Darkseid’s Revenge – Chapter 1

Superman and his protege fall into the hands of their enemies on an alien planet in a hot new series from Todd Fleming!

Darkseid’s Revenge – Chapter 1
by Todd Fleming
Series: Darkseid’s Revenge
More from Todd at his website: Todd-Fleming.com

darkseid-1With an angry glare, Superman raced across the galaxy at full speed. His protégé, Superboy, had been kidnapped by one of his greatest enemies, Mongul. The alien warlord had taken the boy to his artificial planet, Warworld, and threatened to kill him if the Man of Steel did not show up. Superman had tangled with the powerful villain before and always managed to put the warlord in his place.

Superman landed in the middle of the arena with a vast display of power. His eyes glowed red that matched his extreme anger. Usually, he kept the extent of his strength under control, but the thought of Superboy in the hands of that mad dictator angered him beyond belief.

“MONGUL!” The hero with a bellow that caused the very earth beneath his fear to tremble . “I’M HERE!”

The towering villain smirked as he stood up from his massive throne that overlooked the arena. Yellow skin and red eyes, Mongul would have intimidated many with his sheer size and muscles. Superman was undaunted, knowing that the warlord’s power could not stand against his own.

“Welcome to Warworld, Superman,” Mongul said in a soft almost growling voice.

“Where is Superboy!” The hero demanded as he clenched his fists.

“He is quite safe for now.”

“If you harmed a single hair on him, I will wreck your planet and hurl it into the sun!” Superman declared.

The warlord jumped down into the arena and faced the Man of Steel. “If you want the boy, you will have to go through me!”

“Gladly!” Superman retorted as his fist smashed into Mongul’s massive chest.

The villain flew back from the impact and slammed into the wall of the arena. The foreign stone cracked as Mongul grinned back at the angry hero. He truly enjoyed combat. Mongul hurled himself back to the Man of Steel as they started to trade blows. The power of their punches thundered as they beat against each other. The outcome was predictable, and soon Mongul was lying on the ground wiping the blood from his lips.

“Bring Superboy to me at once!” Superman demanded as he loomed over the defeated warlord.

The hero cried out as an unknown force suddenly knocked him across the arena. Pain wracked his normally invulnerable body as he struggled to get back to his feet. This kind of power was beyond Mongul.

“I knew that you could not handle this task on your own, Mongul.” A figure said from the shadows. Superman knew that voice. Darkseid, God King of Apokolips, stepped from his hiding place with his hands clasped behind his back.

“I could have beaten him if you have given me enough time!” Mongul growled.

Darkseid raised an eye as he glanced at the warlord. “Time is not a luxury that we can afford.”

Superman could only stare in abject horror at the unholy alliance he bore witness too. What force would permit these two cosmic horrors to work together?

He pushed his fear to the back of his mind for the sake of Superboy.

Superman gathered his strength and flung himself towards the Evil God. Focusing all of his power in a single hit, he smashed into Darkseid. As the smoke cleared from the impact, a small crater was in place of where the God once stood. Mongul picked himself up and started to investigate when a flash of red and blue soared up into the air. Darkseid floated back up to the ground as tendrils of smoke circled his body.

The Man of Steel managed to gain back control as he hovered in the air. His eyes flashed red as he shot his heat vision back to the arena. His heat vision was met by Darkseid’s Omega Beams. While he was preoccupied with Darkseid, Mongul took the opportunity to send him crashing into the arena wall. As he began to stand up, he was suddenly struck by Darkseid’s Omega Beams again, destroying the front of his costume and revealing his massive, hairy chest.

Superman barely had time to recover when he saw Mongul rushing towards him once more. He threw a devastating punch towards Superman’s face. The hero caught the massive fist with both of his hands and flung the warlord back. With determination, the Man of Steel climbed to his feet ready for the fight of his life.

Mongul charged him once again and the hero dodged the attacks by rolling to the side. Darkseid joined in the fight, and Superman had to deal with both of them at the same time. At first, he managed to hold his own against the two powerful villains, but then the tide of battle started to go in their favor.

Crying out in pain, Superman was punched in the back by Darkseid as Mongul slammed his fist into his gut. His strength started to fail as his solar energy reserves started to deplete. In his anger, he had stormed here without any back up and now he was paying the price. Soon the hero was down on his knees clutching his bruised body.

“Say good night, Superman!” Darkseid said in a voice devoid of any emotion as his fist slammed into the side of the Man of Steel’s head. The hero’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as he slumped to the ground.

The Evil God glanced as the panting warlord before turning away. A boom tube opened revealing the fiery pits of Apokolips. “Bring him,” Was all he said before he stepped through the portal.

Mongul threw helpless hero over his shoulder and carried him through the boom tube and onto Apokolips. ‘Our plan is actually working,’ he thought with glee as he joined his ally.


