1950′s Mob Boss Nick Vitale Gets His – Big Time! : Page 1

An arrogant, homophobic and hairy mob boss gets his just desserts from his disgruntled servant in another hot tale from Richard.
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1950′s Mob Boss Nick Vitale Gets His – Big Time! : Page 1
by Richard

vitale1Nick Vitale wheeled his brand-spankin’ new 1952 Packard V-8 convertible into the circular drive of his brand spankin’ new hip Vegas bachelor pad, a sprawling one-story edifice of the first order. Vitale was an up-and-coming Mafia boss, filling the void after Bugsy Siegel got himself rubbed out some years back, Vitale having more than a hand in the new Vegas casinos, bookmaking rackets and a new interest in the promising venture of churning out “stag” films catering to every taste. Nick predicted that “stag” films would be his next big money-making racket. People craved sex and would pay to see it performed. It was a simple as that. Piece of cake!

The 28-year-old proudly hirsute, darkly handsome Sicilian-via-New-York bred Vitale admired his reflection in the rear view mirror. Life was fuckin’ good. He’d just dispatched two of his best goons/bodyguards, Guido and Vinny, to “off” a lower-level member of the syndicate who had the fuckin’ balls to try to glom in on Nick’s rackets- big mistake! Vitale would show the bastard what happens to guys who try to fuck around with the great Nick Vitale! They didn’t come any rougher or tougher than Nick Vitale- that’s for fuckin’ damn sure.

The 6′ 4″ deeply tanned Vitale raised one of his thick dark eyebrows as he lowered his sunglasses to wink one of his startlingly green eyes at himself in the rear view mirror, pleased with how he had handled things, as usual. Facially, Nick would be a dead ringer for actor Bobby Cannavale today, only even taller and far more muscular and buff. And Nick was sure the actor Steve Cochran’s role in the recent 1950 gangster movie “The Damned Don’t Cry” subtitled “Ambition. Betrayal. Murder.- Don’t Let The Little Things Stop You” was modeled on him- hell the handsome Vegas hood in that one was even named “Nick” in it- ‘cept Vitale had no intention of ending up like the actor in that movie did- this Nick was way too smart for that. Why the great Nick Vitale had even bagged the star of that film, that old bitch Joan Crawford when that film was made (the bitch must’ve been 40 even back in ’50 when she was in Vegas for the filming of that movie) and supposedly needed to do some “research” into mob “action” to “get into character” for that film, but the only “action” she was interested in was all in the bedroom as Nick could attest, and Nick banged the celebrity bitch’s brains out- another satisfied customer who had swung on Nick’s big Sicilian salami, and more to add to the egotistical mobster’s notorious bragging rights, yet another notch in his proverbial bedpost.

Yeah, hotshot mobster Vitale often fantasized about his ideal broad and imagined that he would not be adverse to having some buxom, steely dame by his side with the “3G’s” he insisted in on a moll, or was it 4? Vitale could never decide, but anyway- “great gams, guts, and a gun” (along with those big-ass bazooms) to back him up and do his bidding any day- but NO ONE messed with the great Nick Vitale, not no one, no fuckin’ way, no way, no how, not never, ever, or their ass was grass at the very least.

And Vitale was all man, a real man’s man in every fuckin’ god-damn fuckin’ sense of the word. He totally exuded an undeniable, confident virility and raw, animal magnetism that was self-evident and had given him a well-deserved reputation as one very slick lady’s man. Nick’s notorious sex drive served him well as he rabbit-fucked a succession of starlets and, as noted, even big name Hollywood A-list actresses who were understandably in awe of his extremely fit body and turned on by the power the mobster had and how everyone in Vegas kowtowed to his every whim and need at the slightest gesture or more commonly the pointedly rude snap of the arrogantly omnipotent Mafioso’s powerful fingers. Nick had an insatiable sexual appetite, and as his cock twitched in his suit pants as he admired his swanky house and car, the mobster suddenly realized that what with the charter flight to Detroit and back to meet with the Mob families and this business with the fucker who had tried to glom in on Nick’s rackets, Nick hadn’t had a chance to get off with some doll or dame in days. (Women were all “dolls” or “dames” or “broads” to Nick).

Vitale adjusted his Borsalino fedora to its accustomed cocky and jaunty angle and loosened his tie in the desert heat as he manfully strode toward the front door in his widely pin-striped natty suit, his suit pants held up by his sharp suspenders and his size-12 feet clad in unseen calf-length silk socks and spiffy two-toned designer shoes. A real fuckin’ fashion plate if Nick said so himself, as he was apt to do.

