A young gay doctor takes full advantage of the police commissioner’s new policy of mandatory physical examinations for all detainees, subjecting the prisoners to bondage and very invasive procedures….
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by Zanadu

As part of the wide ranging changes he is making in police policy and procedure the new Police Commissioner in Melville has decided it is in the best interest of the detainees who are brought in under arrest and who are being held in police custody to receive physical examination. Of equal importance It will also serve to assess the health threat to the police and the community. From now on all the detainees not being immediately released will receive routine examination as a matter of standard policy.

Fortunately for the Commissioner’s purpose the state law governing the examination of police detainees provides local police officials with wide discretion in the matter of medical examination and they can require it for almost any subjective reason – such as a fall or the detainee’s appearing to be ill, or to screen for communicable disease – as long as the individual is to be held in custody, and it doesn’t matter for how long. Even a few hours is enough to justify examination. The small college city of Melville doesn’t hold night court and it is not until the next morning, when the judge comes in, that the detainees are brought for arraignment and bail is set. So it is that most of the guests end up “overnighting” at the police lock up.

By happy coincidence there is a new pediatrician in Melville. He is a young man, just having completed his medical training and has joined a medical practice, his first, here in the fair town of Melville. Transparently gay, that makes no difference to the majority of his patient population. To his credit he has made a good start of it. He is very good with and well liked by the patients and they have quickly come to trust him with their little one’s medical issues. In particular, the young mothers are very fond of him.

The two men meet at church one Sunday morning in the parish house living room at the coffee hour following the 11 o’clock liturgy. They get along very well and spontaneous, natural conversation springs up easily between them. Days later Commissioner Hardmen calls the doctor at his office to inquire if he would be interested in staffing the police exam room on an as-needed basis. It would be for a couple of hours several evenings a week, typically Friday and Saturday. The young doctor likes his personable new acquaintance and thinks they can work well together and, eager to expand his medical experience as well as his fledgling income, he gladly agrees.

Unaware of the commissioner’s crackdown on petty crime and drunken hi-jinks especially, the punks of Melville make a grave error getting on the wrong side of the law. Now, incredibly, after arrest they are strip searched on the spot. In public. On the street. As bystanders watch. Dressed again and in the back of the police cruiser, they mistakenly think that it can’t get any worse than that. They soon find out how wrong they are.

After being processed in at the police lockup, they are utterly horrified to find themselves being subjected to physical examination but however great their revulsion, being in custody and having temporarily become wards of the state, they are powerless to stop it. Stripped again, this time to their undershorts, they are taken from the holding cell and conducted to an examination room and secured firmly to a flat restraint table. At first it looks to them like a regular exam table, but hidden restraints are brought up from underneath and within seconds they are made fast to the table at the biceps, wrists and ankles. Disoriented by being in custody, by their unexpected and unaccustomed powerlessness, by their unwanted nudity and the unfamiliar situation, it’s usually over before they fully understand what’s just been done to them. Though not required, the restraints are specifically permitted by state law for physical examination in prison settings and is for the safety of the medical personnel.

Bound to the examination table the proud machos lay on their backs in their underwear like helpless children, fighting off the butterflies and waiting anxiously for the door to open and wondering who will walk through it — wondering what the doctor will be like probably, they incorrectly reason, like a school doctor; some tired out, avuncular old coot who refuses to retire. In denial, they imagine it won’t be very much, if anything at all “down there”.

Standing in the small, claustrophobic examination room to observe the physicals Commissioner Hardman watches his new friend work. To the middle aged police official this young doctor, at 25 years of age, seems like he might be 16, he is so young looking, seemingly just a big kid himself. It is an odd sensation to the commissioner and, indeed to many others who also know him, seeing someone who appears to be a kid exercising great adult responsibility. The Commissioner knows this is an illusion, while he may look like he’s 25 going on 16, he is in fact a brilliant young doctor from a top medical school. Commissioner Hardman loves watching the wild eyed confusion on the punk’s faces – lasting about 5 seconds – as they wonder why a nerdy teenage boy wearing a stereoscope has just walked in on their humiliation – and then their faces blanch dramatically as the reality hits them very hard. Nothing illegal occurs in any way. The complete pediatric physicals are strictly clinical and by-the-book in every respect but they are, to say the least, painstakingly detailed.

The patients are examined head-to-toe front, and then, placed on their stomachs, they are examined head-to-toe back. Every body opening, every nook and cranny, every crack and crevice, every secret, hidden place is fully exposed under a bright light and carefully palpated in the doctor’s probing, slender, delicate, manicured fingers. Drugs hidden there he delights in spreading the cheeks of the straight lad’s asses and sliding fingers along the exposed crevice but deliberately lightly liking hearing them gasp in horror.

Massively humiliated by the systematic, point blank exploration of their naked bodies, the young, muscular, testosterone-charged, alpha males sometimes start to panic during examination and begin frantically pulling against the restraints, but it is meaningless and the physical calmly proceeds at its leisurely pace. Typically their behavior passes within a few seconds on its own, or after they are spoken to sharply by one of the cops. However, as the doctor has noted; if a patient exhibits panicked behaviour once, it will usually reappear at several points in the physical.

