Strange Dealings: The Fall of Superman – Parts 8 & 9

Superman’s predicament is becoming more intense as he finds himself stripped of his uniform, blindfolded, and tied to a chair for a cum control session. A very hot chapter from Todd Fleming!
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Strange Dealings: The Fall of Superman – Parts 8 & 9
by Todd Fleming
Series: Strange Dealings: The Fall of Superman

Chapter 8

Superman nervously paced his apartment as he waited for Hugo to show up. His last session with the Professor was amazing but it brought up feelings that he never knew existed. His complete submission while wearing the collar more than freaked the hero out. This conflict of emotions raged inside him as he both loved and feared that cursed collar.

Just thinking about the collar made his mental control slip a little and his cock twitched excitedly. Superman quickly regained his composure as he closed his eyes. This was not the first time this has happened today, and he was finding it harder and harder to keep his newly awakened sexual excitement under control. Even at work earlier, his control would slip and he would feel the beginnings of an erection.

It was even worse when he wore his Superman uniform. The feel of his tight shirt, tights, and briefs seemed to caress his massive muscles in a loving way. A experience he never felt before. Superman hoped that Hugo would be able to help him keep these feelings at bay soon or he would have to take more drastic measures.

What was strange is that for the past couple of days, all attacks on Metropolis completely stopped. For weeks, there had been constant attacks on the city that only Superman could stop. The hero suspected that Luthor was behind the attacks, but the underworld’s sudden silence boded just as bad for the city as the constant attacks. Luthor was up to something, but Superman had been so preoccupied with his therapy that he could not follow up on any leads.

His cell phone started to ring and startled Superman out of his deep and confusing thoughts. Reaching for the phone, he answered using his Clark Kent voice. “Kent here,” He said meekly.

“Clark, this is Hugo,” the deep soft voice said from the other end. “I am afraid there has been a change of plans for our session today. If you don’t mind, I would like to conduct our session in a different location. Do you have a pen and paper available?”

Superman took down the address and quickly agreed to meet Hugo there as soon as possible. The hero flew into the sky from his balcony and within seconds, he landed in front of the building where his friend wanted to meet him.

Frowning, he noticed that he was in the middle of Suicide Slums. Why would Hugo want to conduct his therapy in the poorest part of Metropolis? Superman tried to scan the building with his x-ray vision but could not penetrate the walls. There was lead infused into the wall and that caused Superman to be even more wary. Did someone find out about his relationship with Hugo and kidnapped him to try and trap him?

It was with extreme caution that Superman opened the front door of the building and walked inside. The room inside looked the exact opposite from the shabby conditions on the outside. The room was brightly lit and furnished with the most expensive furniture, paintings, and decorations. The room was not very big and looked like a waiting room for whatever operations were taking place.

Superman was wondering what was going on, when the door opened and Hugo walked into the room. “Thank you for meeting me here, Superman,” Hugo said with a slight smile.

“What’s going on here, Hugo? Why would you have me meet in the middle of Suicide Slums?”

“I brought you here to complete your therapy, Superman.” Hugo said smiling. “My time in Metropolis is almost up and want to get you to the point where you do not need my professional help. Come back into my office.”

The confused hero followed the Professor into a slightly larger room that was almost identical to the office in Hugo’s penthouse. Superman saw the collar sitting on the end table and a shiver tore through his body. His mental control slipped once again and he felt his cock start to come alive. “How is this going to help me, Hugo?” He asked nervously. It suddenly occurred to him that if he was helpless in the middle of Suicide Slums, it could have the potential to end disastrously for him. The thought of being in his helpless condition and under the control of a criminal sent a chill down his spine.

“Don’t worry, Superman,” Hugo said gently. “This is a safe place and I am going to help you.”

Superman looked into the soft grey eyes of his friend and nodded slowly. He trusted Hugo with his secrets and his life. A soft relaxation came over him as he shyly smiled back. There was never a better friend than Hugo Strange. Superman took a deep breath and walked over to where the collar sat on the end table. His hands trembled slightly as he picked the collar up and fastened it around his neck. That haunted feeling of helplessness settled over the mighty hero and he sank to his knees in surrender as his cock jumped to life and hardened in his tights.

Hugo watched him and slowly circled the hero. “Yesterday we discussed how being submissive was an excellent way to relax for your Superman. As someone who must always be in control, the act of letting go and being under the control of another is the way to relieve the stress that you have been carrying for years. Today we are going to take this to the next step and give you the ultimate stress release. The first step is to take off your uniform until you are completely naked.”

