Craigslist Straight Dude Tricked/Jackson – Part 1

An arrogant straight dude gets a lot more than he bargained for when he answers a “Women Seeking Men” ad on craigslist in our latest hot story from Richard.
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straight dude tied up

Craigslist Straight Dude Tricked/Jackson – Part 1
by Richard

Amber Stewart and her roommate, Ryan Parker, shrieked with glee as they perused one of several responses to the ad Amber had placed on “Craigslist” under “women seeking men.”

The 25-year-old Amber loved her gay roommate Ryan like a sister, and had decided to indulge Ryan in his fantasy of secretly seducing a “straight” man, preferably one who was both arrogantly conceited and totally hot. Amber liked the idea of helping 22-year-old Ryan because she herself loathed that sort of man and thought it would be extremely amusing to lure such a man with her own “model-quality” charms (completely true, but Amber and Ryan had fun incorporating “model-quality” into the Craigslist ad description of her) under the guise of “kinky sex play” involving blindfolds and bondage whereupon the blindfolded, bound straight guy would in fact then (unknowingly!) be “serviced” by none other than Ryan himself! The duo experimented with having Ryan shaving his face as close as possible and both thought that their horny arrogant “victim” would have no idea it was Ryan, and not Amber, attending to his needs.

The subject of the duo’s amusement was a second e-mail and photo attachments sent by one “Jackson Colby” in response to Amber’s ad. They mutually agreed that the 26-year-old Jackson was by far their best response to date, but his most recent e-mail and photos made it clear that he would be perfect as their first “victim”. Amber’s ad purported to seek extremely fit men with an interest in mildly kinky sex play involving their “light” bondage, with an interest in erotic tickling or “light” spanking as a “plus”. The ad featured pictures of a fully-clad Amber that accentuated her curvaceous beauty yet captured her overall refined, “model-quality” good looks.

Jacksons’s first response had included a photo attachment of a handsome young man in a business suit and tie, the well-tailored suit managing to suggest a buff, toned musculature underneath. Jackson had further boasted of his “prowess with women” and went on at some length about his advanced degrees, “entrepreneurial success” and basically suggested that he was God’s gift to women. He did manage to give Amber the extreme compliment that she had the “model-quality” looks he demanded from his sex partners, implying he would be doing her a favor by having sex with her. What piqued the duo’s interest in particular was Jackson’s admission that he was totally turned on by the idea of some “light” kinky sex “foreplay” especially with someone who looked like Amber, so long as, of course, it led to “actual sex”. He even expressed an interest in the erotic tickling and spanking, though indicated he had never experienced either, but found it profoundly exciting to contemplate, being used to being in “control” as a savvy business executive, and finding it a “turn-on” of letting a “model-quality chick” like Amber take control of “servicing his needs”.

Amber’s reply had coyly suggested that Jackson send some photos that were more revealing. Unlike some of the other (completely gross) replies which had attached photos of nasty old guys with their hard cocks jutting out, Ryan and Amber surmised that Jackson was not the sort to send anything actually X-rated. Ryan and Amber knew Jackson was “the one” when they perused the series of photos of a shirtless, darkly handsome Jackson in board shorts, another of him sunbathing around a pool at a tropical resort with his hands clasped behind his head in a King-Of-The-World pose, next to some blonde bimbo whose implants threatened to pop our of her bikini top, and one of him again shirtless hosing down a shiny new Mercedes roadster convertible.
Ryan practically drooled over the shirtless pics of Jackson which revealed his tanned, buff musculature, darkly hairy chest with just the right amount of body hair, sexy armpits, muscular hairy legs, and size-13 feet in flip flops. They further exuded an air of conceited macho arrogance, of someone accustomed to having his own way and taking what he wanted as his entitlement.