As Nick approached the front door it was ever so silently opened for him by his exceedingly deferential and reassuringly obedient Japanese “houseboy, ” “Ito,” the 24-year-old clad in a white suit jacket, crisp white dress shirt, dark tie, and dark suit pants, in a formal “houseboy” uniform despite the desert heat. Ito quietly intoned “Welcome home, sir” in his quiet Asian way, the totally submissive servant to his brash, brazen employer.

“Yeah, whatever” replied Nick gruffly, rudely tossing Ito his Borsalino fedora over his shoulder to fall to the floor to be seen to, never one to treat a servant (let alone most any other people) with respect. Nick was very proud of having a Japanese houseboy since he had been advised that all similarly-situated rich men had one nowadays, which meant he just had to have one, plus it also very much impressed the ladies, which made it all the more important. In fact, Nick had two Japanese guys staying in his house at the moment, Nick having allowed Ito’s 22-year-old cousin, Kenji, to stay on after a weekend visit to the homesick Ito, not out of anything like compassion but because Kenji was a film student with the latest most technologically advanced cameras and knew how to use them. The wily Vitale had already used Kenji’s expertise to film several “stag” films at Vitale’s new home, not paying the “fuckin’ Jap” a cent for his efforts (Vitale was unapologetically full of racist slurs at the drop of a well…fedora). Vitale reasoned that he was “feeding the slant-eyed bastard and giving him free room and board” so the “fucker ought to do something to earn his keep while he’s here.” Luckily, Ito’s uniforms fit Kenji as well, so Vitale had even been able to further impress his guests when he had not just one, but two uniformed Japanese houseboys to help serve the lavish dinner and cocktail parties that were regular events at the house. Kenji was noted by Vitale to be fiddling with a film editing machine at the far side of the living room in the distance, today clad in simple pants and shirt instead of a houseboy uniform, since there were no parties planned for that evening, since Vitale had been away on mob “business” all day.

In fact, Kenji had done a great job with the “stag” films, not only filming scenes around the bedrooms and pool of the house starring cash-strapped “starlets” who couldn’t make it in mainstream pictures, but Vitale had gotten Kenji to set up a “hidden” camera in one of the spare bedroom’s closet to capture an impromptu fuck session by an A-list actress and an A-list actor who went at it like crazy behind the locked bedroom door during one of Nick’s classy soirees, totally unaware that Vitale had “the goods” on them- useful blackmail money for Vitale who couldn’t get enough of it- not to mention the power it gave him over the victims. Vitale wouldn’t mind forcing the A-list actress caught on cam to perform every imaginable revolting sex act on him in order to keep her little fuck session out of the press! Just think what the powerful gossip columnists of the day, Hedda or Louella, could do with those facts- The possibilities with this blackmail shit were endless!

As Nick Vitale entered his Vegas abode, “houseboy” Ito further inquired:”Is there anything you require oh most honorable employer, Mr. Vitale, sir?” ever the apparently loyal servant. Nick replied over one of his broad suit-clad shoulders that “Yeah- I’ve had a rough day. I could use a shower and then one of them ‘Jap’ massages like you gave me a few weeks back,” as Nick headed for the master bedroom.

Nick entered the master bedroom where the setting sunshine coming in through the half-closed venetian blinds cast a mysterious, diagonal light and shadow across the room and its occupants and showed up what dust there was in the immaculately-cared-for house in the hot desert air- portents of noirish things to come, one might say.

A few minutes later, after Ito had made a quick telephone call, Vitale assuming it was regarding ordering more booze for Vitale’s next soiree in a few days, Ito obediently but warily followed behind, bearing his massage oil “kit”- but Ito had reason to be wary- the previous massage session had not gone well at all, not well at all.

