Excerpt from “Puma and The Eagle”

An excerpt from Todd Fleming’s latest super hero story now available on Amazon.

Excerpt from “Puma and The Eagle”
by Todd Fleming
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puma2Chapter 5

The Eagle sighed with contentment as he lay in his bed. The Leaping Lizard had taken him home and helped him into bed. Although he felt almost completely drained and his entire body was sore, the hero felt the joy of being in love. Just the thought of his hunk of a wrestler sent waves of pleasure through his body and caused his cock to harden. He started to fondle his hard piece of meat thinking of making love to the man of his dreams.

His fantasy was interrupted by a hard pounding on his front door. Regretfully, the hero let go of his throbbing erection and put on a robe to cover up his excitement. As he approached the door, it suddenly was knocked in and half a dozen thugs entered the room.

The Eagle looked dumbfounded as he stared in shock at the intrusion. They formed a circle around him and smirked. What was going on?

One of the thugs took out a small device and placed it on the table. A hologram of Puma suddenly appeared.

“Greetings, Eagle. It is always a pleasure to see you!”

The hero gasped as he recognized his greatest enemy. “How?” He asked as his very limited intelligence tried to comprehend what was going on. He realized that he was caught wearing only his underwear and robe and his handsome face was exposed to his enemies.

“Poor little man,” The image of Puma mocked as the thugs that surrounded him laughed. “I bet you are so stupid now that you can barely think enough to walk!”

Their laughter grew louder as The Eagle reddened with embarrassment. “What do you want!?!”

Puma grew serious as his dark eyes seemed to bore into the hero’s mind. “I am extending an invitation for you to visit my new liar. We have much to discuss before I start my new wave of criminal activity.”

The Eagle gasped as he realized that in his current condition that he would not stand a chance to stop his nemesis.

“Just follow my men into the car and they will take you to me.” Puma said with an evil smile.

Unable to think clearly, the hero just nodded dumbly as he felt a chill run down his spine. The hologram vanished and the thug put the device back in his pocket.

The Eagle allowed himself to be escorted by his nemesis’ thugs. He could see them snickering at him as they walked down the hallway.

When they got to the car, one of the thugs ripped off the robe and threw it in the gutter. The Eagle started to protest, but was pushed in the van. Now wearing only a pair of white briefs, the hero shuddered at the lack of protection that the thin cotton would provide. As the van sped off down the street, the hero was very conscious of his lack of clothes. The thugs sitting next to him seemed to be closer than necessary and their body heat seemed to softly caress his naked skin.

How could Puma not only know where he lived, but be able to know what he looked like under his mask? He had never taken his mask off in public before and carefully guarded his secret identity. The villain must be behind his loss of powers!

Eventually the van slowed down in the poorest part of town. Armed criminals surrounded the van and waited as the thugs inside pushed the weak hero out.

Covering his crotch, he let himself be led inside an old abandoned warehouse. The hallway was lined with armed thugs who all leered at the defenseless hero. The Eagle hung his head in shame as he realized that he had been defeated before he even knew about the fight.

The hallway opened up to a large room where Puma himself waited for The Eagle to arrive. His escort lined up against the walls and the hero faced the evil genius who had somehow stolen his powers. A table with two chairs sat in the middle of the room with papers on the surface.

“Thank you for coming to see me, Eagle. I apologize for the last minute notice.”

The hero glared as his nemesis as he tried to muster some kind of courage. If he were to be killed tonight then he would face death with as much dignity as he could. “What do you want?” He demanded.

Puma raised an eyebrow and sat down in his chair and gestured for the heroic wrestler to do the same. He watched expressionlessly as The Eagle reluctantly sat down in the other chair with his hands still covering his crotch.

“Surely we can talk like civilized human beings,” Puma said soothingly.

The Eagle was in no mood to be civilized. His secret identity was found out and somehow all of his powers have been drained from him. He glared at his enemy trying as hard as he could to figure a way to escape.

Puma shrugged and slid a stack of papers across the table and in front of the hero. “Here is a contract where you will transfer all of your possessions and rights over to me.”

The hero looked confused as he tried to figure out what his nemesis wanted from him. His limited intelligence made him a complete moron and the simplest of explanations was too much for him to comprehend.

Seeing the hunk of a hero looking confused, Puma smiled and walked over to where The Eagle was sitting. Squatting down, he wrapped his arms around his chest and ran his hands down his washboard abdominals.

“This contract will make you my complete slave, boy.” The villain whispered seductively in his ear.

