A Military Tickling Interrogation

A Bosnian military interrogator takes his time tickling the vulnerable bare feet of two hot Croatian soldiers who’ve been captured for interrogation.
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A Military Tickling Interrogation
by Zanadu

Military Tickling InterrogationThe handsome captive Croatian soldier Davor howled with laughter as the stiff brush scrubbed the bare soles soles of his sweaty size 12 feet having had his boots and socks roughly pulled off and being secured to the wooden plinth in the interrogation room.. It tickled! It always tickled whenever his feet were messed with and his Bosnian interrogator knew it as before the war they’d studied in the same college, how things had changed. Ratko was now his enemy and was going to exploit Davor’s weakness. Davor had been captured with his comrade Benni and he also in a similar position secured to the plinth next to Davor minus his own boots and socks and vulnerable size 11 feet exposed.

Ratko was kneeling by both captives feet captivated by their look and both footsmells of the soldiers in their early 20′s. Davor heard Benni’s laughter mixed with his own forced laughter as most of his attention was to the soles of his own helpless feet as Ratko’s skilled fingers danced across his naked soles. He felt the fingers scritch-scritch-scritching up and down his left foot, and then his right, then both feet together. This was followed by a slower and more deliberate tickle; one that sought out and found all the most sensitive places on his right sole. Then, squirming and laughing which he could not control. Ratko sniffed at Benni’s feet but continued his searching tickle on Davor’s left sole. Again he squirmed and laughed. This time, however, the slow tickling was interspersed with sudden attacks on his right foot, reminding him that his right sole was trapped and exquisitely ticklish as well.

A moment’s pause, and he felt Ratko apply cords to his toes, making his feet even more helpless than before. Then the tickling renewed, the raking, wiggling fingers of Ratko’s enthusiastic hands applied to both of his vulnerable feet at once. The tickle-sensations intensified leading to more uncontrollable laughter. He struggled against his bonds, for no man could hold still for that tickling. Davor could not possibly escape the leather straps holding him in place. His struggles, informing him of this fact, served to increase his sense of ticklish helplessness.

Ratko’s attention switched to Benni who tied his toes in place. Then he applied a little wooden roller, one with blunt knobs carved into it that bit teasingly. Benni was hysterical in moments as the little knobs poked cheerfully at the nerve endings of both of his feet. They tickle-poked as they ran over his heels, over the balls of his feet, and over his insteps. He struggled against the straps holding him down on the plinth but like Davor unable to keep from doing so. Unable to keep the giggles and laughter from fountaining out as the blunt little knobs tickled his feet. Both feet, running back and forth and back and forth, then up and down and up and down. Sometimes more slowly, sometimes more quickly, run across his vulnerable soles again and again and again. Benni felt the little wooden knobs roll slowly up his left sole, from his heel to his toes. Then slowly up his right sole. Then down his left sole, again slow and teasing. Then down his right, inflicting dainty little tickle-bites to his trapped foot. He braced himself, as best he could, for another slow rolling tickle, only to be surprised by a rapid back-and-forth. Back and forth, bumpity bumpity tickle-bump, causing him to scream with laughter. It stopped allowing Ratko to inhale Benni’s appealing footsmell then doing the same with Davor whose foot aroma was as strong though personally his and different. Equally enticing for Ratko to savour.

Davor having heard the laughter forced from his comrade now again was laughing himself as Ratko had switched to utilising a pair of feathers, one in each hand. Goose feathers, the most effective tickle-provoking feathers produced by any bird. He could feel the tips of those two feathers on the soles of his feet as they meandered about. He could feel them with perfect clarity, as they each traced a path of nearly pure tickle over his trapped feet. Tickle tickle tickle tickle, the twin feathers whispered as they ran softly over the pads of his toes and stroked down over his insteps. Giggle giggle giggle came Davor’s response as he pulled uselessly at the straps holding his arms and legs to the plinth. Tickle tickle tickle tickle the feathers whispered as they spiraled around his insteps and teased the spaces between his toes. Giggles, uncontrollable giggles was Davor’s response as he desperately tried to kick free of the torture.Tickle tickle, the feathers slipped exquisitely soft tickle-sensations all over his feet. Tickle tickle tickle tickle, the gentle, merciless teasing went on and on and on. Then as suddenly as it started, it as quickly stopped!

Benni equally good looking had gasped for breath as his own tickling paused now exploded with laughter as Ratko applied the brush to his feet. It was a broad brush, with long, soft bristles, the dry brush attacked his trapped and helpless soles, held in place, vulnerable to the whispering, tickling touch, to the slow strokes that sent in those maddening tickle-sensations, first into one instep, and then into the other. Benni pulled at the straps holding his arms as Ratko methodically applied the slow and gentle teases from the heel of his left foot up to the tips of his toes. Then slowly, gently, up his right foot in the same tickling way. Then up his left foot again, painting a steady, inexorable path that tickled each sole in turn. Slow, and steady, and entirely predictable. Soft, and gentle, and impossible to resist. Benni could never have made himself lie still to receive the in-pouring of tickle if he weren’t strapped in place. The unbearable tickle-sensations flooded his soles with each slow stroke that Ratko applied, it was pure torment for Benni who squirmed and howled at the soft soft tickle-tickle that Ratko artistically painted slowly onto his sensitive and helpless feet.