Deep underneath the massive palace of Apokolips, Darkseid walked down the hallways with grim determination. Mongul followed as he looked around apprehensively. They entered a grotesque laboratory that was splattered with blood and decorated with insidious looking inventions. A skinny hooded man turned and bowed as he noticed that he had a visitor.

“My lord, Darkseid,” Desaad said with complete reverance. “You honor me.”

“Are our guests prepared?” The Evil God asked softly.

“Yes, my lord. I have them both in cells that have I modified with red sun lamps. They are powerless and at your mercy.”

“Good, it cost me a great deal to get that technology from Brainiac. I am expecting quick results Desaad.”

“And you will have them, my lord! Soon both Superman and Superboy will be your willing slaves.” The evil little man said with an oily smile.

“As arrogant and thick headed as ever!” A raspy voice smirked behind them.

Granny Goodness emerged from the shadows and bowed her head to her master. “Simple torture will not do the trick, my lord.”

“Go away you old bag and leave me to my business!” Desaad snapped as he glared at the heavy older woman.

Darkseid held up his hand, and both of his loyal subjects threw one final glare at each other before bowing their head in silence. “What do you have in mind, Granny?” His voice held a slight edge with a hidden threat.

Granny swallowed as she realized that she was on thin ice with the God. “It is quite simple, my lord. To completely conquer these boys, you are going to have to torture them in a way that they do not expect. A way that they don’t know how to resist.”

“I am a master of torture!” Desaad hissed. “I can more than break them!”

The evil mistress smiled thinly as she walked over to a large glass tank. The tank was filled with what looked like black slugs, each about eight inches in length. “May I suggest that you use your little creations for the task?”

Dasaad arched an eyebrow in surprise. “My Black Worms? They crawl into the rectums of their victims and feed on waste. I created them to eliminate my prisoner’s mess so I can torture them without any distractions.”

“Isn’t it a side effect that your little pets also rub against a human male prostate while they feed? This will cause Superman and Superboy to have uncontrollable erections. You can use this side effect to completely turn them into submissive slave for our master.”

Darkseid looked thoughtful as he scratched his chin. Even Desaad’s icy glare began to melt as he realized the merit of Granny’s suggestion. “This could work in our favor, my lord.” He said somewhat grudgingly. “If our prisoners don’t realize what is inside them then it will cause confusion and fear. That will make it easier to break them.”

“I want you to work with Granny to break the both of them,” Darkseid ordered. “Both of your lives depend on the speed and efficiency of this task.”

As Mongul followed the dark god out of the room, Desaad and Granny put their heads together to start planning their strategy.


Superboy groaned as he slowly woke up. Something hard and cold pressed against his body. He slowly opened his eyes. Confused, the young hero looked down at the cold concrete slab that he was lying on. His head throbbed as he tried to remember what had happened. His last memory was flying towards Metropolis in the Supercycle and then nothing.

The teen hero rose up felt a tingle deep in his ass. The cell he was in was small and concrete walls surrounded him. An opened to the cell was electrified with a strange reddish energy. Clenching his fists, Superboy gathered his power and slammed it against one of the walls. Pain shot through his hand as he yelped in pain.

Normally he would have been able to demolish the wall into dust, but it was his hand that felt like someone had smashed it with a hammer. Superboy sat back down on the bench as he tried to nurse his hurting hand. What was going on here?

“You won’t be able to escape, Superboy.”

The young hero’s head snapped up as he stared at the skinny, disgusting looking man at the door of his cell with a Parademon flanking each side. “I don’t know who you are, but you made a huge mistake!”

Desaad laughed as he smirked at the helpless hero. “Silly boy, you couldn’t hurt a fly in your current condition.”

“What are you talking about?”

The skinny man pointed up at the ceiling of the hero’s cell. “We installed your cell with lamps that give off the same radiation as a red sun. Right now you are completely powerless.”

Superboy looked up and noticed the red light coming from the ceiling. No wonder he felt so strange. For the first time in his life, his body was the same as a normal teenager’s, he felt like his soul had been ripped from his body.

“Let me out of here, you freak!” He shouted as he leaped to his feet. “You’ll be sorry when the Justice League comes to kick your sorry ass!”

Desaad raised an eyebrow as he shook his head. “Such a lack of manners!” He declared. “It looks like Superman didn’t do a very good job in raising you.”

The red energy bars of his cell shimmered away as the disgusting man stepped forward. Seeing this chance to escape, Superboy leaped forward. Even without his powers, he should be able to take down this skinny older man with ease.

The hero blinked as he slammed back against the wall of his cell. Desaad frowned as he watched the groaning hero trying to recover. As he stepped into the cell, the energy bars sprang back to life. “Such a naughty boy,” He chided as he waggled his finger.

