Strange Dealings: The Fall of Superman – Part 1

A new “mind control” series featuring Superman from the creative mind of Todd Fleming!
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Strange Dealings: The Fall of Superman – Part 1
by Todd Fleming
Series: Strange Dealings: The Fall of Superman

Lights glittered in the elegant ballroom of Metropolis’ Grand Hotel, as guests mingled in the party of the year. The elite of the largest city in the world celebrated the victory of Scot Stevens as the new Mayor of Metropolis. There was no shock from anyone in this victory, even though Mr. Stevens was completely new to politics. After months of attacks from various super villains on the city, the people grew tired of their city being the punching bag of every super powered criminal in the free world. Even the protection of their champion, Superman, did not quell the people’s need for change in how their city was run.

Clark Kent stood in a corner watching the people mingle while adjusting his glasses. This was the last place that he wanted to be tonight, but this assignment was a direct order from his boss, Perry White. He scanned the room looking for his fellow reporter, Lois Lane, and could not find her. No doubt she was charming every person she met while looking for the real story behind Mr. Steven’s victory. Lois was the best investigative reporter not only for the Daily Planet, but any media across the world. Despite her reputation of always getting the story, she used her looks and personality to her advantage against even people who knew her true intentions. It was one of the many reasons he had fallen in love with her.

The reserved reporter would have confessed his feelings to her months ago if not for the fact that she was in love with Superman. He knew that even though Superman and Clark Kent were one and the same, he had to wait until Lois could love him for him and not his incredible powers. Clark slouched against the wall to make himself look smaller as he usually did while he was at work. He got his reputation by writing stories about Superman and getting exclusives that no other reporter have been able to get. The reporter took all the precautions to make sure that his secret was safe. If word of his real identity got out, all of his friends and family would be in grave danger.

Watching the glittering lights bounce across the red satin ribbons and balloon in the ballroom, Clark could not help but notice that music softly played at the same rhythm as the enticing light show. The center of the room was filled with couples dancing and gliding across the dance floor. Tables had been set up in a circle around the dance floor where people chatted with each other and enjoyed drinks and hors d’oeuvres. Clark knew he should be mingling just like Lois, but he felt uneasy being this close to the rich and famous of Metropolis. He had been raised in the tiny town of Smallville, located in the middle of Kansas. With such a humble childhood, the riches and glamour displayed in the party made him uncomfortable.

One of the waiters approached him with a tray of drinks. Clark took a glass and held it while he continued to watch for any trouble. The attacks that plagued Metropolis during the months leading to the election had been fast and furious. Superman had been able to repel each attack, but he had to be ready to launch into action if anything should happen. Just holding his drink and not taking a sip, he watch with his eyes and ears for any sign of trouble.

Lois had to be right that this election was not what it seemed. Scot Stevens had the complete backing of Metropolis’ number one citizen, Lex Luthor. Superman had have several dealings with the corporate tycoon in the past, and he knew for a fact that Lex never did anything without an ulterior motive. Lois also knew the nature of Luthor and she had been on the hunt for the true story of the rich man’s support and why he wanted Stevens elected as Mayor.

Neither Lex or Scot had made their entrance to the party yet, and Clark wanted to be here when they did. Whatever Luthor was up to had to be no good at all. The rich tycoon was possibly the smartest man alive and his plans were always a mystery until it was too late to act. In fact with all the times that Superman had gone up against Luthor, he had never been able to prove that his nemesis was involved. Lex was slippery as an eel and had almost killed the Man of Steel on more than one occasion.

“You look distracted, Mr. Kent,” a deep voice said behind him. “Do these kind of affairs bore you?”

Clark slightly jumped as his thoughts were suddenly interrupted. He had been so intent at watching the party as a whole that he did not pay attention to what was happened directly around him. He turned his head and looked at the man who apparently knew him. The man was a bit shorter than his slouching frame with a shiny bald head and a thin beard on the lower part of his face. Round glasses perched on his nose revealing grey eyes that looked at him intently. Behind the tux that he wore, Clark could tell that the older gentleman worked out from the way his muscles bulged.