Only one time since the exams were established has it been necessary to tranquilize a detainee. One night a well known, highly lionized 22 year old athlete from the local college and known for his hot temper, became so extremely agitated during physical examination that the doctor felt it necessary to put a powerful sedative in his rectum, surreptitiously pushing the suppository in with a gloved finger. Doc could tell by observing him that the lovely, arrogant brute did not understand that the debilitating agent had been placed in him. Terrified, and finally breaking down and sobbing, he had no idea why he was loosing first reality and then almost consciousness becoming breathless as found sensitive, the docs fingers deliberately lightly explored him with a focus in between and under the toes on his size 12 feet. 50 minutes later, after the physical was complete, a burly cop was summoned. Lifting the examinee off the table and hoisting him over his shoulder, he carried him naked to his cell to sleep it off. One of the commissioner’s memories of that exam is that he had to fairly rush to his office and lock the door, the need for relief was so urgent.

Presently there is a handsome, well built 19 years old muscle head restrained to the table. A truly magnificent Italian boy 6′ 22 yr old Massimo Ponti with dark curly hair. Normally full-of-himself and superbly confident, he is right now suffering from acute anxiety and his eyes are wide, fearful and at the same time pleading for mercy. At this moment the gorgeous punk is as helpless and pathetic as a little boy. Commissioner Hardman and the rank and file cop who is always in attendance at the physicals wait in silence with him. Soon there are footsteps in the hallway and the knot in the hunk’s rippled, washboard stomach becomes pronounced and his heart rate spikes at the approaching sound. Several times in the last 10 minutes someone passed in the hallway without entering, but each time the stress reaction in him is stronger and the anxiety ratcheted up to a higher level than before. The cops watch his adams apple bob up and down as he swallows hard. It is only one of the many involuntary reactions he is having. This time his fear is realized as, momentarily, the door opens and the doctor steps in.

Standing at the head of the table Commissioner Hardman smiles with great satisfaction as he watches the obvious, openly homosexual doctor prepare the patient for physical examination; The Commissioner can feel a powerful tingling sensation in his loins as the doctor inserts the ball gag into the startled subject’s mouth and secures it behind, and then, moving to the middle of the table, slips his fingers inside the waistband of the stud’s jockey underpants and, with a smooth downward motion, expertly slips them free of his hard buttocks and slides them down to his ankles.

As is usually the case during the police physicals, the gross humiliation of having his underpants retracted has flushed the patient’s face and neck bright red and doc can practically feel the heat radiating off his face. The physical begins at the crown of the patent’s head and will later end at the soles of his feet and the tips of his grungy, beautiful toes with often a tickling and as with this guy who appeals to the doc he will have the soles of his size 11 feet licked and toes sucked. While doc begins to examine the patient’s scalp, Commissioner Hardman ignores him and instead gazes transfixed at the breathtaking jock’s large, sprawling genitalia and his huge bush which is steel wool thick, very tall, and jet black. It is a sight that fills him with wonder, satisfaction, awe and contentment.

Pulling down his underpants has released the stud’s powerful, pungent, intoxicating pheromones into the tiny room and, even as the other 2 men, the grunt cop leaning against the wall is greatly effected as he breathes him in deeply. He also is compelled by what he is witnessing – by the powerful, heady experience of forced, desperately unwanted nudity and touching and he stares unabashedly at the detainee’s astonishing, youthful body and, in particular, at his most impressive genitals. The Commissioner targeted this one for arrest some weeks ago. Tonight he obliged by becoming involved in a scuffle outside one of the local bars. It was a minor dustup and he will never know why the others involved were sent on their way with a verbal warning while he was handcuffed and placed in the back of a police car to be brought in and booked for disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct.

It would be the understatement of the century to say that Commissioner Hardman is very well pleased with his decision to begin administering physical examination to the detainees. He understood at once he has engaged the right doctor for this job. As he suspected from their first meeting, this man understands without being told that an intensely thorough going examination is what the police department desires and expects! While they never discuss it the two men understand each other well and realize that each enjoys what the other can provide. One time doc became obsessed with a stunningly gorgeous freshmen hockey player over at the college. Dropping his name Darryl Oates to the commissioner as a man he would like to examine, within weeks a reason was found to bring the 6’2″ dude in. Giving him the physical was a complete turn on for the young doctor who enjoyed teasing, taunting and tormenting every inch of the lad on a drugs charge risking losing his place in the league until his size 14 feet were orally raped and tickle tortured for two hours!

Doctor and commissioner are always receptive to the others needs and ideas. Recently doc suggested a new restraint table. One that would allow the detainees to be made secure in the “baby changing position”; with the ankles pulled back almost to the ears, and the bottom of the table dropping away on a hinge release. It will provide full access to the examinee’s anus and rectum throughout the physical. Doc has brought in some rectal thermometers from his office and would like to begin taking core temperature as part of the pre-examination vitals. The new exam table will also eliminate the awkward repositioning of the patient that now takes place in the middle of the physical. With the new table the examinees will already be in place for visual and manual examination of the anus as well as the cavity search and prostate exam. Located at a company that supplies medical furniture to psychiatric hospitals, the expensive piece of equipment is quickly ordered with public funds available to the police dept. Signing the requisition when it comes across his desk Commissioner Hardman pauses and takes time to relish the thought of the countless young men he will witness being physically examined on it in the months and years ahead and arranges for a well known offender 6′ 3″ Jason Tappenden 23 yrs old fit n’ hetero college baseball jock to be arrested as he wants to see him fingered and tickled on his size 15 feet in a teasing medical examination!


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