very very tight.” The room was hot and steamy. Harvey Bullock sweated like a pig. He unbuttoned his shirt partially. Robin saw a deep hairy cleavage between huge dense pecs. Sgt. Harvey Bullock was shorter than Robin and Batman. But he had very wide thick shoulders, thick brawny arms, a muscle belly, tree trunk thighs and an immense ass. Robin knew that his captor possessed immense strength. He was notorious for his brutal treatment of the drug dealers and other scum of Gotham City. The Police Commissioner had severely reprimanded him but Harvey didn’t care as he was quite efficient in his mission to keep the streets of his city clean. Robin also knew that this huge beefy bear had always lusted after him. And Batman!

As he groaned in agony at the torture his massive pecs were enduring, he fantasized about dominating a helplessly bound Sgt Harvey Bullock. And Batman too. What a double treat it would be for him! “See what your squirming and groaning has done to my poor li’l friend!” Harvey chuckled. Robin watched his captor unzip his trousers. Out sprang his huge thick veined cock! Harvey stood up and unbuttoned his shirt and began taking it off, revealing his wide muscular hairy shoulders. Even as he started pulling his shirt off his shoulders, the doorbell tinkled.

“Who the fuck is that? Hope it’s your friend Batman!” Harvey grinned and added, “Haven’t had that caped bastard at my mercy!” he slapped Robin’s cock. “Don’t you dare make a sound, Robin Redbreast!” he giggled and went to answer the doorbell. Robin lay still and looked at his pecs. They had turned a deep red! His cock throbbed and its tip touched his navel. Batman too used to tie him up and edge him for hours on end. The sadists, he muttered to himself. If only he could have both these bastards tied up and at his mercy he mused. The very thought made his cock twitch and puke precum into his navel.

Cursing under his breath, Sgt Harvey Bullock strode to the door, forgetting that his shirt was open down to his belly and off his shoulders. He flung the door open. The woman standing there took his breath away! She was voluptuous and oozed with sex! She had worn a tight green dress with large leaves printed on it. Her huge firm breasts threatened to pop out of the dangerously low neckline. In one hand were lengths of coiled green vine. The other held a large green handbag. “Hello Sgt Harvey Bullock! I see that you’re very excited at seeing me!” she said and pointed to his huge rigid cock! Damn, he mused, and tried to push it back into his trousers.

“Who are you?!” he asked as his eyes darted over those half melon boobs. In response she smiled coldly and answered, “You know me, Sgt Harvey Bullock!” As he watched, the leaves on her dress seemed to disappear one by one till finally she stood with a leaf each that barely covered her breasts and a thong of a smaller leaf and vine that covered her pussy. “Now do you recognize me, Sgt Harvey Bullock?” she asked with a grin. “Poison Ivy?!” Harvey snarled, “You bitch!” She laughed softly and entered the room. Along with her, came a strange hypnotizing fragrance. Harvey took a deep breath even as his eyes raked those enormous breasts. He felt a bit light headed.

“Turn around and cross your wrists on your ass!” she commanded. Harvey, without a protest, did so. He knew his mind was being controlled by this sexy deviant woman and there was nothing he could do about it. Harvey grunted as she wound the vine tight around his thick powerful wrists. Next, she wound a few strands expertly and cruelly tight around her burly captive. Poison Ivy stood in front of Harvey and admired her handiwork. She breathed heavily at the sight of the squat beefy brute bound and at her mercy. Her eyes roamed lazily over her captive’s chest. Sgt. Harvey Bullock’s huge meaty pecs bulged between the tight bonds of vine. His monstrous cock twitched and spat a string of pre cum. Harvey’s small pig eyes were riveted on Poison Ivy’s large near naked breasts. She casually ran her fingertips along the deep cleavage between them. Harvey growled and tried to wrench his bound wrists apart. Poison Ivy laughed and said, “Sergeant Harvey Bullock, I’ll have you know that the more you struggle, the tighter the vines will grow.” She kissed his fleshy lips and her hands fondled his massive hairy chest.

Harvey groaned as her tongue licked the sweat from the deep cleft in his chin and a hand fondled his huge one eyed monster. “You bitch!” he growled as fingernails raked it. His eyes were still fixed on her large boobs. “Wanna kiss ‘em, my sexy Sarge?” she asked with a cold smile. “Yes! Yes! I’d love to have them in my hands..” he uttered breathlessly. Poison Ivy held the back of his neck and with surprising strength, pulled his head onto her breasts. Harvey made bestial sounds as he kissed the deep cleavage and rubbed his face on the bulging breasts of his captor. “Ouch! You need a shave, Sgt Harvey Bullock!” Poison Ivy said sharply and pulled his head away. She grasped one of his large beefy arms and dragged him into the room where Robin lay on the bed. He was still tied up.

“What do we have here?! Did I interrupt your interesting little game, Harvey?” Poison Ivy asked as she gazed at Robin. Her boobs rose and fell as she leered at Robin’s musclebound naked body and his throbbing shaft. “Let me have some fun with you, Robin.” she said softly. “And you Harvey, watch the fun!” She dragged Harvey by his monstrous cock close to the bed. Poison Ivy lay on the bound helpless Robin and kissed him. She slowly dragged herself backward till his cock was trapped in the cleavage between her breasts. Harvey let out a soft groan as she moved her body slowly up and down. Robin begged, “Please release me!” The hopelessly tied up young muscle hunk arched his back and Poison Ivy rolled off Robin. He let out a growl as his cock gushed a thick stream of cum. “Quite a gusher, aren’t you, Robin?” poison Ivy asked.