Nick brusquely flung off his suit coat for Ito to slavishly pick up, removed his silk tie, removed his Sam Browne shoulder gunbelt and his .38 and placed them on the dresser, let his suspenders droop over his suit pants and began unbuttoning his crisp white dress shirt, exposing whirls of proud jet black hair on his upper chest before whisking off his dress shirt and flinging it on the floor for the servile Ito to see to, leaving Vitale in his sexy white “wife-beater” undershirt which clung to his hirsute, muscular chest like a fuckin’ glove, revealing his muscular sun-tanned arms and hairy forearms as he admired himself in the full-length bedroom cheval mirror, tilted upward to give Nick a great view of his own handsome body. Nick struck an impromptu “King Of The World” pose, raising those powerful muscular arms and flexing them in the mirror as Ito looked on, Nick’s hairy, sweaty armpits sexily exposed, Ito not realizing what a longing, lustful look Ito had on his own face as Nick did so, caught in the mirror’s reflection for Nick to see as well.

“Am I great or what, Ito?” You like feastin’ yer little slant eyes on those big, sexy guns, just like all my fuckin’ adoring dames, don’tcha? So much bigger and stronger than your puny little Jap ones, eh?” teased Nick, Nick now knowing full well that Ito was a “fuckin’ homo faggot” which he had called Ito to his face when Ito had given Nick that massage a few weeks back and had tried to “go down” on Nick’s manly tool to Nick’s horror. Nick brought that session to a quick end, Nick knocking Ito around and giving him some bruises that didn’t show, Nick controlling his volatile Sicilian temper which only prevented him from kicking the shit out of the “homo bastard” because Nick had a big party scheduled for the next night and he wanted his prestigious houseboy to be present serving his important guests, at least visibly, if not in all manners, apparently unscathed, although poor Ito suffered for days from the bruises that didn’t show, not to mention the emotional ones that stung even more.

Nick hated “homo faggots” but even in mob circles Nick had heard of guys like Nick using their own bodies to “seal a deal” with “those pervs” where necessary- basically using knowledge or even suspicion that a person was homosexual in the 1950′s to entrap them into maybe giving them a quick blowjob caught on cam (without the mobster’s own face, of course, just the blackmailee’s face with a hard cock in his mouth) and then blackmailing them to keep quiet- that could pay off big with those rich queers with a lot to lose in 1950′s America. Plus Nick had heard that these homos really knew how to suck a dick and here Nick was horny as hell with an only-too-willing servant eager to “please” him! And who the fuck would ever know? Nick could easily have his low-life powerless “Jap” servant deported or arrested for 1950′s “crimes against nature” or some shit like that if this weakling Ito tried to get smart or try to lord a blowjob over him (as if anyone would believe the babbling foreign fucker anyway who could hardly string a few words of English together, and then only if they could understand his foreign chatter, like anyone would try! Hell, WW2 hadn’t been over long and who’d believe a fuckin’ Jap anyway?) Nick was all man and everyone knew that. But a cock has a mind of its own and no one the wiser! And like Ito would complain anyway- he’d be getting exactly what the “slant-eyed cocksucker” (to use Nick’s colorful turn of phrase) wanted!

Vitale also had Kenji set up another movie camera in the closet of his own master bedroom where Vitale filmed his hunky employer’s own hot fuck sessions with various starlets and name actresses, most recently one featuring a bit of bondage as Nick and his bodyguards/goons Guido and Vinny helped Nick tie the broad up before Nick dismissed his goons whereupon he raped and sodomized the bound “dame” all on cam, Nick keeping his film trophies in a locked drawer in his bedroom unseen by anyone but himself- oh except maybe that Kenji who developed the stuff for him but Nick had the little shit scared shitless of him, Nick making it clear he would have Kenji “rubbed out” if he ever viewed what he had developed for him. Little did Vitale know that Kenji knew virtually no “gangster slang” and thought “rubbed out” meant a solo male masturbating to orgasm since “rubbing one out” was the closest term in Kenji’s handy American slang dictionary and that is what it said the term meant. Such a statement left Kenji more confused than frightened in reality, and cousin Kenji had indeed viewed the films and kept copies of them in Ito’s room, the duo watching the copies in private when Vitale was away, the two proudly homosexual (“gay” did not exist then) cousins eyeing Vitale’s humping ass and privates on film and watching him blast his load multiple times in each film, the duo shocked by what Vitale did to these women yet turned on by seeing their macho employer in action. However, Nick had no clue that Kenji was a homosexual as well as Ito- at least not yet! Nor that Kenji was quite the inventor- those inscrutable Asians were full of surprises as Nick was to learn first-hand soon enough.