By this second exchange Jackson’s e-mail clearly revealed that he wanted to get together with Amber as soon as possible, he was already anticipating their “fireworks”, etc. Jackson suggested they meet at the local Starbuck’s (Jackson somehow implying that he wanted to make sure Amber was not really a “fat chick” who looked nothing like her photos). Amber had no problem with this since, she, too, wanted to make sure Jackson was as represented, as did Ryan.
Amber e-mailed Jackson back agreeing to the meeting the next evening, a Friday after Jackson finished work for the week. Ryan sat at a table across from Amber at Starbuck’s where he could observe and overhear their conversation. Sure enough, Jackson soon pulled up in shiny new Bentley convertible in a Zegna designer suit and tie. He removed his designer sunglasses as he entered the Starbuck’s, his eyes instantly lighting on Amber’s “model-quality” looks, as he strode his 6’ 3” frame over to his table. Ryan caught the scent of the executive’s expensive Bulgari cologne as he took a seat across from Amber.
Amber chatted flirtatiously with the smitten Jackson, exchanging suggestive small talk and egging him on, Jackson practically drooling with anticipation of screwing her senseless. At one point Amber reached out to admire Jackson’s form-fitting Egyptian cotton dress shirt, deliberately aiming one manicured fingernail over Jackson’s right nip which was visibly poking against the expensive fabric of his form-fitting designer shirt, the delicious, all-too-brief unexpected contact with Jackson’s erotically-charged nip causing him to gasp with excitement and causing his dick to jump in his hand-tailored Zegna suit pants. Ryan, sensing that Amber had Jackson in a state where he would soon be escorting her back to Amber and Ryan’s nearby apartment, departed Starbuck’s and raced back to the apartment in Amber’s car.

Jackson soon gallantly escorted Amber to his Bentley, Amber lying that she had walked over from her nearby apartment.
Meanwhile, Ryan had secreted himself in his own bedroom, waiting for his cue to enter.

Amber led the erotically-charged Jackson to her own bedroom, Jackson’s eyes immediately taking in the four-poster bed, Amber having already cleverly attached four restraints to each of the bedposts, with the Velcro-cuffs and a small black leather paddle fully on display on top of the tacky black satin sheets Ryan and Amber had agreed on, the better to contrast against Jackson’s hunky bod and adding a mysteriously “Satanic” note to her boudoir. Unbeknownst to Jackson, a hidden video camera was recording all that would transpire.

“Whoa! You weren’t kidding about liking it kinky!” exclaimed a bug-eyed Jackson, but it was clear he was sexually intrigued by the whole idea, eager to be initiated into the world of kinky sex. Jackson had seen fetish porn and the like but never had actually experienced it, and felt that a roué like him should try it at least once. Plus this Amber was a sweet girl and Jackson had no fear of her turning into some maniacal shrew, and rather liked the idea of being tied up by a beautiful woman for the first time in his life. His dick jumped in his pants with anticipation.

“You’re not backing out now, big boy, are you?” teased Amber. “Hell no! You’ve got me totally intrigued, babe!” replied Jackson.

Amber then seated herself in an armchair across from the bed and said “Strip for me! Show me what a stud you are, Jackson!”

Jackson, while initially taken aback by being “ordered” to do anything, narcissistically got off on the idea of showing off his carefully gym-toned, buff body. What babe wouldn’t cream her pants getting a look at his goods, eh? So Jackson gamely complied, rakishly loosening his silk necktie, then tossing it onto the floor in front of Amber, before winking and slowly unbuttoning the buttons of his form-fitting designer Egyptian cotton dress shirt one-by-one, each time revealing more of his just-the right-amount-of chest-hair chest, until he tugged the shirt tails out of his designer suit pants and tossed his dress shirt to join his discarded necktie on the floor in front of Amber.

“Ooo what a dreamy hairy chest you have, Jackson, and that tan, those muscles!” enthused Amber, Jackson eating up the expected and accustomed praise. “Now for the unveiling!”

Jackson then kicked off his Ferragamo dress shoes and socks, leaving his size 13 feet covered by his calf-length executive sheer socks, then undid his crocodile belt and slowly unzipped the zipper with a sexy “zippppp” sound, before winking again and slowly lowering his expensive Zegna suit pants then kicking them off and kicking them over to join the rest of his discarded designer duds.

Jackson was now clad only in his form-fitting white Calvin Klein boxer briefs and calf-length executive sheer socks, an obvious bulge in the former, his hardening cock clearly out lined and pulsing with lust as it lay trapped within the tight confines of the executive’s sexy shorts.
“Oh baby, show me the money!” enthused Amber breathlessly.

