Male Actor Auditions: Full Nudity Required – Page 1

A fun new CMNM story from Luther5 with some hot manips by Amalaric! In the story, an intern at a porn production company gets his dream assignment – auditioning a group of aspiring straight male actors. He devises a devious little plan to test the guys’ limits and enjoy some fun for himself.


Male Actor Auditions: Full Nudity Required – Page 1
by Luther5
Art by Amalaric

I had worked for the casting agency less than a year when Elliott called me into his cluttered office. As senior casting director, he was my direct boss. Cool and professional yet approachable, I appreciated his focus and dedication in the production of erotic films for Primus Productions, Inc.

The company made films for all audiences but just recently had begun to target the growing “gay interest” sector, something which certainly interested me. As a young gay man myself, I appreciated seeing nude males in action, particularly nude straight males.

I had originally applied for just a summer internship at Primus, but, because upper-office management liked my drive and overall work ethic, they quickly offered me a full-time position, with benefits. As a recent college graduate without a job, I appreciated the offer, signing my contract with a sense of relief at being finally able to handle rent and the other bills that had begun to pile up.

I was now salaried and respectable, part of America’s work force. I suddenly slept a lot better knowing that I had a regular job. And a job that I actually liked.

My duties remained relatively undefined during my first few weeks on the job. Low-level tasks which no one else either accepted or had the time to do were given to me: driving clients to and from airports, picking up dry cleaning, taking the corporate fleet of sedans and suvs in for oil changes or emission testing, all very mundane requests which somehow made their way to my desk. But I obliged willingly, eager to prove that I was part of the team and not an idle bystander.

Once Elliott, however, learned that I had minored in English while a student at the local university, he thought it might not be a bad idea to assign me as one of the proofreaders in the script department. I suddenly found myself in a larger, private office, with a larger desk as well. I enjoyed reading the scripts, and my corrections….as well as my written suggestions in the margins of the typed pages….were well-received by the seasoned head writers. I deliberately, however, kept my editorial comments to a minimum, not wanting the head writers to see me as overly ambitious or egocentric. My efforts at keeping a low profile soon payed off as the weeks progressed.

“This kid has some good ideas” Elliott had once said at a full staff meeting of writers. I became known as “the kid” to the older writers whenever they referred to me (I had not yet reached the status of being called Geoff, my given name). It was just, “Hey, kid, what do you think of this for an idea?” or “Where is the kid? The printers need toner,” and so forth. Being called Geoff, I finally realized, was years away.

Things at work were fairly routine until that day when Elliott summoned me to his office for a brief brainstorming session. He wanted to know if I were interested in overseeing an upcoming audition to be held in our private production studio. The studio, while modest in size, was well outfitted with the latest technology in lighting, sound, filming, and editing. It also boasted of having about sixty or so tiered seats, a welcome feature whenever we needed to have large group presentations with full staff or special invited guests. Even though the studio was tucked away on the 3rd floor of our main building, it served our needs well.

Elliott informed me that this particular audition would be for male actors only, with an age range of 18 for the youngest applicants and 30 for the oldest. The exact film in which these young men would be featured was still in its infancy on the drawing board in the script department, but, for the time being, Elliott explained that the actors needed to be buff, athletic, straight, and willing to do almost anything we asked of them, especially in the areas of full-frontal nudity.

Because the tentative film might contain a group scene featuring a military theme, Elliott explained that about thirty to forty men would be needed to fit production requirements. Many of them be would used mainly as extras in non-speaking roles, but they still needed to have buff bodies.

Elliott went on to say that the applicants needed to be relatively free of excessive tattoos, body piercings, and extreme haircuts. In short, he was looking for all-American clean cut males, specimens that the viewing audience would find attractive, wholesome, but definitely sexual.

All this talk of the type of men needed began to arouse me. I kept thinking back to my college days, being surrounded by virile young fellow students, especially the athletes. I often attended the water polo and swim meets, knowing that I would get quite an eyeful when observing the guys dressed only in microscopic speedos, their muscled bodies glistening as they entered and exited the pool. Or the wrestlers, wearing skin-tight singlets which did little to protect their modesty and endowments, a virtual buffet of athletic flesh on complete display for spectators’ viewing pleasure.

And occasionally, when I utilized the workout areas of the university, I deliberately timed my use of the locker room when the various teams were dressing, undressing, or showering. Whenever I had planned things just right, I could view dozens of jocks casually walking to and from the showers, everything they had on full display, their penises swaying back and forth as they passed my locker, just inches from me as I pretended not to notice them. The life of a college student definitely had its perks in those days.