The Man of Steel gasped as the thought of being completely nude horrified him. No one had seen him completely naked since he was a young child. Part of him wanted to object, but the effects of the collar pushed his objections aside. He must serve his master and his personal discomfort would not get in the way of this ultimate pleasure for the hero.

Standing to his feet, Superman slid his boots off of his feet while Hugo sat in front of him watching. Placing the boots on the floor, his strong hands unbuckled his yellow belt and slowly slid it off from around his waist. As the belt dropped to the ground next to the boots, Superman felt more vulnerable than he ever had. His briefs slithered down his tree trunk legs revealing even more of his hard erection that now was only trapped by his blue tights. The hero looked down at the cock that betrayed him and grimaced at the wet spot that formed on the front of his tights.

Now standing with his shirt, tights, and cape, Superman could not believe he was doing this. The objections that he had were soft compared to the need to serve his master. He only hoped that his master would be pleased with him and did not see that there was a slight internal struggle within him. His hands reached down and started to lift his shirt off his torso and over his head. As it hit the floor, he revealed to his master the upper body that men and women alike dreamed about seeing. His massive chest moved up and down as the sexual thrill of his stripping off his uniform shot from his erection through the rest of his body. The cool air hit his quarter sized nipples and made them stand at attention just like his cock.

His tights were the last piece of clothing to come off the trembling helpless hero. With only a few seconds of hesitation, Superman slipped them off revealing his complete naked body to Professor Hugo Strange. The Man of Steel stood with his hands at his sides as Hugo took in the naked muscled magnificence of his patient. Superman’s cock stood rigid as a flag pole with his large round testicles hanging proudly below. He truly was worthy of all the adoration that the public gave him. The hero’s helplessness increased tenfold as the feeling of vulnerability was so intense.

Superman took a breath of anticipation as Hugo got to his feet. His full lips opened slightly as he expected Hugo to touch him. The hero almost groaned with disappointment was the leash was attached to his collar. The disappointment was brief when he realized that Hugo might take him outside like this. The Professor said nothing as he led the helpless hero to the door leading even deeper into the abandoned building.

As the hero walked through the door at the other end of the leash, he blinked when he saw the red light filling the room. The power from his muscled body leeched away from him as he took the first step into the room.

The Man of Steel tried to take a step back as Hugo jerked the leash making him stumble even deeper into the room. “What is this?” He cried out in shock as his strength and invulnerability completely vanished.

Hugo snarled as he slapped Superman on his muscled ass and brought his face close to his own. “You do not speak unless you are spoken to, Superman. You are no longer in control and you are powerless to resist.”

Superman licked his lips nervously as he rubbed the smarting sensation on his butt. The sudden change in his friends behavior scared him as he wondered what he had gotten himself into. The hero reminded himself that Hugo was trying to help him and was role playing to help him find a way to relieve his stress. This aggressive attitude of his master sent even more erotic feelings though his body as he realized that he loved being treated like a slave.

Professor Strange led Superman to the center of the room where a chair with restraints sat. The hero noticed that there were several devices in the huge room that seemed out of a torture chamber or a bondage dungeon. His cock waved back and forth as his walked like a puppy about to be fed.

Superman was pushed down on the chair and his wrists and ankles were restrained by the metal cuffs. The hero could not help himself but to test the might of the cuffs and found that he could not break them. The weakened Man of Steel started to panic as he used his full strength against the restraints. The illusion of helplessness turned into the real thing and this freaked him out.

Hugo grabbed his hair and jerked his head up. “Stop your struggles!” he snapped irritably. “Be a man and accept your fate.”

The hero flinched at the harsh tones of his master. Realizing that there was no way to avoid whatever was going to happen to him, he hung his head in defeat. His cock pulsed greedily mocking the helpless hero.

Once Superman was completely restrained in the chair, Hugo took out a blindfold and placed it over his head. The Man of Steel started to panic once again as his vision was taken away from him. He wildly tried to activate his x-ray vision, but like the rest of his powers it had fled in the eerie red lights in the room.

Hearing Hugo walk away, Superman tested the strength of his restraints. With his strength reduced to that of a normal human, he once again failed to break free. Seconds turned to minutes as time seemed to move like a slug as Superman waited nervously to ‘see’ what would happen next.

After what seemed like an eternity, the Man of Steel heard footsteps coming towards him. Take a quick breath in anticipation, Superman shivered in a combination of fear and excitement. He had to remind himself that Hugo said this was a safe place and his trust in the professor helped him from completely freaking out. The naked and sexually excited hero waited in anticipation for his fate.