Thus encouraged, Jackson winked again and slowly lowered his Calvins revealing a sexy nest of exuberantly-haired, manly pubes, whereupon his enormous, now-freed cock popped out and jutted forward, already rock-hard with anticipation followed by his pendulous, hairy balls, and muscular, hairy thighs and legs, his manly ass revealed in the mirror across the room.

Amber then grabbed Jackson’s discarded necktie and approached his naked body, gingerly avoiding contact with his jutting penis, only to grab his wrists behind his back and using his designer silk necktie to bind his hands behind his broad, suntanned back.

“Heh-heh, kinky babe, kinky!” was Jackson eager reply, his cock throbbing all the harder from his feeling of being under this kinky, playful “restraint”.
Next Amber grabbed a “tried and true” blackout blindfold which both she and Ryan had experimented with, one that totally deprived one of vision, and left one in total darkness. “Now time for the blindfold, stud” announced Amber.

“Whoa! I dunno, babe. We didn’t discuss any blindfold- that’s kinda weird shit!”

“Aww, c’mon big boy, you mean my big, strong, sexy man is afraid of a l’il ‘ol blindfold!?” inquired Amber, running her fingers over Jackson’s exposed hairy chest and teasing his right nip for emphasis, which hardened all the more at her touch, his cock jumping in surprised response. “C’mon, it’ll make it all the sexier- the blindfold heightens your responses babe- you won’t be able to see where I’m er headed…if you know what I mean…” (implying he would soon be receiving “head”- which he soon enough would be (only from Ryan, lol!)

“Well, er, ok babe, I’ll give it a try,” replied Jackson, gamely, now pretty much open to anything this “model-quality chick” had in mind, his mind envisioning the classy model-quality chick pursing her beautiful lips and giving him blissful head and whatever else she had in mind, him ordering her how to service him just the way he demanded it like a good girl, before he fucked her silly, his hard cock jutting out obscenely and pulsing with desire all the more as he anticipated the many pleasures to come, culminating in his emptying his jizz-filled hairy balls into the classy chick’s dripping pussy as he made her squeal from being impaled on his twat-taming cunt-rammer. Yeah he would fuck that bitch all across the room- yee-hah!

At a silent signal from Amber, Ryan now entered the room, conspiratorially winking at Amber as he silently approached the tightly blindfolded oblivious straight stud who had spread his hairy, muscular legs wide on the floor with his exposed cock and balls obscenely and proudly displayed, anticipating.
The duo kind of left him there, waiting, wondering, what would happen next, Jackson getting impatient and ordering- “Hey, Amber, look babe we haven’t got all day here- let’s get some action going here!”

“My, my, aren’t we the impatient one, you naughty boy! Is my Jackson all hot and bothered wondering what will happen next, stud?” cooed Amber, Jackson snapping “yeah, bitch let’s get the show in the road!” as Ryan approached and began by extending his hot wet tongue over Jackson’s erect right nip, nibbling and chewing on the delicate, sensitive flesh and his hairy chest as Jackson gasped in surprise at the unexpected, sensual touch, the macho, straight dude who was ordinarily a stoic and virtually silent sex partner who only grunted a bit in satisfaction when he blew his manly load into some chick’s lucky pussy, surprising even himself as this sexy contact with his man-nip caused him to involuntarily moan and groan with lust like the bitch in heat he was fast becoming under Ryan’s practiced manipulation of his helpless, totally exposed body. “Awww yesss, you fuckin slut, whoaaaa, what a turn on babe, oh yeahhhh” encouraged Jackson who continued to uncontollably moan with pleasure, as he nearly drooled with pleasure, his sensitivity increased by his not being able to see where “Amber” was going next.

