The Interrogation of Lieutenant Nick Tyler – Page 1

Akbar Omar uses a sizzling combination of pleasure and pain to interrogate a captured military officer. Electro, ass play and a hot cum control scene in another skillful story by Matty Schmatty!

The Interrogation of Lieutenant Nick Tyler – Page 1
by Matty Schmatty

interrogation-tylerAfter the attacks of September 11, 2001, every young man wanted their chance to fight. That’s why Nick Tyler enlisted; he wanted to be on the front lines fighting those responsible for such bloodshed. Being 19 years old, he was able to enlist without any problems. The fact that he was a pristine specimen of a man surely helped out, as well.

An all-American wrestler for his Kentucky High School, Nick went directly into the coal mines following his graduation. No, it wasn’t the safest alternative, but coming from a small Rural Kentucky town, coal mining was all there was. That was until that fateful day. From then on out, he was all military.

He worked his way through basic training to join the Air Force; he hoped to be a fighter pilot. He worked his way up; as the demand for more pilots increased, so did his chances of getting the nod. He’ll never forget the first day he slid into the cockpit for his first actual mission.

He served his first tour in Iraq. In fact, he flown one of the airplanes in March of 2003 that bombed Bagdad. He was good. SO good that once his first tour was up, the military begged him to reenlist. His arrogance and feeling of invincibility rose with his rank. Luckily, for him, he never married. Instead, he became married to the military.

That’s not to say that he didn’t have his fair share of hookups with the local ladies. Foreign women became all too accustomed to the military men and their uniforms. When Nick strolled his slender yet toned frame into a bar, all of the women flocked by his side. He was definitely a lady’s man.

It’s easy to feel high and mighty as your soaring 30,000 feet above your enemy, dropping bombs on them. It’s another thing all together to fly through the mountainous regions of Afghanistan in an Apache Helicopter. Fighter jets were all but useless when it came to fighting the Taliban in their mountain caves. Helicopters, however, we in the highest of demand.

So, when Nick mastered flying in the mountains, he only increased in his superman complex. The difference between Nick and Superman was that Superman could have dodged the RPG. Nick, on the other hand, didn’t see it coming in time to react.

That fall was the longest 20 seconds of his life. At first, the helicopter just went into an uncontrollable spin, yet he was able to maintain altitude. Then, as the second round took out one of his engines, the helicopter headed into the rocky side of one of the mountains. Lucky, for him and the crew, they landed on a cliff, opposed to falling the remaining 5,000 feet down the steep slope.

The initial shocked caused he and his crew to be knocked unconscious. He wasn’t sure how much time had passed before he awoke to one of his team members yelling out. Before he could shake the daze from his mind, bullets began ringing through the cockpit window and through the open gunner doors. He heard the sound of return gunfire from his team but couldn’t pull enough of himself together to return fire as well.

After 30 seconds of gunfire, an eerie silence pierced through the mountain range as all gunfire seized. He glanced behind him showed him the cause for the silence; every member of his crew had been shot, including his co-pilot. He was now the sole survivor as a couple dozen Taliban fighters sieged on the chopper.

He reached for the pistol strapped to his ankle but, since his reaction time was still slow, he wasn’t fast enough. He didn’t even manage to touch his leg before two Taliban soldiers were holding his arms back. They unbuckled his harness and forced his from his seat to stand. However, no amount of force could have caused his legs to straighten. Therefore, his entire weight was on the soldiers as they packed him along the edges and into their cavernous dwelling.

Once inside, he passed dozens more soldiers, mainly small men holding AK-47 rifles that were the length of the arms. Most, if given the chance, he was sure he could easily take in hand to hand combat. He assumed that wouldn’t be an option.

No one tried to even speak with him. Not that it would have helped; he couldn’t understand them no more than they could have understood him. All he knew was that, if he attempted to fight, they’d for sure bash him over the head.

They had been briefed on how to handle these types of situations. Though the haziness was still present, that training began to flood through his mind. He was trained that, no matter the extent of the question, he was to say nothing more than his name and serial number.