I responded eagerly to Elliott’s request, saying that I would be glad to recruit the actors needed, adding that I would place electronic advertisements on various social media sites, as well as posting print ads at local universities. I also intended to approach the hangouts patronized by the large naval base located just a few short miles from our headquarters, well aware that military guys were in their physical prime, often in need of making some quick cash.

Returning to my desk from Elliott’s office, I immediately began to create an electronic form describing the exact kinds of actors needed, adding the important footnote that complete, full-frontal nudity would be required. Applicants were also required to include a head shot photo with their application. My office contact information at Primus completed the form.

Within a few short days, I began to receive responses, many more than I had expected. Those applications which were incomplete, or which contained photos not to my liking, were immediately discarded from the pile. When I reached a sizeable pool of about fifty candidates, I began to respond to the inquiries by setting a specific date and time for the auditions, all to be held at our main office.

A day or two before the auditions were to occur, I asked Elliott if I could see him for a few minutes. He gladly responded in the affirmative, asking me, after I had entered his office, how things were going.

“Great, Elliott, just great. We have a good crop of guys who are slated to be here the day after tomorrow. I think you’ll be pleased with the cross section who have responded. We have a good number of college students, some local semi-pro athletes, many military kids from the base, and even a sprinkling of professionals: a few young business executives, a couple of corporate entrepreneurs, and even a rookie fireman, all interested in seeing if they have what it takes to be one of our up-and-coming male stars. I’m excited about putting them through their paces once they show up for the auditions.”

Elliott seemed pleased as he thumbed through the applications which I had printed up for him. One by one, he thumbed through them, a look of contentment on his face.

“Yes, you have been busy. Good work, kid. Now what can I do for you?”

I slowly began to describe to Elliott what I had in mind for the auditions, that I wanted to take the applicants immediately out of their comfort zones, testing them from the very first moments they arrived at our studios, weeding out quickly those who might not be suitable for our needs.

Elliott seemed intrigued as I continued with my pitch. He asked me for a few specifics, obviously wanting to hear more. I explained, for example, that I intended for all the applicants to undress completely in the lobby, on full view of passerbys, the secretarial staff, company visitors, or anyone else, for that matter, who happened to be in the lobby: delivery persons, the UPS guy, anyone. I wanted to see how they responded to being fully nude in a semi-public place, watching them carefully as I gave my command to strip. I would also have a few camera guys on hand, filming it all as well, just to give an additional level of tension to the whole situation.

“I want to take them off their mark,” I explained. “It’s not often that young men are ordered to take off all their clothes, for any reason. I want to change that dynamic once they arrive here. I want to observe how they respond. One or two might even walk out the door. But that’s the point. I want the evaluation process to begin the minute they arrive, not when we reach the third floor studio.”

Elliott seemed delighted with this scenario, especially when I added that I intended to have the applicants arrive at noon, peak time for lobby traffic.

My next comment piqued his interest even more. I carefully described that I intended to populate the studio’s seats on the third floor with a live audience, having invited a wide spectrum of people: personal friends, production assistants from other businesses, students from the local university, soldiers from the nearby base, anyone whom I knew would be intrigued at seeing these guys put through their paces. Knowing that the applicants would not have any beforehand knowledge of this setup added to the assurance that they would be taken off guard, perhaps even a bit intimidated, during the entire audition process. But that, of course, was the exact intention of the whole thing: get the guys as rattled as possible, and then continue to embarrass the hell out of them. If they could survive such an audition, they could certainly be counted on being successful later on in front of our cameras when actual filming began. In short, once the group of applicants got by today, they’d be ready for anything.

Elliott gave me a thumbs up of all my suggestions, smiling as he said, “You’re really going to enjoy this, aren’t you, kid!” The grin on my face quickly answered his question.

All was ready a couple of days later for my “high noon” auditions. About four dozen healthy-looking male specimens had arrived, as directed, to our corporate lobby headquarters. The college students were most obvious, dressed in jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers. The naval guys, while not dressed in their uniforms, were identifiable by their short haircuts, some even sporting semi-shaved heads, with almost indiscernible bristles of hair covering their heads. Some even had crew cuts, which I personally found very all-American and enticing. I was most curious, however, about the applicants who arrived more professionally dressed, with open-collar dress shirts, khaki pants, neatly polished shoes, almost frat-like in their appearance. Several of them even had ties with sporty-looking blazers. Clearly, I had a great cross section in my audition net, all anxiously waiting to do their best, all wanting to land a place in our upcoming film.