Ryan slowly worked his way over to Jackson’s left nip which received the same sensual treatment, as Ryan simultaneously grabbed the straight dude’s jutting cock and gave it a few strokes, to the sound of more moans of pleasure from his happy victim, as he tongued his way down over the dude’s suntanned six-pack abs and following the happy trail of dark hair that separated his laddered abdominals until his taster sensually delved into Jackson’s hair-haloed innie navel, before working his way down to Jackson’s exuberant dark pubic bush where he inhaled its combined aroma of male crotch sweat mingled with traces of Jackson’s expensive Bulgari cologne, before taking Jackson’s pulsating boner into his (liberally chapstick-coated to simulate lipstick) lips and giving Jackson his desired “head” as Jackson ordered “yeah, do it, suck my big cock, bitch!,” Ryan then dipping lower to drop one of Jackson’s hairy, quivering balls into his mouth, as Jackson groaned with the delicious pleasure this brought him, Ryan doing likewise to his other hairy ball as he jacked his big dick, sucking on them like lozenges or a squirrel eagerly savoring and devouring his winter nuts, as Jackson squirmed and moaned vociferously “Ohhh yeahhh babe, suck my big hairy balls, oh yeahhhh!!!”

Then, suddenly, Ryan stopped, leaving the necktie-bound, blindfolded executive Jackson wondering why. “Hey why’d you stop, you bitch! I was enjoying that! C’mon get back to work!” Jackson was used to getting what he wanted when he wanted it and was no longer so much in the mood for frustrating “games” and was ready to fuck Amber’s air-headed model brains out like he had anticipated all along.

“Hold on, stud! Do you think it’s nice to keep calling me a ‘bitch’ Jackson? Huh? Don’t you think you’re being a bit, er naughty??” queried Amber, “you know what happens to naughty boys, don’t you?” continued Amber, giggling. “Remember you agreed to ‘light’ spanking, babe? I think you deserve it now!” Amber then said “whew it’s hot in here! I’m stripping naked myself Jackson, does that turn you on?” “Oh yeah, babe take it all off, bitch- oops, I mean babe-“ Jackson envisioning her doing so turning him on all the more.

“Yeah, sure, I remember the light spanking shit. OK, Ok, maybe I was a ‘bad boy’- OK, I’ll play along- you gonna spank me on my ass with that paddle I saw on the bed, huh? You gonna give it to me good for callin’ you a fuckin bitch, bitch?”, a sneering Jackson playfully thrusting his bare, slightly hair-flecked untanned ass, which was in total contrast to the rest of his suntanned muscular body, back and raised a bit, deliberately making it a more inviting target, wriggling it a bit for emphasis, the blindfolded Jackson surprised that the idea of having his ass spanked a bit by a naked model-quality chick seemed like it might be kind of a turn-on.

After a reasonable pause to keep Jackson guessing, Ryan then seized the black leather paddle and swatted Jackson’ invitingly outthrust bare ass with a few light swats that barely raised a bit of pink to the alabaster cheeks of the rich executive’s upturned ass.

“Aww c’mon, babe you can do better than that! Remember I called you a bitch, bitch!” egged on Jackson, raising his ass all the higher and wagging it around in the air.

Music to Ryan’s ears, Ryan raised the paddle over his head and proceeded to fiercely swat Jackson’s upturned ass as he yelped in outraged pain, as blow after blow was delivered until Jackson’s ass was hot pink and glowing all over, though not really red or bruised, just enough to make it sting.

Ryan then stopped and tossed the paddle aside. Amber cooed “well Jackson, honey, you WERE a bit naughty and you DID ask for it harder!” giggling, continuing with “Now see if these ice cubes don’t cool your ass down quickly.”

Ryan then took an ice cube from a bowl in the bedroom mini-fridge and slowly melted it over Jackson’s stinging, burning asscheeks before tonguing the melting ice water off the surface of his just-spanked cheeks, his taster tickling the jangling nerve endings all over Jackson’s bare, hot ass as he did so, Jackson forgetting his anger as the sensual ass-licking and cooling ice cubes cooled his ass down to a slight pink, the warming feeling actually making his cock throb all the harder, as he again moaned in pleasure, jutting his back onto Ryan’s tongue and going “ohh yeahhh babe lick my asscheeks you fuckin’ whore!” his spanking apparently not improving his vocabulary.

