Strange Dealings: The Fall of Superman – Conclusion

Professor Strange’s plan is finally revealed and Superman finds himself submitting to a new master in the final chapter of Todd Fleming’s hot series.
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Strange Dealings: The Fall of Superman – Conclusion
by Todd Fleming
Series: Strange Dealings: The Fall of Superman

Chapter 12

Superman opened his eyes and looked around confused. It took him a few minutes to realized that he was still in Master’s bedroom. He laid his head back down on the pillow with a serene smile on his face. Last night was the most amazing night in his entire life. He could not believe that he found such a kind and gentle master who knew how to bring him pleasure.

The hero sighed contently as he got out of Master’s bed. As he stretched, the Man of Steel frowned as he looked at his hands. His wrist collars were not on him. Feeling strangely naked, he looked down and saw his ankle collars gone as well. His hands flew up to his neck and found only his skin. All of his collars have been removed while he slept. What was going on here?

Walking out of the bedroom and into the living room, Superman could see no signs of Master. He frowned when he noticed that many of the decorations were missing. Did someone rob the Master last night? Surely he would have woken up to the noise of a burglary.

“Master,” The confused hero called out. He walked into the office and stopped in stun silence. The room was even more cleaned out than the rest of the apartment. What was going on here? Superman thought as he started to panic.

Quickly he searched the rest of the apartment and found no signs of his master. Confused and naked, the muscle bound hero stood in the dining room trying to figure out what was happening.

His eyes went to the table where a newspaper was laid out. Superman turned pale as he looked at the front page headline.

“Superman or Superpervert?”

The report was about eye witnesses who had saw Master walking him on the leash and seeing the hero’s obvious excitement. Freaking out, Superman’s eyes widened when he saw the article was written by Lois Lane. How could Perry let her print something like this? He thought wildly.

Distraught, Superman went back to the living room and turned on the television. The news was giving an urgent update.

“Firefighters are still trying to stop the fire that started at Bailey Apartments this morning. So far there have been five confirmed deaths including Clark Kent, a reporter for the Daily Planet. the fire is still raging out of control and valiant efforts have been made to contain the fire before it spread to other buildings.”

Superman sat in stunned silence on the couch. How could they confirm the death of Clark Kent? Obviously they found a body, but how could it have been his? The hero was on the verge of freaking out and wished Master was around for him to talk to. With no idea where his master had disappeared to, the hero only had two other people he could turn to.

After searching the apartment with his x-ray vision, Superman found and put on his famous uniform. Like a bolt of lightning, he was off in the air and in Kansas within two minutes.

Landing on the Kent Farm, He saw his parents holding each other and softly crying on their front porch.

“Ma? Dad?” Superman said softly as he approached his upset parents.

“Superman?” Jonathan Kent said as he wiped his tears. “I guess you heard about our son Clark. I know the two of you were close friends.”

Martha smiled sweetly as he got up and wrapped her arms around the stunned hero. “It is so sweet of you to come and offer your condolences in person. I know you are a busy man.”

The Man of Steel could not believe his ears. His parents, the people who raised him like he was their own and taught him the values he hold dear to his heart were treating him like a total stranger.

Looking into the sad but smiling faces of his parents, Superman had no idea what to do. It was like their knowledge of Clark Kent and Superman being one and the same was stripped from their memory. Who could have done this to them?

Martha pulled back from the embrace and smiled. “Clark was a special man. Even Lex Luthor called earlier this morning to offer his condolences. The two most powerful men in Metropolis visiting us is a true testament to our son’s character.”

Superman’s eyes widened. Why would Luthor call his parents? He doubted the power hungry corporate figure even knew Clark Kent existed. Could this have been some sort of plot against him? The thought that Luthor knew about his secret identity sent shivers down the hero’s spine. With Luthor’s intelligence and resources, he could ruin the Man of Steel. There was only one course of action he could take.

Offering what condolences that he could, Superman was in the air again heading back to Metropolis. He needed to confront Luthor before more damage could be done.

The Lexcorp building towered over the rest of the skyscrapers in Metropolis. Only Luthor’s superiority could have conceived such a tower monstrosity. Flying to the top floor of the building, Superman floated in front of Luthor’s window and knocked softly. He wanted to crash through and tear the madman apart, but he had no proof of Luthor’s involvement.

