Darkseid’s Revenge – Chapter 3

Superboy is put on display in front of a room of horny men who molest and tease his body. Overcome with the desire to cum, he breaks down and pledges his his allegiance to Darkseid on the promise of sexual release.

Darkseid’s Revenge – Chapter 3
by Todd Fleming
Series: Darkseid’s Revenge
More from Todd at his website: Todd-Fleming.com

darkseid-3Slumped in the corner of his cell, Superboy stared down at his still erect cock. His body was covered in sweat causing it to glisten in the red light that took away his powers. He could barely remember a time when he did not have a throbbing erection. The collar around his neck still made it impossible to touch himself and his need to cum consumed everything.

The hero didn’t even notice that his cell door had been opened as he whimpered softly. Desaad would occasional visit him, and he began to look forward to those visits. Each time, he would bring the teen to the brink of orgasm only to deny it to him in the end. The experience was agony, but at least someone was touching his cock. He no longer cared that it was another man touching him. All he cared about now was getting his release.

“Superboy,” Desaad said gravely. “It is time.”

The skinny disgusting man looked like an angel to the sexually delirious young hero. His tired blue eyes lit up as hope sparked within him. Was the moment that he was yearning finally here? Superboy stiffly climbed to his feet as his hard cock bobbed with joy.

“Yes, sir.” The hero said softly.

Desaad attached a leash to the collar around Superboy’s neck and led him out of his cell. Immediately he could feel his powers start to return, but it didn’t matter. All that mattered to him was satisfying the need of his cock.

Superboy was brought inside a large room that was completely empty of any kind a furniture. A stage was in the center of the room with steps at each end climbing up. The walls were lined up with muscular men who all watched as he walked in the room. Normally he would have been mortified that he was naked from the waist down and sporting a rock hard erection, but at this point he would do anything to cum.

Directed to stand in the middle of the stage, Superboy did as he was told. Desaad pressed a button and chains descended from the ceiling and were attached to the hero’s wrists. As soon as he walked into the room, the teen could feel his powers fading once more until he was weak as a kitten. Even if he wanted to, the window for his escape had passed. With his wrists and ankles now secured with chains, Superboy’s head slumped down to his chest. He prayed that he would be able to cum before they killed him.

“Welcome Gentlemen,” Desaad said with his oily smile. “I am sure you recognize our guest. This is Superboy, the half breed Kryptonian/Human clone. Granny excused you from your usual training sessions to help me with a small experiment. Your task will be to bring this pathetic excuse of a human to the brink of orgasm and then deny him. Those successful in this will earn the favor of Granny and our Lord, Darkseid.”

The evil man slowly circled Superboy as he talked. “Now as you can see the boy is already sexually excited. He has been in this state for 72 hours. The effects as you can see has caused his tiny penis to turn purple from the strain, but you will notice the effects this has had on his mind. A normal human would not be able to maintain an erection this long, but his Kryptonian DNA has made this possible.”

As Desaad softly gripped Superboy’s erection, he moaned like a bitch in heat. “Notice how sensitive touching his penis has made the boy. His testosterone has taken over, and all he can think about is reaching the point of orgasm.”

Superboy’s hips thrust forward trying to get as much traction as possible. “Please let me cum, Sir.” He mumbled over and over again. His lust made it impossible to focus on what the torturer was saying to the other men.

“The boy’s ass is also very sensitive as it was used to trigger and bring him into the state,” Desaad explained as he turned the young hero around so everyone could get a good look at his rear. Softly smacking the round mounds of muscle caused Superboy to moan with pleasure.

Desaad walked directly behind Superboy and ripped his black shirt down the middle exposing his smooth muscular chest. “There is one final erogenous zone that you should be aware of,” he explained as he started to touch and manipulate his nipples. Superboy’s moans rose as his eyes grew wide. Pleasure that he never thought possible exploded through his body.