Amber next grabbed Jackson by his suntanned muscular shoulders and led him over onto the bed, with his head face down on the mattress, and his ass high in the air. Amber was only able to accomplish getting the necktie-bound, blindfolded Jackson in this position with his straight-boy, manly ass high in the air with his cock and balls dangling own between his hairy, muscular legs, and his anal rosebud winking at the world (and the camera!) by her promising that “this is just a bit more foreplay, babe! You’re gonna love it, you’ll see!”

Ryan then proceeded to approach the thus-positioned Jackson with tiny artist paintbrushes and as Amber cooed “Ooo look how they just dangle there!” whereupon Ryan suddenly made surprising, mind-blowingly sensual contact with Jackson dangling left ballsac, making him jump in surprise before making him moan with lust once again as the tiny paintbrush tickled and teased his nuts as they dangled helplessly, Ryan running another paintbrush over the length of Jackson’s pulsating boner as he groaned and moaned with pent-up desire.

Ryan then trailed one of the artist paintbrushes over the still-pink-from spanking cheeks of Jackson’s ass, Jackson surprised that his upturned manly ass was so sensitive to the soft caress of the brush, as Jackson discovered the hundreds of jangly nerve endings on his ass, the arrogant executive squirming in response to the tickling, teasing caress of the brush as he moaned into the bedsheets as he thrust his ass out further, Jackson finding the teasing of his just-spanked ass to be highly erotic, as his stiff cock swayed and jutted out against his six-pack abs, throbbing with renewed excitement.

At a cue from Ryan, Amber cooed “ohh you like that do ya, baby? Just wait till you feel that on your tiny little butthole you naughty boy!”

“What? Not THERE! No c’mon, don’t fool around with my fuckin’ shitter! That’d be so twisted and sick!” claimed Jackson.

Jackson sang a different tune, however, when he felt Ryan (whom he of course assumed to be Amber) trail the tiny artist paintbrush over the very top of the snotty, demanding executive’s exposed asscrack and then trailed it slowly down, down the couthly-haired divide of his thrust-back ass, tickling and teasing the sensitive skin of his asscrack as Jackson found himself moaning and squirming all the more from the erotic touch of the brush on his most private areas. Ryan ever so slowly and teasingly approached the winking rosebud of Jackson’s hair-haloed virgin butthole with the brush as Jackson mewled with unbidden pleasure, his tiny puckered rosebud quivering in anticipation of contact by the maddening fronds of the exquisitely tortuous artist paintbrush.

Jackson shouted “OH MY GOD!” when Ryan made delicious contact with his quivering butthole, the tiny artist paintbrush circling and teasing the incredibly ticklish surface of Jackson’s manly virgin asshole, Jackson rearing his ass back to add even more friction to the caress of the brush, unwittingly wagging his ass shamefully for the hidden camera as his virgin rosebud relaxed totally, allowing Ryan to actually begin to invade the inner folds of the dude’s quivering butthole, essentially fucking his tight ass with the tiny fronds that actually slipped into the stud’s hole as Jackson moaned and mewled with lust. Ryan then lowered the paintbrush to tease and tickle Jackson’s exposed perineum as he gasped anew, before trailing down again to caress each of his dangling, hairy balls in turn, which rose up in their sacs as Jackson was repeatedly brought to the brink of a ball-shattering orgasm, only for Ryan to carefully stop at just the point of no return. Ryan and Amber smirked as the horny Jackson pleaded “Oh noo! Be careful! You got me so damned horny I could cum any second! NO! I want to fuck you, bitch- don’t make me cum yet!” as he obviously struggled not to cum under the all-out sensual-overload assault on his cock, balls and ass.