Luthor sat at his desk and smiled when he saw Superman. He pressed a button on his desk and the window slid open. The hero floated inside and landed. “I think we need to talk,” He said in his most commanding voice.

“What a pleasure that you came to visit me, Superman,” Luthor said with a vicious grin. “What can I do for you?”

“Did you have anything to do with Clark Kent’s death?” Superman demanded coldly.

“Ah, I figured that you would be upset about that,” Luthor mused.

The villain was about to continue when his office door opened. Lois walked in looking at her phone. “Lex, I have to get back to the Planet. Perry wants to plan a memorial for Kent and….” Her voice trailed off as she noticed Superman standing there. “I see you have company,” She sneered. “I will leave you to your meeting, honey.” With a glance at her former boyfriend, she kissed Lex passionately. “Until tonight,” She said in her most seductive voice.

Superman could not believe his eyes. Lois hated Luthor with a passion and now she was dating him?!? He flinched at the nasty look that Lois gave him before she walked out of the office.

Lex smirked as he sat back down at his desk. “I was saying that Mr. Kent’s death was a tragedy and he will be sorely missed.”

The hero could not find the words as he looked at the door where Lois had exited. First his parent and now Lois, this could not be a coincidence. “I don’t know how you managed this, but you won’t get away with it,” The hero growled as his hands clenched.

Luthor laughed at the Man of Steel’s anger. “Is that any reason to speak to an old friend?” He said sweetly. “I would have thought that after our intimate encounter that you would remember me more fondly.”

Superman looked confused as Luthor’s words hit him. Intimate encounter? “What are you talking about Luthor?”

Lex pressed a button on his desk and a screen slowly descended from the ceiling. It turned on and Superman gasped at what he saw. It was the warehouse in Suicide Slums. He could see himself in bondage on the chair helpless and bathed in the strange red light. He shook his head in denial when Lex came into the room and approached the hero.

Superman could not believe his eyes. He remembered every touch and feeling from when he lost his virginity yesterday. To see that it was Lex Luthor who had taken that from his was almost too much for him to bear. A blast of his heat vision destroyed the screen as he turned in anger. “What the hell is this?” He cried out.

For an instant, fear crossed Luthor’s face but it was quickly covered up. The corporate genius got up from his chair and reached under the desk. Superman felt his face drain as he saw his enemy holding the very same collar that Master had given him.

“Look familiar, Superman?” Lex said smugly. “Now be a good boy and put this on. It’s time to redefine our relationship.”

Superman stumbled back like the collar was made of pure kryptonite. His instincts told him he had to obey, but the fear of being Luthor’s slave caused him to hesitate.

“Listen to Mr. Luthor and put the collar on,” a hauntingly familiar voice commanded.

Master stood in the doorway of the office. The love Superman felt for the man was mingled with the feeling of betrayal. “Why?” Superman whined as all confidence and power drained from him. Seeing his master caused his knees to shake as the urge to submit overwhelmed him.

“Mr. Luthor hired me to take you down, Superman.” Hugo said with his gentle smile. “It was easy to figure out not only who your secret identity was, but also to see that your greatest desire was to have a close friend. I have played you from the start, Superman, and you were too stupid to see it.”

Superman flinched as the realization that this was an elaborate trap hit him like a ton of bricks. He needed to get away before his resolve crumbled and he submitted. He tried to will himself to float in the air, but as Luthor approached with the collar, Superman could not think clear enough to do that simple act.

His body soared with the conflicting emotions as the longing to put the collar around his neck and submit grew to a terrifying height. His mind could not fight against the mental manipulations that Master had weaved. With a defeated sigh, Superman took the collar and placed it around his neck. His body felt the sweet pleasure of submission as he slowly sank to his knees. There was no fight left in him as Lex gloated over his new slave.

“You will obey Mr. Luthor as you did with me, Superman,” Hugo commanded. “Lex Luthor is your new master.”