The Eagle blinked in surprise as he felt the chills of pleasure invade his body from his nemesis’ touch. He could feel his cock start to stir as he cupped his crotch protectively. He MUST not get turned on by this.

Knocking the villain back, the hero scrambled to his feet. The thugs lined up against the wall all pointed their guns at the almost naked hero. “You can’t be serious!” He said in shock. “I will never sign my life over to you! You will have to kill me first!”

Puma smiled as he walked over to the hero and grabbed his crotch. Giving his cloth covered cock a slight tug, he laughed at the mixture of pleasure and disgust on his enemy’s face. “Death is too good of a punishment for you, little man!”

The Eagle felt himself blush as his crotch was released. No one had ever touched him like that before and he could not fight the feelings of being aroused from such an intimate touch. He watched the villain walk back to his seat as he tried unsuccessfully to formulate a plan.

“I know that you are weak as a kitten and about as stupid as a rock, Eagle,” Puma said practically purring with delight. “My men are ready to launch the largest crime wave that Mexico City has ever seen. In your current condition, you can’t stop me.”

The hero felt himself pale as he realized how right his nemesis was. He would be helpless to do anything but to watch his beloved city burn.

“However, if you sign my contract, I will call off the crime wave.” Puma continued as his eyes seemed to penetrate the depths of his mind. “The only way to save your city is to submit and become my complete and total slave!”

The Eagle realized that there was no way to get out of this trap. It was too well executed and in his weakened condition, any fighting would only result with Mexico City paying the price. With a quivering sigh, he hung his head in defeat as he walked back over to his chair. Picking up the pen, The Eagle was about to make the ultimate sacrifice for the people of his city.

The wall behind him suddenly exploded as a van drove into the room. The thugs all scrambled for cover as the dust and smoke from the explosion blinded everyone in the room. The Eagle felt someone grabbing his wrist and pull him away as the chaos ran its course.

The hero struggled weakly as he was pushed into the back of the van against his will. The van backed up to get back on the street as the thugs recovered enough to start firing their weapons on the speeding vehicle.

The Eagle lifted his head in confusion and saw The Leaping Lizard sitting in the driver’s seat. “What is going on?” He said weakly at the man who stole his heart.

“I’m getting you out of here! Get in a seat and buckle in, this is going to be a bumpy ride!”


Puma watched the retreating van with rage and screamed for his men to get his prisoner back. His rage exploded when he recognized The Leaping Lizard driving the vehicle. So that pretty boy decided to interfere with his plans. That was a fatal mistake!

As his men ran to their own cars and vans to follow, the criminal mastermind left the warehouse and had his driver take him back to his laboratory. He nearly had the hero right where he wanted him. Another second and he would have a willing slave to finish the process that he already started.

As he walked into his lab, the villain pushed the working scientist out so that he could be alone. Pressing a button on the main computer, he opened a secret door that led a small laboratory that no one else knew about.

Inside there were the cum soiled speedos of The Eagle that he had collected. With the chemical that he invented combined with the hero’s seed, he was able to siphon the hero’s powers.

Puma took out a small bag that was sitting in the drawer. This was the pair of star and stripe speedos that The Leaping Lizard gave him during the wrestling lesson earlier. He carefully took out the soiled costume from the plastic bag and placed it into a petri dish. Placing it carefully into a small door of his complicated equipment, he pressed a few buttons before walking into a small chamber with hoses and wires connected from his invention to the room.

The chamber began to glow as Puma felt a searing heat enclose his body. Gasping in pain, he ground his teeth as he felt the heat go through every pore of his body. The villain screamed as the process seemed to last for an eternity.

Suddenly he felt power rush through him! His clothes began to stretch and tear as muscles started to rapidly develop all over his body. First he had taken away The Eagle’s intelligence and then his strength. Now he could feel his skin harden like steel as it began to grow stronger than titanium.

As the process neared completion, Puma nearly fell out of the small chamber. His clothes hung in shreds on his enormous muscular body. The pain slowly faded away as the villain started to laugh. Gone was his lean frame and it was replaced with a muscular body that almost exact to The Eagle’s measurements.

He was huge and the power he felt dwarfed anything that he ever felt in his life. Puma grabbed a titanium metal bar and easily broke it in half with almost no effort. Let The Eagle enjoy his short lived freedom. His defeat was far from over.

Leaving the lab to acquire some clothes that fit, Puma began to formulate a new plan. Soon he would have The Eagle back in his grasp and this time he would succeed in destroy his hated enemy.

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