As the blindfolded Jackson continued to shamelessly wag his manly ass in response to the tickling teasing sensation of the artist paintbrush on his exposed nuts and anal rosebud, Ryan could not resist suddenly grabbing hold of Jackson’s manly asscheeks and spreading them wide, as Jackson gasped in shocked surprise, Ryan inhaling the combined essences of his musky manly scent mingled with his expensive Bulgari cologne before suddenly tonguing Jackson’s shamelessly exposed rosebud, using his taster to rim the stud’s virgin hole, Jackson going “Oh my God! You fuckin’ slut! Jesus! What a skanky whore you are, Amber (glad he remembered her name- he often didn’t bother). Damn! No one’s ever done that to me before! Well, go ahead ‘toss my salad’ you hot bitch!” as he forced his asshole back as far as he could giving “Amber” even greater access to his pristine butthole as Ryan spread Jackson’s Bulgari-and-musk-scented asscrack as wide as it would go, and devoured his hole like a pig searching for truffles, mashing his oh-so-closely-shaved face into Jackson’s asscrack and licking and biting his manly asscheeks with gusto as he alternately jerked and stroked the pent-up executive’s massive boner, causing Jackson to moan with lust as he encouraged “her” to totally degrade “herself” going “yeahh you fuckin’ slut! Eat my ass, lick it, bite it, ohhh yeahhh that is SO fuckin’ hot!!!!!” as he continued to wag his ass and thrust it back against “her” face.

At a cue from Ryan Amber then said, “Ok, stud, are you enjoying yourself? I think it’s time to tie you to the bedposts for even more fun, that is if you’re MAN enough not to chicken out after having gone this far!”

Jackson replied “Hell, yeah, you fuckin’ hot bitch! I am MAN enough for 10 fuckin’ bitches and I’m sure as hell ready for whatever else weird shit you have dreamed up! But, remember, I get to fuck you silly in the end, remember?”

“Of course you will! Now I’ll just remove your necktie bonds and then lie on your back on the bed with your wrists and ankles spread wide- and then I’ll- you’ll like this, stud- I’LL TIE YOU UP!!” countered Amber.

“Oh YEAHH, you skanky WHORE! Yeah, go ahead, I’m gonna love all this kinky shit!” went on Jackson, completely aroused and ready for just about anything Amber had in mind.

Ryan then removed Jackson’s necktie bondage, and Jackson, smiling sexily under his blindfold and desperate with sexual anticipation, gamely lay back on the bed with his wrist and ankles extended as instructed and said “I’m all yours babe! Go ahead and tie me up- what a lucky bitch you are- have you ever seen such a perfect, manly body, bitch?”

“No, Jackson, you’re so fuckin’ hot! And I am lucky to have you all to myself, aren’t I? Now let me tie you up!” went on Amber, winking at Ryan.

Ryan then proceeded to firmly bind Jackson’s wrists and ankles to the bedposts with the surprisingly sturdy Velcro cuffs, Jackson testing his bonds sexily as he jerked his muscular, suntanned arms and legs to test the extent of his blindfolded restraint, finding he was indeed quite helpless despite his macho strength, the feeling turning him on more than he imagined, his long-denied cock standing straight up and pulsing with lust as he squirmed sexily in his inescapable bondage, anticipating further kinky pleasures at the talented hands of the lovely Amber, incredibly turned on.

Ryan then carefully approached the bound Jackson, careful to only touch him with his extremely-closely-shaved face and with no other part of his body to betray his true sex and began to tongue-bathe him from head to toe, kissing his manly suntanned neck and Adam’s apple, along his neckline and nibbling his sensitive earlobes before kissing Jackson full on his lips, Ryan entwining his tongue with Jackson’s own taster as Jackson moaned with lust and unwittingly eagerly French-kissed another man, their lips and tongues entwining as Ryan simultaneously let his hands roam over Jackson’s hairy chest to tweak each of his erect manly nips, Ryan inhaling Jackson’s Bulgari-scented body before releasing Jackson’s lips and tongue and using their combined saliva to suddenly plunge into Jackson’s exposed right armpit, Ryan devouring the sexy hairy hollow with gusto, inhaling its mixture of manly sweat and Bulgari scent as he buried his face in Jackson’s pit as the bound executive moaned in ecstasy at the never-before-experienced pleasure of having the “skanky whore” eat out his pit, going “ohhh yeahhh, babe! Eat the sweat out my funky pit- oh yeahhh!” as his untouched cock twitched and throbbed with excitement in response to this kinky diversion, swaying from side to side.

Ryan repeated this with Jackson’s left armpit causing him to moan and groan with lust and thrust his hips outward in fuck movements willing the air to friction against his throbbing boner.