Each applicant was issued a printed card containing a 4-digit ID, starting with the number “1001.” On the back of the card a pre-processed adhesive label had been attached containing a computerized bar code. If the barcode were to be clicked by our electronic wands, the applicant’s entire information sheet would appear on our screens or mobile devices, a system artfully engineered by one of our tech guys in IT.

Standing on the fourth or fifth riser of the lobby stairway, I used my wireless mike to welcome them to Primus Productions, Inc. Assembled meekly before and below me, they looked upward with eager but serious faces. Some seemed a little nervous as they stood there, not quite knowing what to expect. Some looked around at the other faces in the crowd, sizing up the competition, like athletes wondering how they compared against their soon-to-be opponents.

After a few brief remarks, I explained that we would soon be moving to the third floor studio. With a slight smile on my face, I further explained that they needed to know that all clothing, including shoes, socks, and underwear, would need to be totally removed before entering the studio, further warning them that the clothes had to come off here, in the lobby. I paused to let this bombshell sink in, watching their reactions carefully. In a mater-of-fact tone of voice, I explained that their stripping in the lobby would save time, allowing the audition process to move along in a timely way. I further added that, if anyone felt uncomfortable about this request, now was the time to leave. No questions would be asked; they merely needed to return their ID cards to me and that would be that.

No one made any move to withdraw from the auditions, although I sensed a few would have liked to. With a silent sigh of relief, I continued on with a few more remarks.

“One last thing before we get started. Once you are completely undressed, please keep your hands at your sides. We haven’t any modesty issues here, ok? My staff and I need to see your bodies from various angles, how you move, how you respond to directions, how you act under pressure, all without the obstruction of clothing. If being naked is not your thing, you’ve come to the wrong job interview. You are being required to undress for a very definite purpose, mainly because your value in our upcoming film is your body, your naked body. That’s what our audiences want to see, guys of your age and build,in the buff. Are we all clear on this point?”

I heard a few faint yesses from the group as I uttered my directives, but it was anything but affirming as the men slowly began to realize that they’d be walking up three flights of stairs bareass, carrying only a small piece of cardboard in their hands, and nothing else. Calmly, I allowed my instructions to sink in. So far, all was going according to plan.

“Ok, guys. It’s showtime. Let’s get those clothes off so we can begin.” And with that, my day was about to get very interesting.

Slow, deliberate movements came from the male assembly before me as various items of clothing began to be removed. I particularly enjoyed seeing the reaction my comments had on one of the applicants who appeared to be a young corporate executive, a very handsome but proper kind of a guy. He had the look of someone who seemed more comfortable in formal settings, not the public lobby of Primus Productions. His eyes met mine as I announced that it was now time to strip. As the other men slowly began to remove their clothes, he realized that his ears had not deceived him. Off came his jacket with hesitant hands, followed by the tie, and then the dress shirt. He carefully laid these items on the floor, not wanting to wrinkle them. He looked around and saw clothes coming off everywhere, en masse. His complete discomfort delighted me. Shoes, socks and belt came off next. Left now only in his dress slacks, he unbuttoned and unzipped them in deliberate, halting motions, not at all thrilled that soon he’d be standing before me….and dozens of other complete strangers….in just his underpants. This guy definitely worked out and took great care of himself. Muscled arms, a thick neck, chiseled abs, and a flat stomach all shouted “fitness gym workouts” as he stood there in his form-fitting boxer briefs. But those, too, he realized, had to go as he uncomfortably tugged at the elastic waistband, and, with one awkward motion, pulled them off completely. Seeing what was once a well-dressed businessman now standing stripped naked verified what I had wanted to accomplish: taking confident athletic males and, with a forced, public stripping, bringing them down a peg or two. This young man, as well as the many others standing next to him, completely nude, were now mine to deal with as I pleased. I waited as a few stragglers were still arranging their removed clothing in various kinds of piles on the floor. Once they stood and faced me, I knew it was time to continue.