“I’m sorry,” Clark said a bit sheepishly. “Do I know you?”

The older man laughed softly and shook his head. “Forgive me bad manners,” His deep voice rumbled. It was a voice that was used to be soothing and comforting. Despite not know who he was, part of Clark felt like he could trust this stranger before him. “I am Professor Hugo Strange,” the older gentleman said with a smile as he extended his hand.

Clark took it and was a little startled by the firm grip and warmth of the hand he gripped in welcome. The reporter put a smile on his face. “It is nice to meet you, Professor Strange.”

“I have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time now,” Strange said with a smile. “Your articles with the Daily Planet are very well written.”

“Thank you,” Clark said with a slight blush. It was rare that someone complimented him on his work. With the shining star of Lois Lane, he was often forgotten in the background. Perry White usually gave her the best assignment and he got whatever scraps that were left behind. Normally he was okay with this as it allowed him to perform heroic acts as Superman.

As they released the handshake, Clark could not help but to feel the warmth of their touching pulse through his hand. The heat seemed to move through the rest of his body making him feel relaxed for the first time in a long time. The dancing lights of the party and the soft music combined with the heat made him let go all the tension that he had been holding in as he expected an attack.

“Do you have time to talk, Mr. Kent?” Professor Strange asked as his deep voice seemed to resound within the relaxed reporter. “Talk at these parties are often boring and I would love to talk with someone new.

Clark was about to politely decline, but then he looked into the soft grey eyes of the Professor and changed his mind. The relaxed feeling that he was experiencing was a welcome sensation and he wanted to hold on to it as long as possible.

They made their way through the crowded ballroom in silence as Clark found it hard to focus on anything but the relaxed aura that seemed to surround his entire body. Hugo Strange led him to one of the balconies outside the ballroom that overlooked the sprawling city of Metropolis. The few people that were on the balcony were just heading back to the party as the two men stepped outside.

Clark felt the cool breeze of the night brush against him as he looked around the city that he championed. Relaxing moments like this was rare and he quietly drank in the beauty of Metropolis. It was moments like that that made his sacrifice as Superman worth it every time.

“How do you feel, Mr. Kent?” Professor Strange asked with a slight smile on his face.

“Great!,” Clark said softly without even thinking. There was something about the professor that made him want to confide all of his worries and troubles to him. He looked at the quiet man next to him in wonder. “Are you always good at making people feel this relaxed?” He asked.

“I am a psychiatrist and I help people with their problems all the time. I supposed that after so many years that I do it without even thinking. I am sure you do the same when you are not on the job when it comes to reporting.”

Clark could not help but to nod in agreement as he smiled at the man he only met moments ago. The breeze continued to caress his face as he adjusted his glasses. “Wait,” He said as he finally recognized the name. “You are THE Hugo Strange, the famous psychiatrist? I heard that you worked wonders with the super criminals at Arkham Asylum. What are you doing in Metropolis?”

Hugo Strange smiled as Clark found himself lost in his eyes. “I have been asked to handle a sensitive case right here in Metropolis. I can not say much more than that since patient confidentiality is a serious thing in my profession.”

Understanding the reason, his new acquaintance could not divulge more information, Clark turned back and watch the nightlife of Metropolis.

“I have only been here in town for a day or so and my reputation allowed me to get an invitation to the Election party. Since you are the most interesting person here, I was wondering if you would like to come to my penthouse after the party to talk. I would like to get to know you better.”

Clark looked back into those soft and understanding grey eyes and realized he knew what it was like to be in a new city without knowing anyone. He felt sympathy for the older man as he nodded in agreement. “I would like that very much.”

Hugo was about to reply when the entire building started to shake. Both men turned back to the ballroom where half the wall exploded sending debris and people flying all over the room. The Professor ran back into the room to see what was going on not even realizing that Clark had vanished.

Superman flew through the window of the ballroom within seconds just in time to see Metallo stepping into the panicked party. The metallic monster laughed as he effortless picked up a table and threw it towards the screaming people.