Nick therefore said “So, ‘houseboy’ Ito, let’s get on with things. Just between us (and I’M SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THIS MUST GO NO FURTHER BECAUSE YOUR FUCKIN’ LIFE DEPENDS ON IT), but I’ve decided that, er, what I forbid you from doing in that prior, er, ‘massage’ event is, er, OK, this time and I’ll let you do it, but mind you, er, nothing else beyond what the, you know, er, BJ stuff you tried on me before, understood?”

“Oh yes sir, Mr. Vitale, sir!” Oh-ah-so –you will see– me will be oh so good to oh so honorable employer!” Ito enthused, amping up the “Asian houseboy” subservience shit to the max for Nick’s benefit. (“Fuckin’ slant-eye can’t even talk ‘good English’ like I does” thought dees-dems-and -does Nick, music to his ears- this foreign-ass poor-ass punk couldn’t be a threat to the All-American he-man Nick Vitale in the Jap weakling’s wildest dreams!) Camping it up aside, Ito found this change of heart from his studly employer intriguing- very intriguing indeed!

Nick then ordered Ito to slowly “help” his employer undress for Vitale’s shower, Ito approaching his employer from behind as Vitale continued to pose and flex for himself and Ito in the mirror, Ito raising the sexy mobster’s clingy white “wife beater” tee shirt off of his employer’s hunky body, exposing Nick’s puffed-up hairy chest, sexy body hair fanning out over the proudly hirsute planes of his sculpted pectorals before narrowing to a fine line happy trial down to where they disappeared under the cover of Nick’s suit pants. Nick, having been told a thing or two about “homos” couldn’t resist “forcing” (although Ito in reality was only too happy to) Ito’s mouth into Nick’s extremely hairy left armpit, grabbing Ito’s head forcibly and “forcing” Ito to lick and sniff Nick’s funky, sweaty pit and lap up all the delicious and now pungent sweat in first his left and then right armpit. Ito was secretly already in heaven. Ito further noted that as he did so his educated tongue occasionally elicited a slight squeal of distress as Ito’s taster tickled the surprisingly lighter shade of olive sensitive skin hidden beneath the profuse pit hairs in each of the macho Vitale’s proffered pits and where the pit hair parted.

Ito then unclasped Nick’s suit pants causing them to fall to the floor and exposing the sexy mobster Vitale’s trunk-like muscular thighs and calves whose deeply sun-tanned surfaces were also generously sprinkled with jet black Sicilian leg hairs, and leaving Vitale clad only in amusingly conservative white boxer shorts. Ito then tugged the shorts down exposing Vitale’s now dormant cock which was 7 inches even soft under a profusely jet-black-haired pubic bush and his pendulous, hairy balls, the sexy sex-mad and very horny mobster’s own precious crown jewels, filled with the darkly handsome mob boss Vitale’s manly spunk literally aching to blast out of his hot Sicilian salami. Nick hadn’t been this hot-to-trot in weeks.

Vitale then stepped out of his suit pants and shorts and arrogantly kicked them aside for Ito to see to, before kicking off his two-toned shoes. Ito then obediently peeled off the mobster’s calf-length silk socks, noting their pungent foot odor since his employer had worn them all day in the desert heat, Ito setting those aside along with the rest of employer’s clothes leaving the great Nick Vitale completely and utterly nude.

Vitale however was an exhibitionist at heart and loved knowing how his own sexy bod was a tremendous turn-on for his lowly “houseboy”. Vitale again struck his “King-Of The-World” pose in the mirror now totally and proudly bare-ass to the world, swinging his hips and waving his mighty Sicilian salami from side to side for emphasis. Ito lasciviously took in that very humpy ass, a much paler shade of olive than the rest of Vitale’s deeply sun-tanned musculature where it had been covered from the sun by Nick’s 1950′s-era bathing suits, it also being lightly flecked with jet-black hair that thickened and became more profuse down the now tightly-clenched, hidden crack of the hot mobster’s exposed bubble butt. “Now go run me my shower, boy, like a good Jap houseboy!” ordered Nick, amused at how Ito ran literally at full gallop to do so, the better to please his studly employer.

Ito soon returned to announce that the shower was now nice and hot and waiting for the mobster’s naked presence. “Would Mr. Vitale wish his oh-so-humble servant Ito to bathe him so oh most honorable employer would not have to bother with such details?” queried Ito.