Soon, the crowd of onlookers diminished as they drew closer to the inner parts of the cave. He could see up ahead what appeared to be a private room carved into the rock, as they got closer, he could see the light dancing off the sides of the rock, no doubt coming from a lantern of some sore. They carried him inside and tossed him against the side of the rock.

He bumped his head again as he failed to catch himself with his weak arms. His arms could, under normal circumstances, lift twice his weight. The crash must have sent his body in to shock, causing his muscles to temporarily lose their mass. He hoped, for his sake, it would return soon.

As he sat against the cold rock, he noticed a shadow appear through the door. Looking up, he saw that the shadow actually belonged to another Taliban soldier. This one appeared much like the others. His beard was solid black and hung down to his chest. The parts of the face he could see made his skin look like shoe leather from the being in the elements too long. However, this one appeared to stand out from the rest.

Though he wore the same dark-colored robes with the turban tied around his head, the men following him into the room seemed to respect him as he would one of his commanding officers. Perhaps he was the one in charger.

“What do we have here?” The deep middle eastern accent came out as he seemed to be fluent in English. “The high flying American cannot stand on his own feet.” He held his arms out towards Nick and laughed, causing his men to laugh with him.

“What is your name, flyboy?”

“My name is Lieutenant Nick Tyler of the United States Air force.” HE struggle to get his words out due to the ringing that was still in his head. “My serial number is 856912458.”

“Aaahhh. Lieutenant Nick Tyler. Tell me Lieutenant, how does it feel to be the lesser man?”

“My name is Lieutenant Nick Tyler of the United States Air force….” Nicks training was kicking in.

“Yeah, yeah. I heard you, Lieutenant.” His accent seemed to get heavier when pronouncing Nick’s rank. “Tell me, Lieutenant.” The soldier stepped closer to Nick. “How many of my men have you killed.”

Nick didn’t answer. He was trained not to give in answering any questions. His only hope, however, was that his tracking beacon wasn’t destroyed and the search and rescue team would be able to find them.

All of a sudden, an explosion rattled the walls of the cave. Nick perked up, thinking that a team had reached him faster than he expected. His hopes were soon crushed when he found out the reason for the explosion.

“Don’t worry, Lieutenant. You are safe in here. That was just the sound of my soldiers blowing up the remains of your helicopter.” There went the idea of his beacon leading the rescue team to him. “That means that you are all alone and now belong to me.” He bent his head till his was inches from Nick’s face. “How is it you American’s put it? I’m going to make you my Bitch.”

The other soldiers laughed as the leader motioned for them to pick Nick up and to follow him. Though he had some strength back in his legs, the soldiers carried him in such a manner where he wouldn’t have been able to fight. They followed the thick accented leader further in the cave until they came to a metal blast door surrounded by rock.

Once inside, he Nick could tell the walls were also made of metal. In the middle of the room was a single table that appeared to be a torture table. Along the edges were several nylon straps that looked to be used to hold someone to the table.

The tables surface wasn’t solid. Instead, one half was solid metal while the other half, which appeared to be where the feet would go, was open. IN other words, the person’s ass would be exposed when laying down, which Nick found to be odd. It also appeared that the table had the functionality to be able to flip; another feature Nick found odd for a torture table.

They carried nick over and placed him on the edge of the table but did not lie him down. The bearded leader stepped out from behind his men and gestured for them to step aside.

“OK, Lieutenant. It is very simple, what I want. If you tell me what I want, I promise you will remain unarmed while you are here. If you fail to do so, I may not be able to assure your safety. DO you understand me?”

“My name is Lieutenant Nick Tyler of the United States….” He was interrupted by a hard slap to the face.

“That is not being a good bitch, Lieutenant. What I need to know is when the next attack on my people will be. And you are going to be a good boy and tell me all you know.”

Nick remained silent, not feeling the need to respond with his name and serial number but still unable to give in. This time, for his silence, he was rewarded with a punch in the stomach.

“It gives me no pleasure to harm you, Lieutenant. I only want to protect my men.”

Nick sat back up straight in defiance. The look of the Taliban leader’s face told Nick of his disdain for him already.