“I hope I’m not too late for the party!” He shouted with glee as people ran away from him screaming.

The Man of Steel flew to the middle of the dance floor and landed with his hands on his waist in his most heroic pose. The people around him stopped panicking and cheered as their champion came to their rescue. “I’m afraid I am going to have to see your invitation,” Superman said as power emanated from his body.

Dressed in his famous red and blue costume, his massive muscles seemed to flex with no effort of the most powerful hero in the world. Superman stood for truth and justice and had fought and defeated Metallo many times.

The robotic creature laughed as he reached for the metallic plate on his chest. Superman quickly shot a ray of his heat vision to meld the plate to the rest of his foe’s body. Metallo was powered by kryptonite, the one substance that could weaken and kill the otherwise indestructible hero.

Metallo screamed as his only edge against the Man of Steel was taken away from him. Enraged by being denied exposing the hero to his only weakness, he charged in his fury to beat the hero down.

Superman lifted himself up in the air and flew straight into Metallo crashing into him with all the force he could muster as they both flew out of the hotel ballroom into the city streets below. As they flew through the air, the villain rained down his fists trying to weaken the hero who held him with a crushing grip.

Both hero and villain crashed into the street as cars came to a screeching halt to avoid the brawling super beings. People screamed as they rushed to avoid being pulled into the fight while others at a safer distance took out their phones to record or to take picture of the fight.

Superman grunted as he started to feel the blows against his muscles as he countered with blows of his own. Even without the exposure to kryptonite, Metallo could stand toe to toe with him for a time.

“I’m gonna turn you into a pretzel!,” the villain snarled as he landed a punch into the gut of his foe causing him to double over.

Superman grimaced thinking that Metallo was somehow more powerful than usual. He used his super breath to blow the villain back a safer distance so that he could get a small break from the bombarding attacks. He switched from his normal super breath to his icy breath and watched as Metallo crystallized into a block of ice. Once the villain was immobilized, the hero looked around to make sure that all the citizens were at a safe distance.

Within seconds, Superman started to hear the cracking of ice as Metallo started to break from his icy prison. The Man of Steel gathered his strength and flew straight into the villain as he finally got free. He grabbed the villainous monster with one hand and lifted him in the air, then with all of his might he sent an uppercut across the metallic face of his foe. A loud snap filled the area as Metallo’s head flew across the street as Superman held his twitching body of his foe.

The head landed and turned and glared at Superman. “Your days are numbers Stupidman!,” Metallo snarled. “I’m just the distraction!”

The hero dropped the rest of the villain’s body and ignored him as the police drove onto the scene. As the officers placed Metallo under arrest, Superman flew back to the ballroom to make sure that there was nothing there that needed his attention.

That ballroom was in shambles from the brief entrance of Metallo. The guests huddled in small groups and cheered when Superman came back in through the damaged wall. Superman smiled and waved as Scot Stevens and Lex Luthor rushed to greet the triumphant hero.

“Thank you for coming to our rescue, Superman!” Scot Stevens said with his best politician smile plastered on his face. “I look forward to working with you to help make our city safe.”

Superman shook the future Mayor’s hand as cameras snapped their pictures. “I will do everything I can to ensure the safety of Metropolis.”

Lex smiled as he also shook Superman’s hand. The Man of Steel was surprised on how civilized his nemesis was. Even in public, Luthor held contempt at him for being a meddling alien. Superman wondered what Lex was playing at as he smiled for the cameras and reporters. He would investigate this mystery tomorrow. For now Metropolis was safe.

Hugo Strange watched from the background as the three leaders of Metropolis answered the reporters questions. His eyes were mostly on Superman. The hero was worthy of his attention and he looked forward to the challenge before him. ‘I will see you tonight, Mr. Kent. Or should I say Superman?” He said softly as he chuckled.



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    An intriguing start to the series. Look forward to what’s to come. Thanks Todd!

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    Great start you have got the reader in I look forward to reading how this story evolves. Good work

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    An interesting start…can’t wait for the next chapter! Just reading that Lex was acting civilized is enough to make me want to read more!

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