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    UK: Chef dies in clingfilm gay sex bondage game


    A head chef for P&O Ferries died during a sex game after being wrapped in plastic sheeting and clingfilm, a court has been told.

    Alun Williams, 47, was unable to regulate his body temperature after being bound and suffered dehydration that triggered a heart attack, the jury at Canterbury Crown Court heard yesterday.
    KentOnline reports the chef, who lived with his girlfriend, had an interest in bondage and mummification and would meet men online for sex, the trial heard.

    Richard Bowler, 35, and his “live-in carer” David Connor, 23, both of Canterbury have denied manslaughter charges.

    Mr Bowler, who has cerebral palsy, wept openly in court during the prosecution opening statement.
    Prosecutor Ian Hope told the jury how Mr Connor went to a Dover taxi office where his mother worked as a taxi controller at 5.50am on 20 August last year.

    He is alleged to have told his mother: “Mum, Richard’s killed someone!”

    Mr Bowler, after making a phone call to his brother and texting his sister-in-law for help, phoned the police at 5.53am and told them he had been involved in a “kinky sex session” with a friend who was wrapped up and had stopped breathing, the court heard.

    He was put through to the ambulance service and told them Mr Williams had taken the drug ketamine.
    Mr Hope said Mr Bowler cut open the clingfilm and plastic sheeting to perform CPR and told the emergency services: “He’s dead. I know he’s dead. I just thought he was sleeping. I’m sorry I should have called before.

    “He takes K and that mongs him out. I went up there and pushed him and he did not move. I just thought he was sleeping.

    “The last time I saw him breathing was three hours ago. I should have gone up there but I didn’t. I’m sorry.”

    Mr Hope said when paramedics arrived they discovered the bed covered in black plastic and Mr Bowler performing CPR on Mr Williams.

    The court heard that Williams was found wrapped tightly from head to toe in the plastic sheeting and clingfilm, with a space left around his nose and mouth so he could breathe.

    Mr Bowler claimed that the chef asked to be “totally mummified” and was then laid on the bed – while being spanked by Mr Connor and penetrated by Mr Bowler using a strap-on penis.

    A pathologist concluded Mr Williams died from a heart attack brought on by excessive heat because the Clingfilm, rubber sheets and hood prevented the body from cooling.

    Mr Hope said police found drugs including ketamine, cocaine, methamphetamine and amyl nitrate, otherwise known as poppers, in Williams’s rucksack.

    They also found a gas mask and ties in his bag. Sex toys, masking tape, duct tape, black plastic sheeting and clingfilm were also found in the flat, the jury heard.
    A laptop found in Mr Williams’s car showed he had an interest in bondage and mummification, the court

    The trial continues.

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