Superman felt tears form as he looked up at the face of his new Master. His cock came to life and hardened as the joy of submission mingled with the agony of defeat. The part of him that wanted to fight this control was overwhelmed with the programing that Hugo had done to his mind.

Lex smiled as he patted Superman on the head. “With Clark Kent ‘dead’, there is no one who will question your new devotion to me, Superman. Your secrets became your undoing and the world will see you as you should be seen; serving the better man.”

Superman knew that he had suffered the ultimate defeat. His parents would not come looking for him because they thought he was dead. His greatest ally in Metropolis now hated him with a holy passion. Even the rest of the Justice League did not know that Superman was really Clark Kent. His personal life had been completely destroyed.

“Thank you Hugo for your help in this matter,” Lex said as he caressed Superman’s face. “As agreed you can have any resource that you need when you go after Batman.”

Hugo nodded his head. “Enjoy your new pet, Mr. Luthor.”

Superman watched as Hugo left the room leaving him alone with his master. The struggle to break free grew weaker as his hard erection strained his red briefs with precum. The only man who could rescue him from this nightmare had left and now there was only the humiliation of defeat to mingle with the sexual pleasure of submitting.

Master lifted his chin up and smiled. “I think I want a taste of my new merchandise.” He ordered Superman to stand to his feet as he unbuckled the former hero’s belt and pulled down his briefs and tights. Grabbing the Man of Steel’s throbbing erection, Master used it as a leash as he led Superman to his massive desk.

Superman found himself on his back with his legs dangling to the floor. Master lifted up his legs and released his equally impressive cock and pressed it against Superman’s ass. “I’m going to enjoy this,” Lex said with an evil grin as he thrusted his cock and buried it deep into Superman’s bare ass.

The submissive hero cried out as he let his ass be violated. All of his powers could not help him as the building pleasure of being fucked overwhelmed him. Throwing his head back in pleasure, Superman realized that Master had a much bigger cock than Hugo and the pleasure of being fucked by a ‘bigger’ man was much more pleasurable.

Master fucked him savagely as he leered down on the hero in sexual heat. “After all these years of defeat, I finally have you in my grasp!” He said triumphantly.

The words hurt Superman more than any kryptonite could as he moaned in response. His new master would not be the gentle touch that Hugo gave him, but the rough and savage touch as his will was completely extinguished. His own cock throbbed with delight as his most private place in his body was totally dominated.

“I OWN YOU SUPERMAN!” Master screamed as his cock exploded inside the former hero. Rush after rush of sperm shot from his cock and battered Superman’s sensitive prostate.

As his master’s words hit him, Superman felt that now familiar surge in his balls. With a strangling scream, he began to felt the start of an orgams that would shatter any previous orgasms. The first wave of cum shot from his monster cock hitting that wall behind him. The pleasure he felt at the rough hands of his master was unlike anything he ever felt before. The pressure was so intense that Superman almost passed out as cum flew from his cock to cover the walls, his face, and his costumed chest.

When the last drop of cum was finally released, Superman gulped for air as his body felt like it was on fire. Master laughed as he withdrew his cock from the former hero’s ass. “That was worth the wait,” He chuckled softly as he stuffed his cock back into his pants. “I think I am going to like having you around.”

Superman could only sigh as the afterglow of such an intense orgasm washed over his body. He would always hate having to submit to his new master, but he had no choice but to submit. His mind prevented any thoughts of resistance to be put into action. Superman now belonged to Lex Luthor and there was nothing he could do to prevent it. The sting of ultimate defeat gave Superman an erotic thrill. He hoped that his master would use him again.


Hugo left the Lexcorp building as he climbed into the limo that waited for him. His careful preparation and slow corruption of Superman’s mind was very good practice for his ultimate plan. When he approached Luthor with his offer to take down Superman, it had only been because he had bigger prey to go after.

He had to admit that destroying Superman was easier than he initially thought. He had to pull in his thoughts of more easy victories to avoid letting pride cloud his judgment. Part of the reason, Superman fell into his trap so easily was the pride the alien felt from too many easy victories and the thought he was untouchable.

The driver rolled down the partition, “”Where would you like to go, SIr?”

With a gentle smile, the Professor looked at his watch. “Take me to Gotham City.”



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