Davor in contrast then felt the touch of a stiff scrub-brush. The way Ratko wielded the stiff brush made it tickle more than when he was just scrubbing his feet at the start of the session. Much more. Much much more. It prickle-tickled all around the edges of his soles. It tickled his heels, and the balls of his feet, as Ratko gave them quick strokes. Quick strokes, but with long pauses between each stroke. Pauses that let the tickle-sensations sink in, that let anticipation build for the next quick tickle-prickle stroke.

“Heehee hahahaha! Yes, yes. Hahahee heheheehee! Yes it is heehahee heeheehee! I hate it Ratko! Aieeeheeheehahahahstoopleeeezheeheehahaha!”

Ratko smiled knowingly at him and picked up the tempo once more. Quick tickling strokes with pauses between Davor’s pleas to him to stop. Stroke. Pause. Stroke. Pause. Stiff tickle brushes over the balls of Davor’s feet and the pads of his toes, as his soles were held completely vulnerable for Ratko’s evil tickling attentions. Stroke. Pause. Stroke. Pause. Maddening tickle strokes over his insteps, and here, there, and everywhere over the rest of his feet as well. Stroke. Pause. Stroke. Pause. Stroke then break and Benni returned to as Ratko danced his fingers, his quick-tickling fingers, softer than the roller but firmer than the soft brush all over Benni’s feet. Expert tickling fingers, wandering over the entire expanse of his helpless and vulnerable feet, from his heels to his toes, and not neglecting his insteps and the balls of his feet along the way. Benni was driven ballistic with the steady tickling tickle playing over his soles. Then sensing Davor relax as his feet discreetly were stretched Ratko winked at Benni and applied the wooden roller up and down and across the soles of Davor’s’ feet.

The little wooden knobs pressed their tickle-sensations into his feet, without pause or let up. Tickle sensations that screamed into his feet. Into his insteps. Into the balls and heels. Into the pads of his toes and even between them. Tickle sensations that poured down his legs to make his belly shake with laughter. Little tickle-nips that formed gigantic herds of unbearable teasing. Making him laugh until tears started pouring from his eyes. The roller paused, and Davor caught his breath. He heard Ratko counting and knew he was giving him time to recover, just enough time so as to make the tickling even more ticklish when it resumed. Then it resumed. Tickle-bumpity-tickle, Davor felt the roller as it ran up and down his soles. Tickle-bumpity-tickle, as it made him howl with laughter. Tickle-bumpity-tickle, he could feel every little knob as Ratko diligently applied the roller to his left foot once more, and then again to his right. Tickle-bumpity-tickle. Tickle-bumpity-tickle. Tickle-bumpity-bumpity-tickle! Then this stopped

Again Benni squirmed and grimaced, screwing his eyes shut as he sensed a gentle tickle, like the soft brush, but different. It was the tips of two feathers, moving across the soles of his trapped and helpless feet. Skillfully applying a philosophically pure tickle to his insteps, and to the rest of his feet as well. Mathematically straight lines of tickle, zig-zagging from heel to toes. Maddening lines of tickle running diagonally over his insteps. One line of tickle applied to each foot, by that pair of feathers Ratko wielded. Slowly he dragged the feather-tips down Benni’s trapped feet. Giving time for him to anticipate the progress of that pure, gentle tickle. Slowly the feathers applied their soft tease as Ratko zig-zagged them back up to his toes. Giggles began to leak from Benni as he felt the edge of those two tickle-feathers slowly apply a cross-hatch pattern to his vulnerable soles. The feathers excruciatingly ticklish and Ratko moved back to Davor’s feet without a pause !

He began massaging and rubbing oil into them, and it didn’t tickle at all. Then Ratko did the same to Benni’s feet and he began to run an ice cube over Benni’s oil-slicked soles and he exploded with laughter. A moment later Davor exploded himself similarly as the ice cube was employed running the length of the soles of his feet.Tickling that made him laugh until even more tears ran from his eyes. He could do nothing, nothing at all to protect his feet from the oily tickles being inflicted on him, only laugh and laugh, struggling wildly against the bonds that held him securely bound and all his struggles were futile. First his right sole, and then his left. Back and forth, and then with sudden change-ups, where the same foot received two or three strokes before the ice cube shifted to the other foot.

The massive, maddening, merciless tickling that roared through him. Into his soles was equally proven effective on Benni’s feet. Ratko stopped all the tickling torments momentarily as he switched from one pair of very sweaty feet to the other sniffing at them but then brought humiliation into play on the two heterosexual soldiers with his mouth. He switched from Benni’s to Davor’s feet and vice – versa licking them all over and sucking on their toes as they moaned and cursed at him knowing that there was no escape from his insatiable appetite for their hot, sweaty and smelly feet. Ratko was in no hurry to terminate their interrogation.


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