“Most Earth humans are unaware of the pleasure their nipples can give them,” Desaad explained as he continued to play with Superboy’s nickel sized nipples. “Feel free to exploit this during your task.”

The tattered shreds of his shirt were pulled off leaving Superboy completely naked and defenseless. His six inch hard cock arched forward as it thrust in the air looking for anything to touch.

“Your task is simple,” Desaad ordered. “I want you to stimulate and tease this boy until he agrees to swear allegiance to Darkseid. There is a special prize for the student who achieves this. However, be warned. If anyone makes Superboy cum before this happens, he will be in my care until Granny is ready to forgive him.”

The threat made the men in the room pale in fear. Desaad’s sick appetite for torture was well known. The thought that he also enjoyed sexually torturing a man, along with his more run of the mill torture, scared them even more.

Superboy watched helplessly as the men started to move closer to him. So desperate to cum, he welcomed their touch as two dozen hands started to touch his shivering naked body. “Oh god, it feels so good!” He moaned pathetically.

His moans grew louder as they manipulated his nipples, cock, and ass. As the three body parts were touched, pinched, slapped, and kissed. Like a dog in heat, the boy started to rub his cock against anything that was close enough to touch. He no longer cared about his pride as he humped, trying to get off.

The men would bring him to the brink of orgasm and then step back. Smiles were painted on their faces as Superboy would hump the open air whimpering as they denied him yet another orgasm. Desaad watched the fun knowing that this must be driving Superman crazy. He had not been allowed the pleasure of torturing Darkseid’s enemy yet, but he was looking forward to it.

The men repeated this process a dozen times bringing Superboy to the point of orgasm and then cruelly denying it to him. It left the hero in a complete mess as he begged to be able to cum. Desaad could see that his mind was close to breaking. Soon the boy will be a servant of Darkseid.

Since each man wanted the prize that was being offered to them, they decided amongst themselves to take the hero one at a time. The men lined up according to their rank in Granny’s orphanage and waited for their chance to break the poor horny hero.

The first man walked up to Superboy and slapped him across the face. “Serve Darkseid!” He snarled.

The hero cried out in pain as he hung in his bondage. “I will never serve Darkseid.” He whispered softly. Even in his extreme need to cum, a small reserve of will was left to stop him from taking that fatal step.

The man grabbed each one of Superboy’s nipples and twisted them savagely causing him to scream in agony. His body was so unused to pain that even a small amount had him screaming bloody murder. Superboy shrieked as the frustrated man savagely kicked him in the balls with his knee.

The second man had a different approach as he started to masturbate the horny boy in an attempt to break him. He would jack him off for a couple of minutes and then stop. As Superboy whimpered and begged for the chance to cum, the man would order him to submit to Darkseid. Each time, it took longer for Superboy to resist, but he still did not make that fateful choice.

The men all took their turns in trying to break the helpless hero. Some tried pain and torture while others exploited Superboy’s horny state and tried to break him sexually. All of them failed to get the boy to swear his allegiance to the dark god.

Desaad watched it all with glee as the men all tried and failed. He never thought they would be able to break him, but their efforts tore down what little will Superboy had left. He lost count how many times the hero was brought to the point of orgasm and then denied. Those little parasites were amazing creatures, and he would have to procure more in the future for his victims.

Clapping his hands, the evil little man ordered the men back to their positions against the wall. They all were disappointed that none of them would get the prize, but going against Desaad’s orders would mean becoming one of his guests. None of them were willing to risk that.

Desaad walked over to the boy hanging in his bondage. He could smell the days of sweat and precum that now pooled around his feet. He softly ran his finger up and down Superboy’s thick shaft causing him to shudder with pleasure.

“I think it is time to stop playing games, Superboy.” He purred into his ears. “How long can you keep this up? Do you think Superman is going to save you? He hasn’t shown up yet. Right now he is probably creating another clone to take your place.”

“No,” Superboy moaned. “He will come for me.”