Chapter 9

Strapped helpless and naked to a chair in a room that looked like it came from a bondage wet dream, Superman wait breathlessly to see what will happen next. His feeling of helplessness was magnified by the fact that his powers had mysteriously vanished in the pulsing red lights that hung on the ceilings of the room.

The feeling of being vulnerable was both unnerving and exciting for the helpless hero as he heard someone moving towards him. Unable to see because of the blindfold covering his eyes, Superman could only wait with impatience as his cock rejoiced in his helpless state.

The Man of Steel gasped as he felt a warm hand caress his cheek. He assumed that this was his master, Hugo Strange, but the feel felt different but somewhat familiar to the hero.

“I have waited for this moment for a long time,” a somewhat deep voice purred as Superman felt the soft caress touching his pretty face.

Superman frowned as the voice was not Hugo. He could not place whose voice it was, but it was hauntingly familiar to him. His confusion was interrupted as his head was tilted up by his strong chin and the stranger’s lips brushed against him.

This sent an electric shock of pleasure through the sexually inexperienced hero as a soft moan escaped from his lips. He breathlessly waited for another kiss, but the mysterious man left his face and moved down to his heaving chest.

The fingers brushed each of his nipples and took them in each of his hands. Superman cried out as the erotic touch sent his senses reeling. He could feel precum leaking from his rock hard cock as his nipples were played with in ways that he never dreamed possible. The stranger took Superman on a journey of pleasure to pain and back to pleasure as he rolled each nipple between his fingers.

Superman felt like he was about to cum when the nipple play suddenly stopped. The hero breathed hard as the pleasure faded away. Realizing that he almost blew his load, the hero started to freak out. “Please don’t make me cum,” Superman whispered in a low whine. His virginity was supposed to be saved for his wedding night, and not taken in a dungeon in the middle of the slums.

A finger ran across his lips and slightly into Superman’s mouth as a soft chuckle was heard. “Just relax and enjoy the pleasure of serving a stronger man, my pet.” The strangely familiar voice said softly.

The Man of Steel once again tried to figure out who’s this voice was, but was once again was interrupted as the strong hands started to caress his inner thighs. The hero cried out as the soft pleasure shot through his body and he felt his cock quiver with excitement. His cock was almost completely covered with the precum that continuously ran like water gushing through a shattered dam. This new feeling of pleasure through his powerless body replaced all thought as the hands skillfully manipulated his virgin body.

As the hands ran up and down his thighs, Superman felt something touch the head of his cock. the hero realized that the stranger was using his tongue to touch him in an erotic way and he felt more precum run down the base of his cock. The tongue explored every part of his cock from the tip of the head down to the base of the shaft where his balls quivered as they prepared to shoot.

Once again as soon as the stranger sensed that Superman was close to cumming, he backed off and waited until the building orgasm faded between his legs. This was pure torture for the sexually violated hero. As much as he feared losing his virginity to some stranger that he didn’t even know, the need for release soon began to dominate his body and soul.

The stranger once again started to play with Superman’s huge erection with his tongue and started to wrap his lips around the mushroom head of the hero’s throbbing hard on. The Man of Steel gasped as the warmth enveloping his cock sent more waves of pleasure through his helpless body. Instinctively, he once again fought against his bonds as his body thrashed in the overload of pleasure. Nothing he felt in his life felt as good as the gentle sucking of his cock.

Once again his balls started to tighten as they prepared to shoot his load in the ultimate orgasm and once again, the stranger stopped completely and waited for the impending orgasm to die. This torture was too much for the helpless hero. “Please let me cum!” he gasped as he tried with all his might to break free and play with his throbbing cock.

“I thought you did not want to cum, Superman,” The mysterious but familiar voice mocked softly.

Superman moaned with frustration as his bonds refused to break. The hero did not know how much more he could take of this sexual torture. An hour ago, he was the most powerful being alive and now he has been stripped of his powers and reduced to begging another man to take his virginity like he was some kind of innocent schoolgirl.

“I tell you what, Superman,” The voice said within the darkness. “You do something for me and I will consider letting you cum.”

The hero licked his lips nervously as he shivered from the combination of the cool air, the pleasure, and fear of being this helpless.

The wait for something to happen seemed to last for an eternity before Superman felt something rubbing on his right nipple. Something warm and moist covered his gently assaulted nipple as the hero realized that the stranger’s cock was the culprit.

The struggle to break free was brief as the pleasure of his nipple being caressed by the stranger’s cock began to build.