Ryan then slid his taster down and over Jackson’s heaving, hairy chest, nibbling each manly nip in turn and sucking on his erect nips as Jackson moaned deliriously and arched his chest mewling like the true whore in heat that he was, a puppet in Ryan’s hands as the gay dude hijacked the bound straight stud’s hunky body as the straight executive moaned and mewled and literally begged “Amber” for more.

Jackson groaned with renewed lust as Ryan delved down over Jackson’s washboard abs and slid his tongue into Jackson’s innie navel, Ryan spearing his tongue deep into that intimate recess while simultaneously “accidentally” brushing against Jackson’s straining unfulfilled boner and balls as Jackson continued to attempt to hump the air, his big cock swaying and flopping around in response.

Jackson gasped anew when Ryan suddenly deep-throated his throbbing boner and tickled his manly balls, again expertly sucking the dude just to the point of a nut-shattering climax before backing off and watching the hijacked straight man’s manhood pulsate with denied lust and intense sexual frustration. As much as Jackson so wanted to “save” himself for his promised fuck of Amber, his traitorous prick had other ideas and would like nothing better than to blast its load at any moment, but Ryan made sure that did not happen…yet, Ryan amused at the look of disappointment on the sexually frustrated executive’s face each time he “backed off” just short of the stud’s long-overdue, and highly anticipated, orgasmic explosion.

After several more minutes of this tease and denial of Jackson’s hyper-aroused manhood, Ryan delighted in his having the frustrated straight dude like a “puppet-on-a-string” making him dance to Ryan’s tune and for Ryan’s own amusement and enjoyment., all the sweeter knowing that Jackson was the type who was accustomed to getting his way and getting off on demand and not used to being made to “earn” anything, taking everything as his due, his birthright.
Ryan then got up off of the bed, and, winking at Amber, proceeded to take two more of the artist paintbrushes whereupon he suddenly and without warning delved one of each into Jacksons’ exposed, hairy armpits making contact with the helplessly exposed skin of the straight dude’s armpits where the armpit hair grew in separate directions causing him goosebumps as he shrieked at the unexpected tickling sensation and struggled in his bonds going “AIEEEEEEE!!!! ARGHHHH!!!! NOOOOOO! STOPPPP!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAH!!!! OH MY GOD!!!! HAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!” as he thrashed around on the bed and pulled at his bonds to no avail.

Ryan ran the paintbrushes down Jackson’s ticklish sides and over his sensitive nips and navel as Jackson shrieked anew at the unseen tickling devices and begged “her” to “Stopppp!!! OHHHH NOOOO!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAH!” as he trashed wildly his hard cock growing even harder and slapping around as he writhed in anguished tickle torture.

Jackson went completely nuts when Ryan trailed one paintbrush down the length of his now dripping boner while simultaneously tickling his hairy drawn-up nuts with the other amid foray down between his sweaty asscheeks to goose his incredibly ticklish virgin asshole circling the hair-haloed secret orifice as Jackson went wild going “OHHH NOOOO! NOT THERE, FOR GOD’S SAKE!!! NOT MY FUCKIN ASSHOLE, YOU FUCKIN BITCH!!! OH MY GAWDDDDDDD! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!” as he thrashed around wildly barely able to gasp enough breath to “order” “Amber” to stop this tickling shit!

Ryan also amused himself by trailing the paintbrushes down the lengths of Jackson’s hairy, muscular legs to his helplessly exposed, bare feet, where he fiendishly tickled the arrogant executive’s soles while intermittently sucking on each of his manly toes, as Jackson shrieked and begged and went wild in his bonds to no avail, his unfulfilled cock slapping his thighs from side to side as he futilely struggled and begged for it to stop.

Sensing that Jackson was really getting pissed off about being tickle tortured she tried to mollify him going “So my big strong Jackson is ticklish, eh? Don’t worry, that will be our little secret! Had enough, stud?”

Jackson, sweating profusely now from his unexpected workout finally managed to catch his breath enough to say “HELL YEAH! STOP THIS TICKLING SHIT NOW! DAMN!”