The men had now all been levelled out. I inspected my charges, all stripped to the skin. The nude businessman stood there silently among all the others, grasping the ID card in his right hand, just as I had instructed. He’s so obedient, I thought to myself as I observed him in this vulnerable situation. His bare feet supported sturdy legs, with just a dusting of hair on his calves. His exposed body, other than his neatly combed locks on his head, was hairless except for his crop of wiry pubic hair. Nice, I thought. I liked it when guys kept their pubes in tact. Somehow, men with unshaven genitals seemed more masculine than those with trimmed or shaved pubic hair. My corporate executive sported a smooth chest, well-formed pecs and abs, delicious looking nipples which seemed to be responding of the lobby’s ample a/c system, muscled arms and neck, all blending together in masculine harmony, all belonging to the type of guy I’d love to spend a night with, exploring every aspect of his body.

I then zeroed in on his penis. The most private part of his body was completely available for my inspection, and I received immense pleasure from looking at him in this condition. His underpants, no longer hiding his manhood, were casually lying on top of his discarded pile of clothes on the floor. I continued to stare intently at the young man’s equipment. The thick penis, impressive in both width and girth, hung unobstructed and seductively from his crotch. As the muscular young man shifted his weight from one leg to another, his penis moved ever so subtly. I wondered how, and how often, he touched himself. Did he have a girlfriend? How frequently did he have sex? I wondered what he looked like with a full erection. I wondered if he might become unintentionally erect later on as I put him through his paces up in the studio. I wondered how he would react if I were to descend the stairs, walk right up to him, and slowly extend my hand and begin to fondle him, grasping the flesh of his male appendage with my fingers. Would he punch me out right there? Or would he allow me to have my way with him?

Many thoughts! My mind raced with such things as I gazed out at my herd of males, all of them like well-behaved cattle rounded up for my devious bidding.

The mass disrobing was now complete. They were all in their natural states, just like I wanted them. Stacks of discarded clothing were everywhere, resembling colorful piles of autumn leaves neatly arranged on the marble of the lobby floor. Each man’s private identity had been so connected to the clothes he had worn to the auditions, but now that identify had been removed in just a matter of minutes. There was definite power in ordering someone to get completely undressed, and I felt this power surging through me as I examined the men.

At this point, I announced that all jewelry, watches, rings, etc., also had to go, and to place these items under their discarded clothing, adding that our staff would keep a close eye on their possessions and not to worry about their safety. Everything would be returned to them once the auditions were over.

I then noticed several bystanders on the sidewalk looking in through the large plate-glass windows, some taking photos with their cell phones. I presumed that these curious gawkers might even be taking cell phone videos of the whole procedure, but I wasn’t certain about this. My own camera man was walking casually up and down the lines of nude men, documenting their bare bodies for my private examination at a later date. But everyone, both inside and out, was getting a free show. Forty nude men, all in one place, provided great scenery!

The variety of the specimens standing before me struck me as nothing short of incredible. Penises of every shape and size were wiggling seductively with movement they made. And none of them made any move to cover their genitals, probably realizing that, at this point, it was useless to do so.

I now had them line up in rows of ten, five rows of ten completely nude men, waiting to be told what I wanted them to do next. Slowly, I descended from my perch on the stairway and began to walk among the stripped “soldiers” waiting for my orders.

“Looks good, looks good. You guys obviously have taken great care of yourselves. I can see that I’ll have a challenging day ahead of me, seeing who stays and who doesn’t.”

As I walked through the rows, I now got a clear look at their bare backsides. Manly buttocks, hard and solid as marble, greeted my eyes. It was difficult to restrain myself from giving these beefy backsides a swat or two, or kneading them in my hands, or sliding my fingers between the cracks of their naked cheeks.

Inspecting them from the front was even more interesting. Most of them uncircumcised, with respectable amounts of public hair, some trimmed, some naturally bushy. I was definitely tempted to touch their genitals as I walked by each of them, or to tug at their pubic bushes, curious to see if any of them would get an unwanted, embarrassing erection. Standing nude was difficult enough, I thought. But standing nude with a hardon would be even more uncomfortable. And it was definitely my job to make them as uncomfortable as possible.

“Ok, guys, listen up!” I announced as I walked among my captive audience. “Lydia of our marketing department will lead you to our third floor studio. I’ll trail behind. Because of the large number of applicants today, we will be taking the stairs, not the elevators. Please follow her closely. Oh, by the way, you may see members of our corporate team in various places as we pass some of our executive offices. Feel free to acknowledge them, but remember, we need to get to the studio asap, so no extended conversations, no stopping the line, etc. Just keep on walking, ok?”


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