“Do you like this, Superman?” the voice asked gently as the head of his cock rubbed against the hero’s nipple and pectoral.

Superman wanted to deny the pleasure he felt, but the lie could not form the words on his lips. “Yes,” he whispered breathlessly as he moaned with the pleasure that coursed through his body. As sudden as the pleasure started, it was ended as The Man of Steel once again felt the emptiness of not being touched as receiving so much pleasure.

Even though it was only a few seconds of not being touched, it seemed like an eternity to the helpless hero. The pleasure he felt when being sexually manipulated was unlike anything he ever felt before in his life. He knew that sex was supposed to bring pleasure, but the knowledge could not hold a candle to the feelings that tore through his body.

The same touch that played with his nipple a few seconds ago suddenly touched his lips as Superman moaned in heat. Realizing that another man’s hard cock was rubbing against his lips, the hero slammed his mouth shut to keep the invading cock out his his virgin mouth. The salty taste of precum had already gotten inside and the foreign taste sent another erotic feel through his body. This was something that he was supposed to feel revolted by, but if it was so bad why did it feel so good?

The cock rubbed against the hero’s full lips until Superman finally surrendered and allowed his lips to part. The head of the cock entered slightly as it caressed his tongue, rubbing more precum on his taste buds.

Superman shivered with pleasure as the cock inched its way further into his violated mouth and began to thrust in and out as his lips wrapped around the thick cock. His gag reflex kicked in as the invading cock hit the back of his throat. He was about to pull his mouth totally off the cock when the stranger grabbed the back of his head and forced him to take the full girth of the cock.

It was too much for the Man of Steel to handle as his gag reflex started to relax and his mouth was transformed into a fuck hole for the stranger who used him like a sex toy. Before the thought of being used in the manner was revolting to the confused hero, but the confusion of pleasure that he felt being used in this way told a different story.

The stranger’s cock pistoned in and out of his once virginal mouth as Superman’s tongue tried valiantly to give his new master as much pleasure as possible. The sexual thrill he felt of servicing another man was so great, his own cock remained hard and twitched with pleasure. The precum that poured from the head of his cock had reach the seat that Superman’s naked butt sat on and began to spread covering his butt with his own precum.

The fucking of his mouth seemed to last an eternity and through it all, Superman never felt pleasure on this level before. The cock that invaded his mouth throbbed more and more as the fucking intensified. The moans of the stranger harmonized with Superman’s own muffled moans and seemed to bounce off the walls of the red lit dungeon that surrounded them.

Then with a loud cry of pleasure, the stranger took out his thick cock as Superman felt the pleasure of sucking another man’s cock being ripped away from him. He flinched as his face was suddenly hit with something hot and wet several times. The stranger continued to cry out as the liquid hit Superman’s face several times and start to drip off of his face.

Superman tasted some of the salty taste of the liquid and gasped as he realized that he had another man’s cum pelting his face. The humiliation burned throughout him as the stranger’s orgasm lasted for several minutes. Feeling his face heat up from his being used in this way and the hot cum that covered his hair, face, and chest, the Man of Steel felt the lowest he ever felt. Even with through all these feelings, his own cock remained hard and leaking loving every second of the degradation.

After the stranger was able to recover from his intense orgasm, Superman cried out as he felt a hand wrap around his cock. Realizing that he was going to be milked to orgasm, the hero cried out begging for the stranger not to do this.

His cries of mercy were ignored as the rod of steel was skillfully manipulated into giving the greatest pleasure.

“Don’t do this!” Superman gasped as he felt the now familiar building of a powerful orgasm start in his hanging balls.

Like a loaded gun, his cock throbbed as it prepared to shoot its load and the helpless hero fought with all of his might to prevent the shot from being fired.

“No! Please! No!” Superman screamed as the building orgasm started to pulse into his powerful erection.

As the first shot of cum exploded from his once virginal cock, the Man of Steel threw back his head as his screams for mercy turned into shouts of pleasure. “Oh Rao!” His voice cried out as he tried to stop the orgasm from happening.

It was too late for Superman as his cock shot load after load of his precious spunk. He could feel his body being pelted by the huge spurts of cum from his face down to his hard abdominals as the stroking of his cock continued.

Despite his protests, the stroking continued until there was no more sperm to expel. Superman’s body shook as the powerful orgasm gave him the greatest pleasure he ever felt. His body was covered with cum that mingled with the cum of the stranger who took his virginity away from him.

The hero was barely aware of his surroundings as the stranger patted him on the head like he was a pet and walked away. Superman’s body went limp as the afterglow of his first orgasm flowed through his body.


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