Superboy growled as he swung his fist towards the taunting man. His eyes widened in surprise when his fist was caught and pushed back. This man had strength that didn’t match his bone thin frame.

“Since Superman did not teach you manners,” Desaad said sternly. “I will have to teach you how to respect your elders.”

The young hero refused to give up when he tried to overpower his jailer. Desaad simply grabbed him by the throat and slammed him back against the wall. His outrage exploded when the skinny man unbuttoned his jeans and let them fall to his ankles. Both of his hands tried with all his might to escape from the hand holding his throat but in his weakened condition it was like trying to move the sun.

“What the fuck, you sick pervert!” Superboy swore between his gasps of air.

The man responded by slamming his fist into the teen hero’s gut. As he doubled over in pain, Desaad pulled his boxers down his legs revealing his cock and balls.

“Is that all you have down there?” The torturer tsked as he flicked at Superboy’s limp cock. “I would have expected you to be bigger given your name. How disappointing!”

Superboy felt himself blushing as his cock was criticized. It was always a touchy subject with him that his penis was just average. He had heard whispers from the female superheroes on how Superman was huge, but it was one thing he never inherited from his mentor.

There was no time to react as the Parademons leaped into action. They hurled the helpless boy on the concrete slab of his cell and turned him over on his stomach. One held his hands while the other head his ankles leaving his bare ass arched in the air, Superboy struggled to escape this humiliating position. “You fucking pervert!” He hollered as his struggles failed to produce any result. “I’ll make you pay for this!”

Desaad said nothing as he flicked his wrist and a strange energy whip appeared in his hands. Superboy’s eyes grew wide as he braced himself. The evil little man drew back his arm and the whip slammed down on the helpless hero. At first Superboy grunted between clenched teeth as his bare ass was smacked by the whip. Then something started to happen. The tingle he felt in his ass started to grow as it felt like something was tickling his insides. The sensation felt strangely pleasant and he could feel his cock start to tingle as well.

His struggles started to weaken as his cock began to grow while his ass continued to be whipped. His eyes widened as he realized that he was getting off sexually from being punished by this pervert.

His growing erection did not go unnoticed as the whip continued to smack his ass. “My, my, Superboy. It looks like someone is liking this!”

It just couldn’t be possible, Superboy thought in panic. He had always like girls and never felt any kind of attraction to men. Yet his cock was betraying him by its hardness and the pleasure of his excitement merged with the pain of having his ass being whipped.

The pleasure climbed steadily as his grunts of pain turned into moans of pleasure. Superboy tried to think of anything and everything that would divert his growing lust. Yet nothing stopped his cock from becoming rock hard as it throbbed against the concrete.

Superboy’s ass started to turn from pink to red to purple and everything in between. Desaad let the whip vanish as he bent down and start to spank the boy’s sore ass with his hand as his reddened ass quivered from all the attention. With the throbbing pain starting to become less, Superboy felt his need to cum grow stronger and stronger as the pleasure overwhelmed him.

“Oh, God!” Superboy gasped as he felt himself get closer and closer to his ultimate humiliation. “Please stop this!”

The skinny man just smiled as he smacked the hero’s ass cheek. “Only when you remember your manners, little boy!”

Part of Superboy wanted to give in and give the man what he wanted to stop this now sexual spanking. With each smack, a jolt of pleasure made his quivering cock throb with desire. He panted as he tried to keep himself from making a mess on his captor’s lap.

Determined not to give in, Superboy continued to have his ass smacked. Despite his physical and mental struggles, the young hero knew that he was not able to hold back his impending orgasm much longer.

Finally, when he was on the verge of hitting the point of no return, Superboy let out a quivering moan. “I promise to be polite!” He begged as he was quickly losing his battle not to cum.

“I promise to be polite, sir.” Desaad quietly corrected as he continued his smacking.

He didn’t want to go this far, but his need to cum was beating down his pride. “Oh, god! I promise to be polite, sir!”

It was too late as Superboy felt his balls surging with pent up sexual energy. With a defeated groan, the hero braced himself for a powerful release.

Desaad quickly responded by grabbing the boy’s exposed balls and squeezing them tightly in his palm. Superboy squealed in pain as he felt his impending orgasm sharply die. He tumbled to the floor curling up in the fetal position as a searing pain exploded in his gut. It was worse than being kicked in the balls.

His captor tsked as he kicked Superboy in his gut adding to his pain. “That should teach you, boy!” He said sternly.

Superboy felt tears running down his cheeks as he clutched his burning gut. There was no fight in him as Desaad grabbed his hair and slapped a collar around his throat. Desaad let go, and the teen collapsed back on the floor as he landed in a pool of his tears. Gathering the hero’s jeans and boxers, he left his prisoner alone in the cell with his intense pain and throbbing erection.


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