“Even if he does, what will he think when he sees what kind of pervert you are? Will he throw you out of the hero community because you are a sexual pervert? Can he trust you not to use your powers to rape the puny mortals of Earth, like your friends Robin and Kid Flash?”

The hero flinched at his words as he found himself blushing. He never thought of his teammates being attractive before but in his horny state his delirious mind started to fantasize about having sex with them. That only heightened his sexual frenzy as his constant stream of precum started to flow faster.

“Or would you prefer Superman himself to fuck your little ass and for him to make you his bitch? Perhaps Batman is who you desire. A normal human able to break and command you?”

Images of his mentors taking sexual advantage of him invaded his mind as Desaad’s words seemed to come to life. Thanks to his sexual tortures at the hands of Darkseid’s lackey, Superboy was forever changed. He yearned for the powerful men’s touch to bring him to this state of pleasure and sweet release.

“Once your disgusting fantasies are discovered, they will throw you away like the piece of garbage that you are!” Desaad whispered in his ears.

Superboy could not take it anymore as he burst into tears. His body convulsed with his sobs as the shame of his perversions stung deep in his soul.

“Of course, you can always serve Darkseid.” Desaad purred softly. “My Lord has a very high place of honor in store for you.” His hand grasped the boy’s erect cock and slowly started to pump. “All these men in the room can be your slaves. They can roughly fuck and dominate you, or they can submit to your superior might. Think of the possibilities.”

The hero moaned as new fantasies invaded his mind. He pictured having a harem of the most good-looking and sculpted men at his disposal. Massive orgies and other sexual perversions could be at his pleasure anytime he wanted it. There was no chance of being judged and shunned as his kind god and master granted him any wish for his service.

Desaad continued to whisper in his poor victim’s ear as he slowly jerked him off. As Superboy felt his much needed orgasm coming closer and closer, he felt himself drowning in his lust. The pleasure was so great and wonderful that his need to cum took over every part of his mind.

“Oh God,” He whispered as he felt a slow surge in his balls. Unaware that the parasite deep in his rectum was greatly enhancing his pleasure, the boy thought he was finally letting out years of repressed sexual tension.

The evil man made sure that his victim’s road to orgasm was slow as he masterfully manipulated the hero’s cock. His moans were music to his ears as he played him like a lute. Superboy’s last bastion of will was finally broken down, and he was now ready to take that fateful step of submission.

As Superboy slowly went down past the point of no return, he felt a hand softly caress his cheek. He looked up and saw the smiling face of Darkseid looming over him.

“Submit to me,” The evil god said softly as the surge in the boy’s loins grew more and more powerful.

His blue eyes grew wide as the moment that he waited, yearned, and begged for was approaching. He could no longer contain the surge as it rose up from his balls into the shaft of his penis.

“I will serve you always, Master!” Superboy cried out.

His cock after being hard and tease for so long exploded as the amount of pleasure Superboy experienced shattered the remains of his mind. His screams felt like it shook the room as his cum exploded everywhere. It was the sweetest moment in his entire life, and as the powerful orgasm reached its peak, Superboy felt all of his willpower drain from him.

Ropes of thick cum continued to shoot from his throbbing cock as his muscular body shook in the throes of the immense feeling. It splattered against the walls, floors, and even the ceiling as Desaad firm grip continued to keep his powerful orgasm going.

When it was over, the room was filled with the boy’s musk and the smell of cum. His seed covered almost everything in front of him except for Darkseid who didn’t have a drop of cum on him. Superboy felt his chains release as he dropped down to his knees. His face had a huge grin on it, and a look a satisfaction as his afterglow was just as powerful as his fading orgasm.

Bending down, the boy kissed the boots of his master. “I will serve you always, Lord Darkseid.” He said with love and affection in his voice. No trace of his former self was present as Superboy now was the loyal thrall of the evil god.

Darkseid smiled as he accepted Superboy’s loyal affections. His plan had gone smoothly thanks to the combined efforts of Granny Goodness and Desaad. Superman was now ready for his personal attention.


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