“Naw, no way, you fuckin’ horny cocksucker, but nice try, slant-eyes!” said Nick with a sexy green-eyed wink at his blushing houseboy (the yellow-toned fucker somehow managed to fuckin’ blush Nick noticed- go figure) as he padded off to the shower stark naked, his manhood swinging freely from his proudly profuse pubic bush, well aware that Ito was lustfully eyeing his every move, mesmerized by the sight of Vitale’s gorgeous body, Nick getting off on the fact that poor Ito worshipped the ground his employer walked on and would do anything to please him, but then, who could blame the bastard- I AM that hot reasoned the egotistical Nick.

When Nick returned freshly showered and wearing only a white terry-cloth robe, Ito had set up the padded massage table in the bedroom and set his massage oil kit in a smallish holdall zipper bag left on the floor nearby.

“Oh most honorable employer, now you are ready for your most humble servant’s massage session, yes? You know, we Asians are known for our expertise in such things and your most humble and adoring servant is oh-so-ready to ease most honorable employer’s many tensions! Ito thinks you will enjoy it Mr. Vitale, sir!” enthused Ito, embellishing with more of his deferential submissive houseboy shit that the conceited mobster ate up.

“Yeah I’m ready for it, slant-eyes, you do a good job or I’ll have Guido and Vinny take ya for long ride in the fuckin’ desert you’ll never return from- you get my drift?” replied Vitale, ever in control of the situation.

“Ah-so most honorable employer. Ito understands and will perform to most honorable employer’s highest expectations!” replied Ito, who then said “now please remove your bathrobe and lay face down on the table.”

The ever-proud-of-his-hunky-body Nick was happy to oblige, again taking in Ito’s adoring and lustful looks as Nick’s hirsute fresh-from-his-shower manly body was again revealed to his lowly servant’s lustful gaze, as Nick flung himself naked face down on the padded massage table, his paler olive-skinned and slightly furry ass up in total contrast to the rest of his deeply-tanned hunky body. Though proud of his body, Nick was used to the sports massages given by gruff old guys at boxing gyms he used to frequent in his New York days which always involved a “privacy towel” over one’s naked butt and privates, which Nick demanded and got from Ito who was OK with that- for now, anyway.

Ito then switched on some background music to play softly in the background to set the tone as the soft light continued to filter in from the half-closed venetian blinds casting diagonal light and shadow across the hunky mobster’s now semi-naked form- kind of a film-noirish effect and aptly so- and then to put Vitale in a relaxed and open mood, Ito put on a LP phonograph record on the hi-fi that softly played off to one side- some oldies but goodies by Helen O’ Connell with a slower, cocktail lounge tempo- “Green Eyes-Aquellos Ojos Verdes”- “Green Eyes-your green eyes with the soft lights” (like Nick’s own green eyes Ito hoped he would notice but he didn’t) as the song softly continued to play- “Your eyes that promise sweet nights-Bring to my soul a longing, a thirst for love divine -In dreams I seem to hold you, to find you and enfold you- Our lips meet, and our hearts, too, with a thrill so sublime…. But will they ever want me, Green Eyes? Make my dreams come true,” followed by a soft, slow version of “Tangerine,” etc. and proceeded to pour warmed oil onto Vitale’s muscular, deeply-suntanned back and gave Nick a very relaxing deep-tissue massage- the little Jap shit really knew how to give a “real” massage, not just the “happy ending” kind Nick realized, as he did begin to totally relax in Ito’s “oh-so-capable” hands (hell Ito even had Nick thinking in the houseboy’s fractured Asianspeak), the soft mood music having its effect as well even if Vitale didn’t connect the song to his own amazing green eyes, the ones the broads never failed to notice and comment on to the big egotistical lug’s constant amusement and pride.

As time passed, Ito proceeded to massage Vitale’s hairy, muscular legs as well, as Nick began to ooo and ahhh a bit in contentment as his tight muscles began to relax and the mobster really got into having all the tensions in his body relaxed, Nick unconsciously beginning to rub his semi-flaccid Sicilian salami against the padded leather surface of the massage table, making it twitch and begin to harden a bit in anticipation of “cumming attractions.”

Vitale gave soft moans as Ito proceeded to oil and massage each of Nick’s size 12 feet, expertly massaging and cracking the tense toes of each of the handsome big lug’s pink crinkly feet, Ito hazarding a few quick caresses with his fingernails as he did so, just enough to tickle a tiny bit, each time causing the manly Nick to flinch a bit and try to move his sensitive soles away from Ito’s “accidentally” tickling fingers, Nick emitting a few unmanly high-pitched squeals and attempting to wiggle them out of Ito’s firm grasp, due to the unexpected tickling sensation on his totally exposed, oily tootsies, Nick growling- “Hey, slant-eyes, I said to massage me- careful with that shit- not that I’m ticklish or any shit like that- but be the fuck careful, capeesh?”