“But look, stud- your Mr. Happy seems to have liked it, yes? Look at how big and hard my big strong man is!” cooed Amber, appealing to the stud’s incredible ego.

“Yeah, bitch! You like that big cunt-rammer, huh? Wait until I poke your cunt with my big sledgehammer- I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you, bitch!” bragged Jackson as Amber and Ryan rolled their eyes trying not to laugh.

At a signal from Ryan, Amber now left the room, leaving Ryan to finish Jackson off. Ryan then proceeded to silently release the stud’s ankles before raising them back to be bound to the headboard, placing the straight stud in one of the most embarrassing and exposed poses imaginable for a straight dude, Jackson’s butch virgin asshole completely exposed to the cool air of the room, his hard cock pointing down toward his abs and blindfolded face.
“Hey what’s up?” queried the surprised Jackson “You’re not gonna tickle my ass again? What gives?”

Ryan just let the stud wonder what was next before he returned to rimming Jackson’s exposed hole as he moaned and groaned with lust, Ryan alternately sucking on Jackson’s hairy balls and deep-throating his pulsating cock before using another artist’s paintbrush to tickle and tease Jackson’s twitching, spit-drenched lubricated hole. When Jackson unwittingly relaxed his tight shitter in moaning pleasurable response and while Ryan continued to suck on Jackson’s long-denied cock, Ryan suddenly thrust a single finger into Jackson’s hungry hole and began to finger-fuck him. The sudden contact with Jackson’s only-touched-by-a-doctor prostate caused Jackson to groan with guilty pleasure as he realized that this was triggering a mind-blowing orgasm, Jackson shouting “OH MY GOD!!! IM’ FUCKING CUMMMING!!!!!!” as Ryan continued to suck Jackson’s big dick, Ryan swallowing the first of the straight stud’s huge molten load before releasing it to spray cum all over Jackson’s hairy chest and onto his lips, face and over his blindfold as he came in bolt after bolt of highly pressurized cum. As Jackson lay recovering from the most intense orgasm of his life, Ryan pulled out his own twitching cock and splattered his own cum to join that on Jackson’s hairy chest, Jackson merely assuming this was the last of his own cum.

Ryan then happily lapped up their combined spunk before retreating and fetching Amber back into the room.

“Wow stud, what a load!” enthused Amber. “Aww too bad. And you were gonna fuck me remember?” she teased.

“Hell I still will fuck you bitch! Ole Jackson’s good for more than one pop! And I’m fuckin getting even with you for sneaking a finger up my ass, you whore!” as Jackson tugged at his bonds clearly ready to be set free.

Amber was saved from a reply (though amused Ryan managed to get a finger up there!) by Ryan’s pre-arranged loud banging of the front door to the apartment. Amber said “Oh my god! Jackson, that’s my roommate, Ryan. He must have returned from his business trip early! He’s gay, silly, so don’t be jealous, tee hee! But it’s really his apartment and he doesn’t like me having people, er, overnight, so you’ll have to go. But I’ll make it up to you next time!”
Amber then released Jackson, and after a quick shower, Jackson returned to the the room to suit up in his suit. Since Amber had stolen his Calvins for Ryan’s sniffing enjoyment they were pronounced “lost” so Jackson joked he would just “hang free” tugging his Zegna suit pants over his naked ass.
On his way out, Amber “introduced” Jackson to Ryan who glared at him in his homophobic way, before joking to Amber on his way out, out of earshot of Ryan, that “Jeez did you see the way that Ryan guy looked at me? Damn queer looked at me like he fuckin wanted to eat me! As if he’d ever get the chance!” followed by a loud guffaw.

Amber gave a tinkly laugh, truly amused. If he only knew! “Well, like that would ever happen! But, listen, stud, shall we pick up where we left off next week, eh? You ready to fuck me after some more kinky shit, eh?”

“Hell yeah!” replied Jackson, truthfully. “Yeah you can tie me up again-more kinky games- you wanna spank this bad boy again, ha ha You like spanking my ass bitch?? No more tickling tho! Then I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you bitch!”

“I can’t wait” replied Amber, implying she was looking forward to getting fucked when in fact she was thinking of what would really happen “next time”!