This time, the leader spoke in a language that Nick couldn’t understand. However, he surmised that he had said to tie him up because immediately, four men had grabbed him, spun him around on the table and were each fastening a limb to the table.

Once his arms and legs were secured, each man stood back and looked at their leader.

“Ok, Lieutenant. Let us start over. My name is Akbar Omar. I am the captain of this military base. It is my job to extract from you the information that I need, and I am very good at my job. So, why don’t we start again.” Akbar had worked his way to the head of the table and was speaking directly above Nick’s head. “I am going to ask you the question and you are going to answer the question. When is the next attack on my base?”

“My name is Lieutenant Nick Tyler of the United States Air Force.” Nick stayed strong. His training had prepared him for whatever they may throw at him.

“If that’s how you want it, Lieutenant. I’m afraid you have left me no choice than to continue with my interrogation in a more, shall we say, unorthodox fashion.”

Looking at the faces of the men standing around him, they all had a big grin on their faces. Apparently they knew what he was in for and was ready to watch.

He heard the rattling sound of wheels on metal. The sound he heard came from the table that the leader wheeled next to him. On it, he seen instruments the like he had never seen before. No doubt, he thought, these were going to be used to torture him.

He seen a leather hand-whip on the table, as well as a metallic tube that had a curved end. Also, next to the metal tubes, were small clamps that were held together by a beaded chain. He couldn’t quite figure out what type of tools these were but he was sure they weren’t included in the briefing he sat through prior to the mission.

“It doesn’t matter what you do to me, I won’t tell you what you are wanting.” His first words to the interrogator, besides the standard lines. He was sure to make his southern accent sound unwavering, even through the pain the rung in his head.

“AH he does know how to say more than that mumbo jumbo. I was beginning to worry the maybe the cat got your tongue.” All of his men laughed, apparently all able to understand English. “We will see how strong your resolve is, lieutenant, when you are begging me for more. Shall we begin?”

He looked towards the man standing directly beside Nicks chest. “Let’s start by taking his shirt off, shall we?”

The man instantly reached for the buttons to unfasten his pilots jacket. Though Nick fought against his restraints, any hopes of undoing them diminished when each limb was again held down. Once the jacket was unfastened, his capture grabbed knife and cut it off of him, not wanting to risk Nick getting free. Once it was off, he proceeded to do take his t-shirt off in the same manner.

As the knife sliced through the cotton, revealing his toned chest and abs, Nick felt the coolness of the cave hit his bare skin. Instinctively, his nipples hardened as they cooled.

“Is it cold in here, Lieutenant. Or are you just happy to see me?” Again, laughter echoed off the steel walls.

“What is it you plan to do to me, anyways? Why take my shirt off?”

“I’ll ask the questions, Lieutenant,” Akbar responded just before slapping Nick across the face. “Besides, I couldn’t have fun with you if your clothes were on.”

“Have fun? What do you mean?”

“Precisely what I said, Lieutenant. I am going to enjoy making you my bitch.” Nick attempted to fight against his restraints, again, only to be held down stronger.

Once the top half of his body was bare, another of his captures reached over him and grabbed a strap to bring it over his chest. As the soldier reached over Nick, the soldiers crotch brushed against Nick’s arm. He couldn’t help but notice the bulge that pressed against him. He had never felt another man’s dick before but there was no mistaken what it was pressing against him.

Looking at him in the face, the Taliban smiled as he pulled the strap over Nick’s chest and tightened it, effectively binding his top half to the table. Once it was secured, the soldier stepped back into the makeshift circle of soldiers that had formed around Nick’s table.

Akbar then resumed his tormenting rhetoric. “I must say, Lieutenant. That is a very nice body you have. You must spend a lot of time pumping iron.” Akbar laughed at his ability to use the American phrase correctly. He reached a hand and began to run it up and down Nick’s chest, causing the sensitivity he was feeling from being exposed to heighten. “How nice and toned your body is, Lieutenant. It must drive all of the women crazy.” Akbar laughed again before stepping away from Nick and picking up the clamps off the table.

It wasn’t long before Nick realized exactly what he planned to do with those clamps and he was powerless against him.



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