“Ah-so, oh yes most honorable employer! Ito will be oh-so-careful- your humble servant’s fingers slipped in the massage oil is all- it will not happen again oh most honorable employer!” assured Ito, not intending to do any such thing!

Ito then worked his way back up the sexy mobster’s suntanned hairy legs and wormed his hands right up to the “hem” of Vitale’s “privacy towel” Ito worshipfully gazing up and under the “hem” where Vitale was unknowingly giving the horny houseboy a great view of the Sicilian mobster’s hairy, cum-filled balls, his hefty semen-filled crown jewels also unconsciously brushing up against the soft leather padding of the massage table as Vitale unconsciously continued to lightly friction his hardening Sicilian salami against the padding as well as he got into the massage, Ito managing to have an occasional oily finger “accidentally-on-purpose” stray so that it made an ever-so-light and apparently inadvertent light brushing against the handsome mobster’s horny gonads, Nick not protesting the apparently accidental contact, and in fact further unconsciously opening his legs a bit more as the massage table would allow as Ito continued to lightly brush them with his oily, talented Asian fingers, Ito all the more enthused when he heard the butch Vitale emit a low moan of undisguised pleasure at the contact, the mobster shocked to feel his traitorous prick respond as well, quickly filling with his hot Sicilian blood and causing his mighty pecker to harden to full-blown boner in no time, as Vitale could not bring himself to protest the pleasant molestation of his hairy crown jewels.

“Oh most honorable employer, would you allow your most humble servant Ito to remove the towel so Ito can finish your back massage?”

“You mean so you can get your lousy homo Jap hands on my damn ass, you goddam homo faggot? OK, but don’t fuckin’ linger there- I’ve heard about how you homos like a real man’s ass since you could never have one! But, admit it, fucker, you like that ass don’tcha? Dames love my ass, too, they say it’s one of my best features after my big fuckin’ cock and my sexy green eyes. Admit it, slant-eyes, you wanna fuckin’ kiss my bare Sicilian ass, don’tcha?” said Vitale.

Ito, confused and fearing Vitale was going to bash him for his sexual orientation yet again, wasn’t quite sure how to answer. “Oh most honorable employer, yes sir you have very er handsome er buttocks, sir. Ito likes very much. But is OK to remove towel then?” hazarded Ito.

Vitale answered by yanking the towel right off his own ass exposing the lightly hair-flecked hillocks of his sexy light-olive-skinned ass, much lighter than the rest of his deeply tanned body, cleft by a deeply hairy, tightly clenched trench which only made his fantastic glutes dimple sexily by his attempt to keep them tightly closed and together, lest the Jap might get a peek at his sacrosanct only-utilized-for-taking-dumps tiny pink butthole also tightly clenched and carefully protected from view.

Vitale couldn’t help “humiliate” Ito (or so he thought, not fully realizing that Ito would enjoy doing so) by “ordering” his trembling with desire (which would have been evident had Vitale noticed the bulge in Ito’s houseboy pants) houseboy to “go ahead then, kiss those sexy cheeks, you sick pervert, give ‘em a few good loud fuckin’ kisses!” as Vitale roared with laughter.

Ito gladly proceeded to do just that, being careful only to loudly kiss the outer edges of Vitale’s humpy upturned ass as ordered , being careful to stay away from his sexy employer’s tightly clenched crack, as Vitale continued to roar with laughter at his servant’s “humiliation.”

Vitale then let Ito oil up and massage those same sexy cheeks, Ito managing to deeply massage them, even ever so slightly spreading them, Vitale not realizing that Ito had occasionally spread them just enough so that the naked mobster’s tightly clenched hair-haloed pink virgin portal briefly “winked” at the adoring houseboy’s avid gaze, exposed through the otherwise hair-filled cleft of Vitale’s humpy ass.