“Lick it off. Every drop! Very very slowly!” she ordered Harvey. The sergeant clambered clumsily on the bed and squatted between his captive’s spread legs. “Free my hands, you bitch!” he growled. “No way Sgt Harvey Bullock. Use your mouth.” she replied and laughed. The bound beefy man did as ordered. As the last drop was licked off, he was astonished to see Robin’s cock go rock hard all over again! “That’s good Harvey! Great job!” she said and caressing Robin’s eyes gently, whispered to him, “Sleep for now..” Robin closed his eyes.

She ordered Harvey to get off the bed and he did so clumsily. “When he wakes up,” she told Harvey, “he’ll be filled with an uncontrollable animal lust. And a blind searing hatred for you, Sgt Harvey Bullock and Batman” She dragged a small chair from the corner. “I want you all ready for Robin when he wakes up in a minute or two….” She patted Harvey’s cock and pinched his taut nipples. He felt the tight vine around his wrists being undone. Harvey sighed with relief. “And before I, the beefy macho Sgt Harvey Bullock, will be a cock hungry dude. Especially Robin’s and Batman’s cocks! And I’ll watch with delight. Hehehehe!” His eyes felt heavy. “You fuckin whore, I’ll..I’ll…” and he blacked off……..

Robin opened his eyes. He was lying on a bed. He sat up. The room was darkened except for a spotlight. He gasped when he saw the familiar heavy beefy figure in a chair. Robin’s eyes narrowed with rage. And sheer glee! Sgt Harvey had been hopelessly bound. Robin smiled and stepped up to his captive. “Well well well! What have we here?!” Robin grinned as his eyes roamed over the huge man. Harvey’s shirt had been opened, revealing his broad hairy chest. His trousers were round his ankles and his huge veiny monster throbbed and twitched. Robin circled the chair and once again stood before Harvey. The heavy man had been tied immobile. His brawny arms had been yanked behind him and his wrists had been lashed together with what appeared to be a vine of sorts. The bonds around his chest too were of vine. As were those round his ankles. They were wound so tightly that his flesh bulged out. Harvey Bullock was so stocky and wide built that he dwarfed the chair. The bound detective grunted as he squirmed and tried to break loose from his bonds. Sweat ran freely all over his body.

The young masked muscle hunk looked around and saw some objects on a table near the bed. His eyes lit up. Robin picked up a riding crop and steel nipple clamps connected by a thin chain. He stepped up to Harvey and whipped his huge hairy chest a few times with the crop before painfully rolling his large swollen nipples. “Yeah, taut enough!” Robin said and attached a clamp to one of the nipples. “You bastard!” Harvey Bullock muttered. Robin smiled as he attached the clamp to the other nipple. The sergeant’s chest was so wide that the chain linking the two clamps was stretched taut! The helpless Harvey moaned every time he inhaled as the chain pulled on the clamps. “Let the games begin, Sgt Harvey Bullock!” Robin said with a grin and picking up the crop, stood with his legs apart in front of his captive.

“Fuck you, Robin..” Harvey grumbled and let his lust filled eyes run all over his captor’s musclebound body before they alighted on Robin’s huge wagging cock. “Fuck me, Harvey?!” Robin asked with a smile, “No way! I mean, just look at you all tied up!” He stepped behind his captive and let out a ‘Wooof’! and added, “Sergeant Harvey Bullock, you have such a massive sexy ass that’s begging to be whipped!” Harvey grunted and tried to heave his heavy body as Robin lashed the huge bulging butt with the crop. Robin stepped in front of his captive.

Instead of a look of agony, Harvey had an expression of lust! And his cock wagged up and down. Robin brought the riding crop on Harvey’s huge thighs. Again and again. He pulled the thin chain connecting the cruel nipple clamps. Apart from trying to lean forward to ease the tension of the chain, Harvey gazed with lusty greed at his captor’s musclebound body. His small beady eyes alighted on Robin’s stiff cock and he licked his lips. Standing with his legs apart and straddling the bound Sergeant, Robin grasped Harvey’s huge shoulders and thrust his cock into his mouth. Harvey sucked on it very very slowly. Robin threw his head back and groaned even as he used the crop mercilessly on his captive’s back and his ass.

For long minutes, the two men made bestial sounds. Finally, Robin tensed his muscly body for a fraction of a minute before his cock erupted like a volcano inside his captive’s mouth. Robin forced Sergeant Harvey Bullock to suck the last drop of cum. He stepped back and smiled at Harvey. “That was fuckin great, Sergeant Harvey Bullock!” he told his captive. “And what about me?” Harvey asked his captor, indicating with his eyes, his one eyed monster that kept spewing strings of pre cum. “Do something Robin, please!” he pleaded. “Sure” Robin replied and proceeded to slap his captive’s cock mercilessly. With all those unbelievably tight bonds of vine holding his massive body near immobile, the captive could do little except grunt and groan.

The two men smelled that familiar hypnotizing fragrance once again. Robin yawned and rubbed his eyes. He staggered to the bed and collapsed on it. Harvey tried twisting his powerful wrists but the vines were bound very efficiently. He was a helpless maddened bull by now and ready to fuck the daylights off Robin and that caped asshole, Batman!

A pair of hands came over his wide meaty shoulders and landed on his humongous chest. A soft seductive voice spoke into his ears, “Sergeant Harvey Bullock, we have some unfinished business, don’t we?”


Mark Wisdesad

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