Vitale was beginning to find this focus on his damn ass a bit unsettling, plus Ito’s firm massage of his damn ass pressing Vitale’s muscular form hard into the massage table only made him grind his rock-hard cock and cum-filled hairy balls against the padded leather massage table all the more, making Vitale moan and groan a bit more as he enjoyed the pleasant sensation, slightly weirded out that the little weakling Jap’s oily, talented hands massaging the bare cheeks of his upturned, fuzzy ass felt good, really good. A little more of this and Vitale might embarrassingly shoot his huge, pent-up wad right there and then, his big, red-hot highly pressurized load blasting all over the padded massage table as jet after jet of his boiling Sicilian baby-makers helplessly squirted all over and dripped onto the floor just by having his damn asscheeks played with, which would be totally weird and impossible for an uptight hetero like himself to live down.

So Vitale then gave a “harrumph” sound and started to turn over onto his oily, massaged back, moaning pleasurably and raising his strong muscular deeply tanned arms over his head in a luxurious stretch, exposing the depths of his extremely hairy Sicilian armpits, which had already begun to sweat yet again in the desert heat, ordering Ito to “now, slant-eyes, time to do my front, eh, oh and it looks like you’re in luck- Mr. Happy looks about ready for his happy ending, doesn’t he?” with a salacious wink of one of his sexily heavy-browed green eyes as Vitale proudly gazed down the length of his rising and falling hairy chest to where the hirsute, horny mobster’s Sicilian salami proudly stood at full mast below his profusely-haired pubic bush, his rock-hard boner sticking up obscenely above his heavy, cum-filled hairy balls.

Ito audibly gasped at the truly magnificent sight of his to-die-for-handsome mobster’s pulsating manhood, and at how the man himself proudly and salaciously admired his own potent virility, the hirsute stud exuding an intoxicatingly confident virility and raw, animal magnetism that nearly made the blushing Ito cum in his houseboy pants just from the sight of the magnificent tower of manly flesh that his adoring eyes beheld, not to mention the rest of the naked hirsute gangster’s splayed out body. And to think that his horny employer was now practically begging him to be the one to “do the honors” instead of some starlet or A-list actress! Ito was soon to go where no man had ever dared go before (he already had “in a way” Ito suddenly realized) and this time Vitale was so fucking horny it seemed like a sure thing- no more bashing this time- Vitale seemed more than ready to get his rocks off.

Since Vitale seemed a bit more willing, even desperate, this time and since he was so fucking handsome even if he was an asshole, Ito even “almost” reconsidered the original plan he had concocted in the event that Vitale ever requested another massage session as he now had (and assuming that Vitale would again resist Ito’s advances) deciding to go ahead with his original plan anyway (well the one he and Kenji had plotted). Vitale was an arrogant homophobic and racist bastard who treated his “houseboys” like shit and deserved what they had planned.

Anyway, if Ito was only going to be allowed to just quickly suck off Vitale and that would be the end of it, with Ito accurately imagining that the arrogant mobster would then brusquely snap his fingers and snottily order his cum-dripping-from-his-mouth “Jap houseboy” to “beat it, slant-eyes” as soon as the bastard had blown his own pent-up wad, then he and Kenji HAD to go through with their plan. The Asian duo wanted more than “just a taste” of their hunky employer- hell, they wanted a full-fledged banquet- only this time with their employer as the centerpiece rather than the huge spreads the two “houseboys” had had to serve Vitale’s “guests” at all those expensive soirees Vitale threw with the Asian duo doing all the work and extensive and time-consuming clean-up. Ito and Kenji would make the egotistical Vitale “earn” his pleasure this time, and at his own expense for once! And they might even make Vitale learn that “service” and “servitude” can work both ways! It was going to be fun to take the hotshot down a few pegs and teach him a few lessons he would not soon, if ever, be able to forget.

With the plan in mind, Ito then proceeded to have Vitale lay back on the massage table with his powerful, muscular arms stretched above him, whereupon he began applying more massage oil to the hunky mobster’s proudly hirsute chest, Ito expertly massaging the warm oil over the brash gangster’s chiseled pectoral muscles, managing to lightly “tweak” the big lug’s sensitive nips almost hidden in the proudly hirsute hunk’s hairy chest, Vitale unable to suppress a sigh of contentment and arousal as the “houseboy’s” lithe and expert fingers found their targets, the handsome hunk never before having realized that his nips were somehow electrically wired right down to the writhing hunk’s tumescent Sicilian salami, which flexed and grew to tremendous proportions and swayed with lust each time Ito expertly played a tune on the gangster’s never-before-realized sensitive nips, which were continuously played by the mischievous Ito to great effect, Vitale unable to suppress a much louder moan of abject lust.

Ito was then able to massage his way down, down, to Vitale’s six-pack abs split by a “happy trail” of more of his hirsute employer’s proud pubic hair where Ito then concentrated his ministrations to his sighing, “oh-so-happy” employer as Ito suddenly thrust one of his lithe fingers into Nick’s “innie” navel and made a corkscrew motion onto his sensitive navel causing the horny hoodlum to arch his back and moan in abject arousal, his tumescent Sicilian salami now painfully erect and throbbing with need and desire, as Vitale visibly trembled with lust and found himself now abjectly begging Ito and purportedly magnanimously allowing him to go “further” saying “OK, now you can go down on me- ya got my permission this time- I fuckin’ need to get off!!- never been so fuckin’ horny in my life!!!” Ito pleased to note that Vitale was now so out-of-it and in the “zone” of abjectly needing to get his hotshot rocks off NOW, that the fucker forgot to use any racist or homophobic epithets he otherwise clearly would have injected into his pleas.

Playing along, Ito then slowly and teasingly made as if he was going to “go down” on Vitale’s throbbing manhood a few times as Nick pointedly looked down at his own cum-denied crotch and his thickly veined pulsing male member below his proudly profuse pubic bush, and said “Don’t hold back now, man! Go for it! I’m givin’ ya permission this time! I gotta get off!!!”

Ito then opened his mouth wide to slowly and teasingly envelop Vitale’s hot-to-trot Sicilian salami in his hot mouth at last, wetting the horny mobster’s manhood with his saliva and carefully sucking his brash, hunky employer’s huge pulsating cock, while simultaneously “goosing” the handsome mobster’s low-hanging hairy balls, weighing and tickling the surface of the stud’s heavy, cum-filled gonads, teasing the brash Sicilian hood’s cum-churning nut oysters to the max, sucking but slowly and teasingly so as to not allow the bastard to cum as he so desired to be completed as soon as possible, but just enough to leave him at the very edge of a ball-shattering orgasm, only for Ito to then back off.


“Ah-so, oh so honorable employer, Ito will give oh so honorable employer pleasure beyond what oh so honorable employer ever experienced! You will see! Ito knows the art of Japanese pleasure- it is what my cousin Kenji’s American slang dictionary calls “foreplay”- let oh so humble servant Ito give oh so honorable employer everything he so justly deserves! You will see!” promised Ito.

“Well hurry the fuck up! Foreplay shit is all well and good but I haven’t got all day! I gotta get my rocks off! Get on it, asshole!” demanded the arrogant gangster, pointedly gesturing down to his proudly pulsating manhood that needed taking care of by his dutiful servant.

Ito then set about again “going down” on Vitale’s throbbing Sicilian boner to further moans from his employer, who screwed his eyes shut and began wildly and comically thrusting his hips in a desperate effort to shove his manhood further down Ito’s throat, the massage table literally bouncing up and down with the desperate thrusts of the crazed hood’s hips.

It was at this point, as the desperate Vitale lay splayed out on his back with his sexy green eyes screwed shut in anticipation of finally getting his rocks off due to his insistent manly thrusts down Ito’s throat, with the hunky mobster’s arms spread above him and his feet at the foot of the massage table, that cousin Kenji suddenly silently entered the room whereupon Kenji quickly grabbed the hidden wrist restraints from under the top of the padded massage table while Ito did the same with the hidden ankle restraints hidden under the bottom of the massage table in mid-suck, such that the arrogant naked mobster Vitale suddenly found himself well and truly bound by his upraised wrists and spread out ankles to his padded massage table!

Once again, Ito backed off Vitale’s throbbing manhood just at the moment of impending orgasm, leaving the asshole high and dry once again.

A mega-outraged Vitale flung open his gorgeous lady-killer green eyes to assess his unaccustomed position, taking in the fact that, to his abject horror, his “houseboys” had him fuckin’ tied up naked and he knew at least one of them was a fuckin’ homo-faggot!



“er-um Whattaya mean “torture”? Er, look, maybe I was a little bit hasty jumping to conclusions and all and maybe I, er, haven’t always treated you Japs too well. But, look, let’s just get on with things- just get me off like I SPECIFICALLY ORDERED, and we’ll just let bygones be bygones, eh? I HAVEN’T GOT ALL DAY AS I SAID BEFORE!!!” replied Vitale.



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